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Sleepy Jang Hyuk – Family Outing, Dragon Brothers episode

POST REVAMPED TO ADD GIFS (This post shall motivate us to go to sleep early. It has a purpose now! And to follow my own advice! I’m saying goodnight to you all. Sweet dreams!)


What’s the justification for this silly post? let me think of something…mmmmmmmmm nope, I’ve got nothing 😐 I just said that this is to motivate to go to bed early! It has a very altruistic purpose!

It’s just that lately 1.- I’ve been teaching myself how to make gifs (I still don’t know how to make them light enough to post on tumblr though:( I can do this now) 2.- The first time I saw this scene of Jang Hyuk talking in his sleep, unable to wake up, swaying his body from one side to the other, I laughed very hard, and vowed to make a gif of it! This is just so me, every morning of every day of my life LOL! I bet any non morning person can relate 😉

The quality of the original video wasn’t great, therefore the gifs are so so, but I still think they are funny.

jh_sleep_talking jh_sleepy1 jh_sleepy2

The best gifs are inside