#FindMyTribe: Men’s Fit & Hoodies Now On Sale!

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You asked for it, and here it is! :D

Thanks to dear Foamyrokks, who asked if the #FindMyTribe shirt designs would be made available in men’s fit as well.

Y’know, I don’t know why it never occurred to me before, that not everyone prefers the ladies’ fitted tee. Some of us prefer more room in our shirt fits, and some of us might even want to get a men’s tee for the significant other, for some couple-T action, right?

I’m super pleased to unveil men’s fit shirts on almost all of the current #FindMyTribe designs!

Not only that, I’ve got selected hoodie versions to introduce to you guys too. Plus! Sale is now extended, to welcome the men’s fit shirts into the family! Woot!

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#FindMyTribe: New Designs + Opening Sale!

Drama Fan:

Sleek Chuno t-shirt and cute Snail Couple too at #FindMyTribe :)

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So people have been asking, what next, after the Healer shirts?

In the end, I decided to work on some shirts for other shows. I wanted to give some love to a couple of classic shows, and a couple of more recent shows.

I also made an effort to make the shirts extra subtle, so that they can be appreciated even without their drama context.

Today, I have 4 more designs to unveil to you guys – I hope you like ‘em!! AND, I’ve got a promo code for you guys, that’ll give you a 20% discount on all shirts, for a limited period.

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 8 Recap

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 8 Recap. Shin Yool saves Wang So’s life and puts her own at risk. Yeo Won acts like a jealous wife and Wang Wook acts like a jealous suitor. Meanwhile Sik Ryeom plots to kill all his enemies.

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) misses Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) and visits the trading company. Thrilled Wang So is there, Shin Yool hurries to change into her guy disguise. Wang So checks out the embellishments picked for him. He likes the blue dragon that soars in the sky. Oops, when Shin Yool returns he learns the blue dragon is for Wang Wook not him. They review all the embellishments. The last one is his. Wang So asks why this style? Shin Yool heard from the others that Wang So “was similar to a mouse”. Ha! Shin Yool says that Wang So socializes with geishas and freeloads off his wife.

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 7 Recap

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 7 Recap. Wang So and Shin Yool begin to transition to love. Several terrific moments for our couple. Wang Wook is going to be an obstacle.

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) and Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo)  change into the stolen clothes before going to the palace library. Wang So changes into the man’s clothes and Shin Yool changes into the woman’s clothes. When he sees her, he is speechless. She asks if she looks strange as a woman. He agrees she does and steps out of the room.

ep7_1bep7_1cOutside Wang So wonders if Shin Yool is really a man. His heart flutters around her. Good grief buddy, use your eyes and heart…you can figure out the truth! This plot point is wearing thin.

ep7_2aShin Yool is thrilled at the rare books in the palace library. Her pleasure is his pleasure as Wang So smiles at her…

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FTLY JJangs Award Ceremony gifs

*whisper whisper*

JNR giving a massage to JH

Don’t ask me why there are only two gifs. I only took the essence :P

And please bear with the poor quality. I was filming that with my phone with trembling hands, and it is also my first time ever making any gif.

Anyways, hope these bring back some of happy FTLY memories :)

+Ooops! Sensed something strange?
Cuz those gifs were reversed lol. I told you, it’s my first time making gif….

Here’s the correct version of those gifs.