#FindMyTribe: Shine or Go Crazy Shirt!

Drama Fan:

The Shining Tiger shirt! All Prince Wang So “White Tiger” fans must proudly wear this, am I right? :) I’m getting it for sure!

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So I’ve been watching Shine or Go Crazy, and liking it quite a lot. Much more than I’d originally expected to, to be honest.

It’s not perfect, but somehow, it works. Better yet, it’s a show that grabs me. There’ve been times when I’ve crammed 3-4 episodes into a day, despite Life still having to go on.

During the last couple of episodes (I’m about 15 episodes in, as I type this), inspiration for a Shine or Go Crazy shirt design suddenly struck, and I just had to get this shirt out to you guys.

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 18 Recap

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 18 Recap. Big bad Sik Ryeom thinks he has weapon to destroy Wang So. Little does he know that Wang So has the weapon to destroy Sik Ryeom. The showdown begins!

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) (Lee Ha Nui) and his black assassins are at Sik Ryeom’s house. Wang So enters solo to the evil lair and finds the bronze mirror pieces and starts to leave. A red assassin appears. They begin to fight. Wang So flashes to fighting Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) at the princes fighting competition. Wang So pulls off his veil and utters “Wook”.

The red and black assassins battle in the courtyard. Returning home, Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) even gets in the on fighting.

Wang Wook sees an empty container in the middle of the fireplace (where the bronze mirror pieces were stored). Hmm, I can’t recall. Did Wang Wook know Sik Ryeom stored the bronze mirror pieces and…

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 17 Recap

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 17 Recap. Wang So switches his tactics to woo Yeo Won and Wang Wook to join him. Sik Ryeom is feeling smug about how well things are going. Shin Yool struggles to recover from having the trading company stripped.

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) visits Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) and asks for a cup of tea. He drinks the whole cup and flips the tea cup over firmly.

Wang So: Where’s the antidote?
Yeo Won: I don’t have it.
Wang So: I thought you were a human being. How could you do this? He is the King, my brother, your brother-in-law. How could you consider poisoning him? You are a beast wearing a human mask.

Yeo Won takes a moment, drinks her tea and flips the cup just like Wang So did…
Yeo Won: The King you want to protect, helped assassinate my half brother. The…

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[SoGC support] Thank you for your contribution!

I just made transfer from my paypal account to DC JH gallery account.

빛미3차이벵지움I had total $334.05  in my account, and $50 is going to DC SoGC gallery, the rest is going to DC JangHyuk gallery.


Transferred to Korean bank, the gross amount is 370,144 KRW


I made two transfers, bottom one to JH gallery, top one to SoGC gallery. Gross amount 370,143 KRW. During calculation process, 1 KRW ( 0.00088USD) was lost, sorry.

Thank you for those who contributed! It will be used to feed cast and crew of Shine or Go Crazy, and show our support to Jang Hyuk :)


Hyuk enjoying chicken stew treated by DC Jang Hyuk gallery during Fated to Love You filming


Prince Wang So munching on his snacks brought by DC JH gallery fans to celebrate his birthday.

Lastly, the account is still open! Sending food truck to filming site will probably happen in coming week, but there is also wrap party presents to prepare, so if you have a paypal account and would like to contribute please let me know.

Westwood – Spring 2015

I miss blogging. I miss you guys. I’ve been so busy. I hope to come back to the blog soon but in the meantime, here are some pictures of Jang Hyuk for Westwood, Spring 2015 collection :)