New Fangirl site open on Facebook

Jang Hyuk US Fans Facebook group is officially open!!!

Check it out! It’s a new group for those of us who love fangirling  Jang Hyuk and all his work over the past 20 years, and what’s to come.

Let me introduce myself, and our starting group members. I am Holly Moon. I have been a fan since I saw Chuno, and there was no turning back for me. I am from Florida, and on Instagram, as moon.holly.

You all know DramaFan as she has been writing this blog for awhile now. She has invited a few more of us to post here, since she is quite busy these days. But she is a big part of our starting group. She is also on Instagram, and a fan from Florida.

Third, we have RostandReads, another fan from Florida. RostandReads is a writer of fan fiction based on inspiration from our Hyukie.  In part, these words about the fangirl site are from her. Also, you can follow her on Instagram.

The fourth member, Blackgirllorry, and a fourth fan from Florida, and on Instagram. She has been the fan with  the longest history of our foursome. She saw the Volcano High movie as shown in the States on MTV, way back when.   It was dubbed with rappers current to the day.  That didn’t excite her, but the cute blond haired boy did.

We originally thought of just starting a Florida fan group for our Hyukie. But decided to open up the territory to include all of US and Canada. And then all of the world. A fan of Hyukie is a fan, no matter where. And we like to talk about our Hyukie. When any two get together, there is no stopping us. But sometimes it is hard to find that second fan, or a place to fulfill that need.

So in our group on Facebook, you can drop in anytime after you join, and find a friend hanging out and share. The group will discuss Jang Hyuk dramas and films (past and current), share photos, and videos, facts, thoughts, and dreams of Jang Hyuk.  You can meet old friends and make new friends sharing love for Hyukie.

And…pay attention to this part, 1) credit is given when due for photos and videos;  2) this friendly US group allows worldwide participation with no trolls allowed;  and 3) the focus is on Jang Hyuk,  Jang Hyuk, and you got it, Jang Hyuk.  So info and merchandise is not promoted, shared or sold unless associated someway with, uh-huh, Jang Hyuk!

So look us up, join us, and learn, share and have fun with fellow fans of this great actor.

link to Facebook page:


The Flu (S. Korea): Movie Review

The Flu, I think, can be compared to the best disaster movies I’ve seen. Sure, its small scale in terms of location since it only covers a city with a half a million population, but because of the area’s proximity to the the capital city of Seoul, the sense of urgency automatically magnifies ten-fold.

You can help us make the Beautiful Mind Special DVD become a reality. 

Hi friends. As many of you know, Beautiful Mind was cut short by KBS due to ratings but it was beloved by those who watched it. 

There’s a team of korean fans that has been working hard at trying to get a Director’s Cut DVD but that wasn’t possible because it didn’t meet minimum pre-order in Korea. However, not all hope is lost! There is a possibility of getting a Beautiful Mind Special Making DVD! 


The WiFi couple needs you!

This DVD will have great features and even though it says “No Subtitles” the DVD Team will work on english subtitles themselves. 

Pre-order is now open to foreigners which means we can now help make this happen! DVDs are 52.32 (much cheaper than typical Director’a Cut and which will be refunded if DVD is not made)

We need to meet 500 pre-orders before September 5th. We can’t let this opportunity go! 

Look at this super cute moment! We need more of these!

Here is where you pre-order:

Below is the message from the team who is making our dream come true 👏

This is Beautiful Mind DVD project group. 

We would like to thank everyone who have waited for the pre-order. 

There have been a lot of inquiries about English subtitles. 

BM DVD Project Group is currently organising a team for the subtitles.

As soon as we reach minimum demand for the Special Making DVD, we will start translating. 

We are trying hard to meet everyone’s need. 

Special Making DVD will include:

– 3 disc : including cut scenes of 1 ~ 14th episode that have not been aired. 

– Photo book (80 ~ 100p)

– Hologram numbering sticker 

– Postcards

– Region Code: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 (NO region 2)

Also we are discussing on

1) Scripts of all episodes

2) Written commentaries of the director/writer and actors/actresses. 

Pre-order for BM Special DVD is open until September 5th. 

Price of the DVD is $53.29.

If the Pre-order does not meet its minimum demands, this project will be stopped. The minimum demand for BM Special Making DVD is 500. This DVD project is order based production. BM Special Making DVD can be only purchased until September 5th. 

If this project fails, you can get a full refund. 

We are trying our best not to lose BM Special Making DVD.

Let’s make this happen together.

BM Special Making DVD can be purchased here.

If you have any questions, please contact us by 

BM DVD Project Group.

Beautiful Mind Series Highlights


Hello friends!

df I want to take this opportunity to welcome Zhaoul, as a new author in our blog😀 While she has always been a member of our Stuck on Hyuk little gang,  now she is going to be more “official”. Please help me welcome her and don’t forget to also visit her wonderful blog Kdramadreamer.

Zhaoul DF and I have been online chingus for quite some time now. DF was one of the very first people to talk to me and comment on my blog when I started blogging. We have fangirled over Jang Hyuk many-a-times. She’s also been very patient with me and my flighty drama heart which sometimes sways like the wind in different directions but always finds its way back to Hyuk. Hard to believe we’ve been friends for 2+ years now. This will be our first collaborative piece together, so I hope you enjoy it.

df  Awww Z! Ok friends, for our first collaborative post we wanted to talk a little bit about Beautiful Mind.  The latest Jang Hyuk drama that captured our hearts and twisted our brains (some) This is not going to be an actual series review, but more like a collection of ramblings about some aspects of it.

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All the World’s a Mimicry

Forging human connections is like running a makeshift theater academy. At times, a man briefly stages in his head the turmoil ravaging another person’s mind. At times, he recalls and mentally rehearses scenes that have brought someone in those shoes a little cheer. Then he walks onto a visible stage, located wherever the other party can be reached, and re-enacts the soothing […]