It’s karaoke time! Fated to love you – OST – videos and lyrics

Let’s get the party started!


I’m in love with Fated to love you and with it’s OST. Besides the official romantic ballads, which I might not love as much if it weren’t for the fact that I associate them with the story and our adorable Snail couple, I love all the meta and the music used in funny scenes, such as the horror music used when Mi Young went for a midnight snack or when Geon was trying to tame his “demon” while taking a cold COLDDD!!! shower. :p

Whoever is handling the sound in Fated to love you is doing a superb job. There have been many references to past works from the actors, especially Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara and also famous korean movies. Next I’m going to highlight the ones I remember but let me know if you remember others to add to the post.

Let’s sing along with these videos with lyrics in korean and english!


Baek Ah Yeon – Morning of Canon (캐논의 아침)

Jeff Bernat – Be The One (운명처럼 널 사랑해)

Megan Lee – Ready For Love

Jung Dong Ha – 운명 같은 너 – Destiny Sonata


Daft Punk – Pentagonic – The song heard when Kim Mi Young appears for the first time

Chuno OST – Gloomy 30s – Used during the dog chasing scene

Chuno OST – Lovers – Used when Geon gave the beautiful speech about Mi Young during the party where she was introduced as his wife

Panic – Snail – Used when Geon has his first “snail panic attack” lol

Jang Nara – Snail – The same song by Panic interpreted by our Jang Nara. This was not on the drama but I thought you’d like it 🙂

무조건  – This is the cha cha ra chara chara cha cha song that Geon was sining when Mi Young arrived at the karaoke party

Chuli and Miae – Why do you? – The song Geon and Mi Young sang at the karaoke party

Jo Jang Hyuk –  Love Song – Bright Girl OST – Played when Mi Young was escaping the press disguised with a high school uniform

27 responses to “It’s karaoke time! Fated to love you – OST – videos and lyrics

  1. Please tell me the song that Lee Geon sings at the Karaoke. Cha Cha re cha re. Whose song is it?

  2. Do any of you guys know the sad/romantic violin/piano song from the drama. You can find it in episode 18; from 0:10:16 – 0:10:48 Im begging for a kind soul out there to find it. I just love that song so much, please, any help would be appreciated. ❤

  3. Does anyone here know the title of yhe background music when Mi Yound discovered why Gun broke up with her… it’s on the last part of episode 17 when she broke down and cry. Hope someone could help me! I really love that background music and I only realized that it’s not included on the OST when I rewatched FTLY 😦 Please and thank you in advance! 😘

  4. Hi whats the 2nd song gun and mi young sang in episode 6 at the party? The first one was “why do you” but whats the 2nd one? Please

    • Chuli and Mae Nunen Wheh (or Why you). Both have such similar names.

      I don’t know why I’m replying after such a long time … ahha

  5. can anybody tell me what the title song on episode 3 in minutes 34:00, please ?
    when geon finished his boxing
    i was try to hear all original soundtrack, but that isn’t match with this instrumental song..
    i really love it, maybe someone can help me to find the title song..

  6. Can someone tell me what instrumental play at episode 2 when Gun at macau with secretary tak when they are at the place where gun want to propose to Se Ra. I hope you can tell me the BGM i really like

  7. What’s the violin song in ep 16? :3

  8. Hi DF, the snail song sung by Jang Nara comes on in ep 20. Jang Nara voice is so soft, finally heard it w headphones on.:-))) she becomes the snail princess.

  9. Daniel’ song to MY. FOUND IT. Its titled Since That Day, original singer Sung Shi Kyung. V beautiful song. Lyrics as below, when i understood the song, i cried for Daniel.

    The sun was warm as usual
    And you were beautiful leaning against me
    You talked about leaving as if asking for time
    I smiled so you wont feel pain
    I used to say
    I will do anything you want
    The fool that I am to keep that promise
    I let you go, you who were everything in my life
    Since that day I have been living in guilt
    Worrying that even for a day I might forget you
    The saddest thing is to realize that
    I still smile every now and then even though you are not around

    The memories too precious even to reminisce
    Dwell in my heart but you are not here
    In the world mundane as usual
    Sometimes I feel such aches
    I love you I thank you
    Are now pitiful words that cannot be said again
    I so wished to say them to you
    But forgive me for I couldn’t till the end
    Since that day I have been living in guilt
    Worrying that even for a day I might forget you
    The saddest thing is to realize that
    I still smile every now and then even though you are not around

    Do you remember me those brilliant days
    When I was joyful as a child because of your love
    Now you are not here I feel guilty even just for breathing
    More sighing
    Since that day it has been like this
    Since that day it has been full of pain

  10. My votes 1. Destiny Sonata by Jung Dongha (am a fan of him since i first heard his voice, i think the lyrics suit this room com to a T) 2. Morning of Canon 3. Goodbye My Love 4. Ready for Love 5. My Girl

  11. Hi, can anyone pls tell me what is the song that Daniel oppa sang to MY as a goodbye gift? Its not even subbed. Thank you

  12. Hey !!! Does anyonoe knows the piano song at the episode 2 when Daniel plays with the kids :)))) ???

  13. Oh, didn’t know they used all those songs not from the OST. Nice collection dear. I also love those ones in the funny scenes but from the OST, my favorite is “Morning of Canon” ❤

  14. Thank you. Love all the OST!

  15. Thank you for posting this! Have started to create a playlist so I can listen to them over and over again.

  16. youholdthewater

    Kdrama ballads usually do nothing for me, but like you I’ve grown attached to these particular ones through their association with our OTP. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Baek Ah Yeon song because it played towards the end of the Macau balcony scene in ep 2, which is still one of my favourite moments of FTLY to date. I also really liked that new song that played at the end of ep 10 (which hasn’t been released yet but everyone seems to agree sounds like Ailee’s voice?). But what I really love is the show’s original instrumental soundtrack, especially that piano/violin pieces that play over tender or emotional moments

    (Incidentally the only other ballad from a kdrama ost I genuinely loved was ‘Moon Has Passed’ by Beige, from Chuno. So many tears shed with that song in the background).

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