Jang Hyuk finished filming “New Sea” and is ready for “Beautiful Mind”

You know how he is! Like an energizer bunny. Jang Hyuk wrapped up filming of chinese drama “Xin Hai” aka “New Sea” and is already filming kdrama “Beautiful Mind” (more on this on future posts)

We don’t have a lot of info on New Sea’s plot but here is a fragment Soompi shared as the series began filming, months ago:

“The drama will tell the story of a group of immigrants in a strange, heaven-like city, and their individual ambitions and aspirations within that setting.

Jang Hyuk will play the role of a soldier who has risen in the world to become the president of a major corporation. His character is in the midst of an urban planning project seeking to develop the sacred city, and comes into conflict and finds love with the people he meets during the project”.

As always we wish Hyukie success with this drama and I hope it gets english subbed (please let us know if you find it so we can share with other fans here)

Please enjoy more pics from the drama. Needless to say he looks amazingly handsome 😋



The Merchant Gaekju Episode 41 (Final) Recap


Bong Sam faces death in this final episode. Is his life snuffed out or does he beat the odds?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 41 (Final) Recap 

Let’s do this…

mg_ep41_1amg_ep41_1b Bong Sam tells the Merchant that are on the edge of revolt that they need to stop. He willing turned himself in. He encourages them to continue and help each other during this difficult time. He claims he’s not sad, scared, or upset at being screwed by those he once trusted. He asks they put down their weapons. Man Chi leads the way and everyone follows suit. Bong Sam declares the merchants association is closed. Gom Bae won’t agree with that. Man Chi says they will send him off to the prison (aka walk your leader to his death). At the prison Bong Sam bids them farewell and asks them to leave. Man Chi has tears! Bong Sam disappears with Sun…

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The Merchant Gaekju Episode 40 Recap


Bong Sam must choose – do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 40 Recap

Man Chi decides they need to go to Mae Wol. Gol Dae tries to stop them but the soldiers arrival has them turn and flee. The solider shoot Gol Dae! Bong Sam wakes up when he hears the gun shots. Bong Sam calls to Gol Dae who tells him to run. Bong Sam demands Man Chi put him down. Gol Dae yells run. Man Chi runs. Bong Sam calls out to Gol Dae. The soldiers race after Man Chi, Gom Bae and Bong Sam.

Sun Dol learns the Nephew must go to the palace to explain how the Japanese merchant died at the new store. Sun Dol is furious when the Nephew says the prosecutor, not police, issued a warrant for Bong Sam’s arrest. Sun Dol rightly points out that Bong Sam did…

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The Merchant Gaekju Episode 39 Recap


Bong Sam learns the truth and realizes “the truth hurts”.

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 39 Recap

Sun Dol tells the Nephew that Bong Sam and Mae Wol are going to get married, which will not be to their advantage. The Nephew is surprised that Mae Wol would give up her royal position.

Guess who else is surprised Mae Wol will chuck it all for Bong Sam? Mae Wol’s assistant pleads with Mae Wol (aka Gae Dong (Kim Min Jung)) not to give up the power and position she’s worked so hard to obtain. Mae Wol pushes her aside. The assistant pleads for understanding. Mae Wol says Bong Sam is her dream. She tells the assistant to let her go. Mae Wol is being bold. She is giving up everything for her obsession, Bong Sam. She’s not trying to have her cake and eat it too as So Gae tried to do. 

mg_ep39_1amg_ep39_1b Mae…

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The Merchant Gaekju Episode 38 Recap


Sun Dol has a choice to make – stick with the nobles or return to Team Bong Sam.

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 38 Recap

mg_ep38_1bmg_ep38_1aBong Sam (Jang Hyuk) shows Sun Dol the picture. He demands to know why, is living as a merchant so awful that Sun Dol jumped at the chance the Nephew offered? Did the Nephew promise to restore Sun Dol’s family? Sun Dol is hurt that Bong Sam, his friend, would suggest such a thing. Bong Sam counters that he doesn’t know Sun Dol anymore? Is Sun Dol his friend and merchant? Or is he a noble? Bong Sam yells – Who are you? Sun Dol declares he’s Bong Sam’s friend. He cries with the pain of this moment. He admits he couldn’t deny the Nephew’s request, he had to help Queen and country. Bong Sam says even if Sun Dol didn’t intend it, if the Queen rises…

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