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Review of Thank you: A simply beautiful drama


I’ve taken a long time writing this review. I’ve read so many good ones that I didn’t know what I could write that wouldn’t sound repetitious. Also, I feel this drama is so delicate and beautiful, that It will be hard for me to do it justice. So I decided to start writing a few thoughts and let my feelings guide me. I feel I appreciated this drama more, on my second watch, and I still think there are things my limited understanding can’t grasp, but my soul can perceive. It is a drama that seems so simple and it is yet so deep.


Synopsis: The story of a single mother raising a child with AIDS, in a small island. She has managed to keep her daughter’s disease, a secret, to protect her from prejudice and give her a life, as normal as possible. Pretty soon a Doctor comes to the island. He has the mission to ask forgiveness to the child, in the name of his girlfriend. His diseased girlfriend, also a doctor, accidentally gave the child, infected blood while trying to save her life.


No matter how we put it, that premise sounds tragic, doesn’t it? I feel however, that Thank You is not just about the tragedy of terminal illness, or about individuals facing mortality. While it deals with such heavy themes, it is more focused on “life”. That miracle of life that sometimes we don’t appreciate until it’s threatened. It is also about prejudice, the question of self worth, and about how we chose to view the world. Is it a beautiful place that we should embrace? Or is it a scary place that we should protect ourselves from and where we have to constantly fight for what we want? Does being nice equal being dumb? Does being selfish equal being strong? How much of our happiness is up to us? What exactly do we need to be happy?


The drama asks these and many more questions, and instead of giving us a definite answer, it gives us different views and options through the eyes of its characters. Who do we identify with and who do we want to identify with? After all, they all have valid points.

On the one hand, we have a cynical view, represented in different ways by Grandma, Suk Hyun and initially Dr Min. They all underestimate Young Shin, because she is always smiling at the world that mistreats her. Why is she so stubborn, why doesn’t she defend herself? Why is she such a pabo?

As the story progresses, the three of them learn to appreciate Young Shin’s inner strength. We, the audience, also learn.


I have to admit, as obnoxious as Dr Min could be at times, I was with him many of the times he shook Young Shin into reacting. After all, being a good person does not mean you need to take abuse, correct? I appreciated a kdrama male lead, who wasn’t doing the “mistreating” himself but was rather getting upset at the female lead for allowing others to mistreat her. I have been in Dr Min’s position many times in my life (being that I’m far from passive myself)


However, the difference between Young Shin and other typical submissive female leads (some played by Gong Hyo Jin as well) is that her “problem” is not just about guilt and self esteem issues. There is some of that! She is a single mother with an ill child who she seems to punish herself and does not allow others to “help” her, as if she didn’t deserve such help or expect it. She seems to want to carry her burdens herself and not bother anyone.


But there is more to it. Besides, guilt, low self esteem and heightened sense of responsibility, there seems to be a conscious decision to build a “beautiful” world for her child, despite the fact that she knows said world, can be pretty harsh. Hey, she is a mother, so I guess it is as simple as that. Don’t all parents have this dilemma? We want our children to be happy, but aware of the world, strong enough to confront it, but not afraid to live in it.


ThankYou_04_01_Title_1_00023 ThankYou_04_01_Title_1_00026 ThankYou_04_01_Title_1_00028


Suk Hyun was moved when he realized, Young Shin taught Bom that her father was a nice guy

So I liked that Dr Min shook her off the “guilt” and reassured her of her value, she did not have to take abuse from anyone, but I also loved that he saw her strength as a mother and woman. She carried the world on her shoulders and he wanted to help, but he never intended to “change” her.




I guess you already can tell that I highly recommend this drama. The story, the beautiful messages I’m probably not fully understanding but somehow perceiving since there is nothing “hammered over the head” with this drama, the characters, the acting. It is easy to believe these people exist. It is worth watching in every sense.

While rewatching I wrote a few posts that highlight some scenes and points I loved in the drama. The posts include a lot of captures and gifs as well 🙂 I provide links below for easy access:

In conclusion, WATCH IT! 🙂


Thank You: Min Kiseo captures and gifs

I made many captures while rewatching Thank You, mostly of Min Kiseo 😀 And I share them here in case anyone wants some to make avatars or small banners. The resolution is not high enough for big projects but I hope somebody enjoys them.

But first,



This cracks me up for some reason


And for some reason, my mothers always cracks up at Dr Min being annoying

RANDOM CAPTURES – of mostly brooding Min Kiseo :p (I guess I like the brooding types?) Click on each photo to see them in full size.


Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part IV – Contains Spoilers

Impossible! It’s impossible to be selective! This is the last batch of favorite moments between Young Shin and Min Kiseo, and it seems I just included ALL their scenes. Oh well! I love them! Let’s see how long this post will be.


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MIN KISEO IS PERFECT PART 1 – He can wash his lady’s hair



MIN KISEO IS PERFECT PART 2 – He can cook! Ok, we don’t really know that, but at least he offered

MIN KISEO IS PERFECT PART 3 – Even if he can’t cook, he knows the importance of FOOD! MAJOR BOUNS POINTS MY MINKI! (Marry me now!!!)


Ok, this was a bit TMI, but, he is a doctor after all 🙂



The guy knows how to get to a woman’s heart 🙂

“I WANT TO BE IN YOUR FAMILY” – Despite Suk Hyun’s attempt to discourage Dr Min, he asks Young Shin if he can become part of her family (and we meltssss)






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DR MIN IS JEALOUS OF DOGGY: An now we understand why he kept kicking the dog house. But it was still not nice Dr Min!

I’M JUST DIFFERENT RIGHT? – This scene is so significant and well done. Only actors with the talent of Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin could pull off a scene like this, where almost everything is said with the eyes. She is finally assertive. Does the fact that she doesn’t see a need to rush to find Bom a father mean she is rejecting Dr Min now? His expression suggest disappointment on one hand, but pride on the other. He is proud that Young Shin became more assertive, partially thanks of him. At least, that is what I see! I wonder how you guys interpret this scene.

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Hyukie Drawing Project

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, but my laziness wouldn’t allow me to try. So for my entire life the most I’ve been able to draw was stick figures. But my love for Hyuk was big enough that I really really really really wanted to be able to draw him! So I started trying to draw Hyuk…and it kinda looked like this lol.



LOL. There are others that look uglier but I’m not willing to show you guys 😛

But after countless not-so-pretty Jang Hyuks, I did manage to draw some that I relatively liked, and that happened to be my three most beloved Jang Hyuk characters 🙂 So I’m sharing it with you.



And for the first time in my life, I tried to use photoshop to paint one of these, which I found actually kind of fun! Although I did have to search ‘how to ~~ in photoshop’ literally every single step…

So here’s the result, painted OhJoon


That’s the best job I’ve done so far 🙂 Hopefully I can draw something else again…although in my current skill level I prob won’t be able to outdraw that one for a while…

Thank You: Min Kiseo vs Suk Hyun – Spoilers

If you haven’t watched Thank You I urge to stop here since this post contains big spoilers. The appeal of Thank You is not in the plot but in the character development, their dialogues and the interpretation of these characters, so I really encourage you to watch it first.


On my first watch Suk Hyun played by Shin Sung Rok, simply irritated me and I felt like fast forwarding his scenes. On my second watch I appreciated the role he plays in the story. He is still not my favorite character and I think his “pondering inside a car under the rain scenes”, were unnecessarily long, but I realized his importance and how difficult the role must’ve been for the actor.



Suk Hyun wasn’t a bad guy. Here he is trying to get Min Kiseo out of jail

Suk Kyun is interesting because he is strong as a businessman but weak in his personal relationships. He chooses the “cold” calculating path but deep down he really is a sensitive fellow.


He was a coward in regards to Young Shin (betting with his friends, that he would sleep with her, when deep down he had always being in love with her) a total coward when it comes to Bom. His selfishness, passiveness and indecision hurt them, and if there was one lesson to learn from this story is that, there aren’t always second chances. Very realistic!


Min Kiseo gave Suk Hyun many chances to try to recuperate Young Shin, but Suk Hyun was too slow in making up his mind

I think there is a contrast between the characters of Min Kiseo and Suk Hyun that is purposely emphasized at key moments in the story. Min Kiseo is not passive. Whenever he tries to “avoid” getting involved because he has been hurt, etc there is something in his nature that pushes him to act, despite his conscious decision to not participate. Suk Hyun tends to avoid, run and/or sleep from his own problems.


Suk Hyun is asleep in his car, while Min Kiseo runs in his

There is a scene when Young Shin is to be transported in an ambulance. The paramedics ask who will accompany the patient. Suk Hyun is about to speak when Min Kiseo leaves him without a chance by answering faster and entering the ambulance! It’s a small but significant scene


And here come some of my favorite conversations between them regarding Young Shin and Bom

MIN KISEO PICKS UP BOM FROM SEOUL He gives Suk Hyun another chance








Tears form in Min Kiseo’s eyes. He is resigned to step aside.





I loved this insult












And he finally remembers he is a father. A little too late buddy!

In the end Suk Hyun came to his senses. But boy did he try our patience! 😀