Jang Hyuk Bio

Name: Jang Hyuk 장혁

Real Name: Jeong Yong-joon 정용준

Date of Birth: 1976.12.20

Height: 174.5cm

Weight: 63kg

Blood Type: O

Hometown: Pusan/Busan

Family: One younger brother

Married, has two sons (Jeong Jae-heon, Jeong Seung-heon)


Drama (15):

1997 SBS <Model> (minor role)

1999 KBS <School>- Kang Woo-Hyuk

1999 MBC <Into the Sunlight>- Han Myung-Ha

2000 SBS <Wang Rung’s Land>- Bong-Pil

2002 SBS <Success Story of a Bright Girl>- Han Ki-Tae

2002-2003 SBS <Daemang(The Great Ambition)>- Park Jae-young/Moo-Young

2007 MBC <Thank You>- Min Ki-Seo

2008 SBS <Robbers>- Kwon  Oh-Joon

2008 Japan TBS <My Sassy Girl> (cameo appearance)

2008 SBS <Tazza>- Kim Go-Ni

2010 KBS <Chuno (Slave Hunters)>, Lee Dae-Gil

2010 China ZJTV <Fall in Love with Anchor Beauty> – Chen Yi-pu

2011 SBS <Midas> – Kim Do-Hyun

2011 SBS <The Tree with Deep Roots> –  Ddolbok/Kang Chae-Yoon

2013 KBS <IrisII> –  Jeong Yoogun

2014 MBC <Fated To Love You> – Lee Gun

2015 MBC <Shine or Go Crazy> – Wang So

2015 KBS <The Merchant> – Cheon Bong Sam

2016 KBS <Beautiful Mind> – Lee Young Oh

2017 OCN <Voice> – Moo Jin Hyuk

2017 MBC <Money Flower> – Kang Pil Joo

2018 SBS <Wok of Love> – Chil Sung

2018 MBC <Bad Papa> – Yoo Ji Cheol

2019 TVN <My Country> – Yi Bang Won

2020 OCN < Tell Me What You Saw> – Oh Hyun Jae

Movie (14):

1998 <Zzang> (supporting role)

2001 <Volcano High>

2002 <Jungle Juice>- Kitae

2002 <Public Toilet>

2003 <Please Teach Me English>- Elvis

2004 <Windstruck>

2004 <S Diary> (cameo appearance)

2008 <Dance of the Dragon>

2009 <Five Sense of Eros>

2009 <Maybe (Rabbit and Lizzard)>- Eunsol

2009 <Searching for the Elephant>- Hyun-Woo

2011 <The Client>- Chul-Min

2013 <The Flu> – Ji-Goo

2014 <Thorn (Innocent Thing)> – Joon-ki

2015 <Age of Innocence> – Yi Bang Won

2020 <The Swordsman> – Tae Yul

Shows (5):

2013 <Real Men>

Healing Camp

Win Win

Family Outing – Dragon Brothers

Family Outing

CF – Ads (10):

2013: Nong Shim, Shinramyun Black

2013: Hyundai Autocom Dabonda

2013: OB Golden Lager

2013: Schick Razor

2013: Westwood

2012: Good Downloader Campaign

2012: Paul Major

2011: Reebok

2011: Daesung Celtic S-Line condensing

2011: Gc Watch

2011: Nong Shim, Shinramyun Black

2010: Eider

2010: Bohae Bokbunjaju

2010: PowerAde

2010: Chicken Mania

Music Videos (5):

Kim Young Jin – Where is Love (2008)

ELVA – Impulse (2008)

TJ Project -Days, Months, and Love (2007)

G.O.D- Dear My Mother (1999)

Lee Seung Hwan – 애원 (1997)


2000 – SBS Drama Awards – Best New Actor – Wang Rung’s Lang

2002 – Top 10 Star, Top Excellence Award, Actor – Great Ambition, Successful Story of a Bright Girl

2007 – MBC Drama Awards- Golden Acting Award, Actor in a Miniseries – Thank You

Asia Model Festival Awards – BBF Popular Star Award


West Hollywood International Film Festival- Best Actor – Dance of the Dragon

SBS Drama Awards- Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Production – Tazza


Seoul International Drama Awards- Outstanding Korean Drama Prize Category – Best Actor – Chuno

KBS Drama Awards – Grand Prize – Chuno

Best Couple with Lee Da Hae – Chuno


SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars – Midas

Top Excellence Award – Deep Rooted Tree – Actor in a Special Production


MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor – Fated to love you

Best Couple with Jang Nara – Fated to love you


47 responses to “Jang Hyuk Bio

  1. Anyone know where I can find the drama The Great Ambition/Daemang?

  2. what religion he has?

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  4. Actually, I believe he has two sons and a daughter.

  5. Time to update the bio – doesn’t he have a daughter now, too?

  6. Cinnamon Carter

    Do you know where anyone is selling Jang Hyuk’s book? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.
    C. Carter

  7. Hi Jung Hyuk! My name Nick name is angie. I think you are a superb and gorgeous actor. For the first time, I watched a Korean movie, I have to say I enjoyed and loved watching you in Fated to love. It was very romantic, and it made me laugh and cry. I also enjoyed you in Iris 2, it had a lot of action. I hope to see more Korean movies with you in it. Thank You for taking time out to read my reply!

  8. Really enjoy watching this drama, FTLY..
    Keep up the good work, Jang Hyuk & Jang Na Ra..

  9. Is Daemang a good drama to watch? Or should i start with Thank You?

  10. Thanks for the infor. Wld you know whether he studied performing arts/filming etc? He is a talented actor and v dedicated. Bcos of FTLY, i started to look for his previous dramas and movies. One of the few talented actors from Korea that brings to live the characters he plays in. Cant wait to see his next movie and drama.

  11. When will be released the drama mozart romance of jang hyuk?

  12. hi, i would like to have the movie, thorns’ script if anyone willing to sent it to me. bye20121@hotmail.com
    tq so much in advance

  13. coffeenlucia

    Never won a Daesang?! But he’s so talented………. he SHALL win one in the future, I can just smell it. Maybe in his upcoming drama Fated to Love You remake.

  14. Looks like you can add Thorn to the list now 🙂 What do you know about “Age of Innocence?” I’m curious if he’s a main or secondary character. Can’t wait to find out more about this movie (and hopefully see it in Theater).

    • True! We know he plays an important character but not the main. He will be Yi Bang Won aka Lee Bang Woon when he was a prince. He is king Taejong. You know him from Tree With Deep Roots (King Sejong’s father)

    • And I also can’t wait for that!!!!!!! chounaaaaaas Jang Hyuk! although he won’t be chouna but prince but I can’t wait to see his beautiful royal outfit and playing such a cool and controversial character!

      • Ya. I think it should be really interesting. I’ve been meaning to do some research on the Joseon Dynasty because I only know what I see in dramas (and I’m not sure how much is factual and how much is fabricated).

        2 episodes left of TWDR btw.. I’m so scared. There’s a lot of negative forshadowing 😦 Ddolbock!!! T.T

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  16. I watched Winstruck last night. I thought it could have been a lot better but Hang Hyuk was still really adorable. I would have like to have seen more character development on him, but I thought he did well with the role and the lines he was given. We didn’t really know that much about him except that he really loved her and he was very sweet. I liked the scene which forshadows what happens later, when he talks about being the wind. It wasn’t the best movie, but it still got to me. I cried a lot. It was really sad and towards the ending it reminded me of the movie ghost.

  17. Oh you look lovely just the way you are! 😉 You’re very welcome, it is well deserved!

  18. Greetings!!

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! *throws confetti*
    Please see the link for details!


  19. his Movie in 2014 : strawberry milk

  20. um..Drama fan..jang hyuk’s weight is 63Kg still ?i sure he is very lower than before!is not it?
    oh..do you have pics from kim yeo jin?hyukie’s wife..hm?

    • Hi Cathy, I don’t know how much he weights now but he seems to be losing weight 😦 I have only seen his wife, blurred out in their wedding pictures. You can do a search in google and you will find her right away 😉

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