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Real Men Ep9 – Jang Hyuk and Hyungsik join the show – Eng Subs

Blogger Nathania Kristono has started doing English Subs for Real Men, starting on episode 9 when Jang Hyuk and Hyungsik joined the show. We thank you for your great work Nathania


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MBC Entertainment Awards 2013 – Real Men take home some awards

I meant to post this before, but it took me the whole day to adjust to this jacket :p


Yes! this time my big trauma is this strange jacket and pants, and boots combination (I’ve made peace with the Edward Scissorhands hair). My first reaction was outrage! “unfriendly words” were directed at his stylist. But after I had a proper meal and took a much needed nap (possible real reasons for my anger) I have come to accept this look. Mind you, there were people on twitter who praised his jacket for being “different”and “original”.


Oh but what is this you ask? It is the MBC Entertainment Awards, where Variety/Reality and Comedy shows that aired on the korean network MBC during the past year, get recognized. Real Men and its members individually were nominated for different categories and brought home quite a few awards:

Kim Sooro = Excellence Award
Jang Hyuk = Popularity Award – Variety Show (shared with Noh Hong Chul from Infinity Challenge and Defconn from Alone
Hyungsik = Rookie of the year
Sam Hammington = Rookie of the year and “Person who can’t do anything right” Award (Son Ji Young got robbed!)
Seo Hyung-Suk = Popularity Award – MC (shared with Kim Gura from Radio Star) and something else I don’t know
Son Ji Young = He won something but I don’t know what
Ryu Soo Young = Same here

The Real Men team also won the Scriptwriter Award given to Happy Sunday’s Shin Myung Ji. I find it very interesting that this scriptwriter is a woman.

Here is a video put together by Zoi from the Just…Jang Hyuk blog. You can see Jang Hyuk accepting his award (He looks better walking and talking)

Jang Hyuk’s acceptance speech as translated by Soompi:

Thank you
First time at an Entertainment Award
Didn’t imagine he would win such a big award.
When he first went to Real Men, he thought it was really hard. But now he has a lot of great colleagues. Couldn’t sleep before but now he is here
Doesn’t know what to say.
Finished off the year on a high note thanks to Real Men
Thanks the staff and his colleagues
Always be healthy. Thank you

And click here to read Soompi’s live blog of the entire event in case you are interested



Real Men 20, 21 and 22 – Child private steals the show

Hi: I’m so behind with this show. Trying to catch up! Anyway, here are my highlights from eps 20, 21 and 22, during which this young man, nicknamed “child private” stole the show.

진짜 사나이 - 전출 신고 때 수색왕으로 뽑힌 장혁!, #18 20130908 - YouTube_00003

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The sweet moment when Jang Hyuk gives his “days off pass” to the child private.

Hyungsik the "worried mom"

Hyungsik the “worried mom”

Jang Hyuk pretends to fall, teasing the child private

Jang Hyuk pretends to fall, teasing the child private

TJ on Real Men

TJ on Real Men

He sings with passion. Be glad this doesn't have sound

He sings with passion. Be glad this doesn’t have sound

Ryu Soo Young and Jang Hyuk

The passionate and tone deaf soldiers

Jang Hyuk shares his icre cream with Hyungsik

Jang Hyuk shares his icre cream with Hyungsik


Real Men Fan Video – Hall of Fame

I did my first Jang Hyuk related Fan Video. I can’t upload this on regular video sites because the company that produces this show is very strict so hopefully this works. Just click on the image and let me know what you think 🙂 The song used is Hall of Fame by The Script.

Jang Hyuk gets the first flag

Click to see the Real Men FV

Real Man Eps 18 and 19: It’s all about the bromance

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When I started watching Real Man I had no expectations to like it. I don’t like reality shows in general, since I feel they tend to showcase humans at their worse. I definitely started watching just because Jang Hyuk was going to be in it. But I am very pleased with the kind of show it turned out to be. Contrary to my assumption that it would just show a bunch of macho men being competitive and doing macho things (there is some of that), or fish out of water situations (there is some of that too) it is so much more than that.

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