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Jang Hyuk finished filming “New Sea” and is ready for “Beautiful Mind”

You know how he is! Like an energizer bunny. Jang Hyuk wrapped up filming of chinese drama “Xin Hai” aka “New Sea” and is already filming kdrama “Beautiful Mind” (more on this on future posts)

We don’t have a lot of info on New Sea’s plot but here is a fragment Soompi shared as the series began filming, months ago:

“The drama will tell the story of a group of immigrants in a strange, heaven-like city, and their individual ambitions and aspirations within that setting.

Jang Hyuk will play the role of a soldier who has risen in the world to become the president of a major corporation. His character is in the midst of an urban planning project seeking to develop the sacred city, and comes into conflict and finds love with the people he meets during the project”.

As always we wish Hyukie success with this drama and I hope it gets english subbed (please let us know if you find it so we can share with other fans here)

Please enjoy more pics from the drama. Needless to say he looks amazingly handsome 😋