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SSBG Fan Video – Hot and Cold

Hi friends! I am learning how to use a new video editing software and what better inspiration than our Hyukie, right? I already had clips cut from Successful Story of a Bright Girl, because I had actually started this video on my old software (until it crashed and broke my heart!) so I decided to finish the FMV.

Its a happy coincidence, that July 2nd is the anniversary of Fated to love you premiere! so we can consider this my present to all Snail Couple fans. As you most likely know, Successful Story of a Bright Girl is the first drama our wonderful Jjangs filmed together. They were so young and adorable as ever! Their chemistry already great.

I used the song Hot and Cold from Katy Perry, because I think it aptly describes Han Kitae’s volatile personality. I hope you enjoy it!

Successful Story of a Bright Girl review or The taming of the jerk chabeol

A review by Drama Fan (with her special guest “Mom”)

I avoided Successful Story of a Bright Girl for the longest time. Call me shallow but one of the things that was stopping me was Jang Hyuk’s style in this (that hair, the wide pants, etc).  There was also my low tolerance for jerk chabeol male leads. I know they are a staple of korean dramas but they generally irritate me. And the third reason was that lately I had been in the mood for more complex stories, but I knew that one day, I would be in the mood…


This is after all Jang Hyuk’s first hit in a lead role, and it reached 45% of ratings when it aired in Korea.  So I bought the DVD’s and had them sitting in my room. Gumi reassured me that this was “one of the good old dramas, one of the first jerk chabeols before they became a staple, so it has some historic value 😀 and there must be a reason why it reached high ratings” but I was still waiting to feel the desire to watch it. I was also dreading watching my last Jang Hyuk series available (until he does another one) I have officially watched them all now.

So, that day came last Sunday. I was so tired from having watched Nine, an extremely thought provoking and intense drama. And I was missing Jang Hyuk so I decided to give this a try.

Successful Story of a Bright Girl first scene, sets us up for what will be the main theme of the whole drama: “Dimwit Prince in distress is saved by smart heroic girl”. Yang-Soon (Jang Nara) has a recurrent dream in which she saves a Prince Charming from a perilous situation. This dream will start to come true when she meets obnoxious spoiled jerk chabeol  Ki-Tae (Jang Hyuk) . Not only must our bright girl deal with her own issues in life, her economic situation, her ailing grandmother, her con artist parents, etc but she must also deal with this crazy creature named Ki-Tae, who, despite all his money, seems to have not had a proper education and lacks all kinds of manners. Ki-Tae’s best and only response to life’s obstacles is to kick, punch and scream (and nothing took a beating like his jacket).



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