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Jang Hyuk on Healing Camp – Videos – Eng Subs

Photo Oct 22, 9 18 10 PM

I love Jang Hyuk as an actor, but I do have to admit, I won’t be as crazy in love as I am right now if Jang Hyuk as a person was not so attractive and adorable. Healing Camp is the first talk show of Jang Hyuk I ever watched, and I was completely blown away by his sincerity&passion&cuteness&hotness&adorkable-ness, etc. I needed to share it with my dear friend Drama Fan, but I couldn’t find the subbed version anywhere! But it had to be shared! So I just decided to sub it myself, lol. It was my first time ever subbing anything, so it’s in a poor quality, both translation-wise and context-wise, but please bear with it because Jang Hyuk here is really adorable and it is worth watching 🙂

Here are the links to four parts of the show:


Jang Hyuk hot dog master at Healing Camp

Click to see Jang Hyuk teaching “the philosophy of the hot dog”

Healing Camp Part I 

Healing Camp Part II

Healing Camp Part III

Healing Camp Part IV


Healing Camp Part I in Yoku

Healing Camp Part II in Yoku

Healing Camp Part III in Yoku

Healing Camp Part IV in Yoku