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DON’T stop swooning

It’s not like you’ll be able to 😍 Jang Hyuk is as dreamy as ever in this photoshoot for the November issue of Thailandese magazine DON’T 

Here is a link to the free magazine online


Here is a video of the photoshoot. Remember to blink! (Thanks to Zoi)



Jang Hyuk promoting The Flu – Round of interviews – Photos

These are different photos, from the same round of interviews Jang Hyuk did for The Flu a few days ago, which are popping up on different publications. As you can see, fisherman hat and denim jacket are back but these are different and also pretty so, Enjoy!

P.D There are tons of pictures popping up everyday but I’m trying to be “selective” I promise you 😉

This is from MBN Star


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New Daily – Jang Hyuk rocks in denim – photos

Good morning or good night depending on where you are 🙂 Its is nice to wake up to new photos of Jang Hyuk 😉

The photos below accompany this article
http://biz.newdaily.co.kr/news/article.html?no=22551 from New Daily.


COSMOPOLITAN – Photo Shoot BTS – gifs




Click here for a different presentation of these gifs

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[COSMOPOLITAN] Jang Hyuk’s Inner Flesh_August 2013

Now, I love that title. Sounds very inappropriate somehow 😛

Here’s making film of Cosmopolitan photoshoot. He indeed lost a lot of weight…becoming a toothpick….but he looks good in this video! Looks lively.