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Jang Hyuk’s Boxing Philosophy


In “Bad Papa” (currently airing) Jang Hyuk plays Yoo Ji Chul, a former Championship Boxer with a wife and 17 year-old daughter. He’d suffered a number of setbacks in his life and became a Detective, but his heart wasn’t in the job. His life-long passion’s boxing and supporting his estranged family is his number one priority.

Ji Chul finds an opportunity to make money, but resorts to taking stolen pills that are in a testing phase. While deadly to others, the blue pills enhance Ji Chul’s natural abilities to super-heroic proportions within a three-minute window. He not only becomes a hero after saving a family in a bus wreck, he returns full-force to Boxing and wins back his titles, respect, and family.

There’s plenty of dark moral issues to deal with. By taking the pills, Ji Chul’s cheating in the ring big time and lying to his family and friends. He’s covering up murder, and the pills may slowly be killing him.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 5.43.27 AM

One of the blue pill’s not-so-pretty side effects!

Ji Chul’s getting red flags and warnings from all sides to stop, especially from his own twisted conscience, but the lure’s too great…

And that’s where we’ve left off biting our nails for the upcoming episodes!

Most fans know that Jang Hyuk has practiced and excelled in Jeet Kune Do , a form of Martial Arts created by the legendary Bruce Lee. But Jang Hyuk’s also been a semi-professional boxer for just as long. Meaning, while he doesn’t have a career in boxing, it’s more than just a hobby.


(Check out those skills in a gif from Robbers.)

Jang Hyuk’s dream was to play a Boxer, and his wish was granted fully with Bad Papa. But past roles featured boxing as well. In Robbers (2008) Jang Hyuk played Oh Joon, a former boxer turned con-man. The focus isn’t on his old boxing career, however, it’s falling in love and redemption.


He was a boxer in the drama short Old Goodbye with Jang Nara. And lets not forget in the recent Wok of Love he played his character Chil-Sung’s doomed father, appearing on a retro-Boxing poster and in a quick flashback in the boxing ring.

In an interview for The Korea Times after Money Flower ended, Jang Hyuk likened boxing to being on a drama or movie set. He’s carried over boxing principles to help guide him while filming.

“A set is like two actors hiding what they have and facing each other in the ring. Under immense tension, they exchange punches and counter punches. If there is no tension while shooting a drama, how can we expect it to draw viewers?”

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 7.24.59 AM

Ji Chul snaps back to reality after causing his opponent a grave injury.

We all know how Jang Hyuk amps up the tension in any scene. With just a twist of his mouth or a flicker in his eye he deftly reveals the deeper emotions within his characters. No one can ever accuse him of playing cardboard cut-out roles.

One of the biggest lessons he’s learned from boxing is fierce endurance. Even when conditions on the set are troublesome, or he’s exhausted and wants to give up and go home, he continues to fight his way to the end of the film shoot. Jang Hyuk’s passionate about doing his best at all times, and it shows in all his performances.

Read the full interview by Park Jin-Hai at The Korea Times:

“Every film set is my Boxing Ring”


Sep 2015 Filming of Guerilla Date – Fan videos and pics

Hi! Jang Hyuk was seen filming an interview for the show Guerilla Date.  These interviews always take place on the street giving the opportunity to the audience to get close to the stars. Here is a collection of videos and pictures those LUCKY bast… generous people shared on their instagram and twitter.

Credit: caizuanwang on Instagram

And the winner for cutest picture ever is….Credit: awake_in on Instagram

The credit is on the image and it was shared on JH DC Gallery.

It looks like Hyukie liked this photo shop he shared it as well on his instagram. Follow him @ajincome.

JH DC Gallery.

JH DC Gallery.

JH DC Gallery

Credit: minji_4 on Instagram

Credit: awake_in on instagram

Credit: skky_y on Instagram


[Interview] Fated to be an actor, Jang Hyuk creates something out of nothing


written by Kim Eun Young, photo by Kim Il Kwon.
translated by Gumi.

“I have nothing…then, I should make something.”

When you are not a teenager anymore, you realize that it is easier said than done to love and enjoy your own career. But actor Jang Hyuk is accomplishing that for 20 years already, he makes me impressed and curious. Second time interviewing Jang Hyuk, he was still the ‘passionate actor’ who loves his work, and was still emanating his boiling passion. I couldn’t help but ask. What makes your heart beat like this. But his answer was unexpected. “Nothing. If there’s nothing, I should make something.” Here’s a story of Jang Hyuk who creates something out of nothing.

Variety shows, movies, dramas…endless projects could easily wear one out, but ‘flame actor’ Jang Hyuk boasted his energy saying “I’m still in the age when one can chew on steel.” His such battery-like (?) stamina probably is based on his years of work-out, but more importantly it’d be because of his passion that makes him yearn to “run to the filming site, as soon as a project is over.” Jang Hyuk who just finished MBC <Fated to Love You> seemed to have already gotten rid of fatigue from live-shooting. A man who smiles saying he’s grateful and happy that he can do next project, he has colleagues to work with. We heard some behind story from Jang Hyuk, the one fated to be an actor.

*You are working continuously, from a movie to a drama…aren’t you tired? Is it manageable.

Ah, of course. I’m still lively. (laughs) It is tiring, but I love it that I can act. It’s really fun to be able to keep create something When I start a project, I feel like ‘when is this going to be over’ but one week after it’s done, I just want to be back on filming site. How strange. (laughs)

*You returned to rom-com after a long time, and got good responses and ratings was also good. You must have felt relieved.

My last rom-com was SSoBG, so that’s over a decade ago. So I wanted to do a rom-com. But didn’t want to do a cliche boring one. I watched FTLY original, and it felt like ‘old’ classic rom-com. I felt like this kind of classic rom-com might actually be fresh in this era. As we filmed, Nara and director Lee Dong Yoon settled ‘Lee Gun’ character down well. I feel like I’ve met a very rare, great team. I was physically tired because I couldn’t sleep, but mentally excited and entertained. (laughs)”

*The drama was packed with ad-libs. Were they all your idea?

As I analyzed the script, I gave it a lot of thoughts. I tried comedy, and then tried it with seriousness as I practiced. Too funny wouldn’t do, too serious also wouldn’t do…balance was important. Maybe because I’m not good enough for that, but I can’t really do it as the script says. (laughs) There’s something you should do in the position of an actor, so I tried adding some of my creations onto the script. Of course, we discussed it together and built it together.

*Lee Gun’s laughter was very impressive, it got a lot of attention. Some viewers even said the laughter was haunting them. (laughs) How did that laugh get created?

I tried that laugh the first time during our first reading. In movie <Age of Innocence> I got the role ‘Lee Bang Won’, and that characters laughs in front and plans a scheme in the back. While I filmed it I laughed a lot. Of course it’s not the same toned laugh, but as I analyzed LG I just thought what if I laugh like this? so I tried it in the reading and everybody loved it. I didn’t know it will get this much attention. (laughs)

*You worked with JNR again after 12 years. She gave full points to your chemistry, what do you think?

During SSBG time, it was a shame that we were too busy to have any conversation. So I was glad to be able to work with her again. Nara has very good sense. There are some people with whom it just works out well, even if you don’t have prior rehearsal. Nara was like that. It was comfortable.

*In melo acting, breathing with the partner is important. Any know-how for that?

I have two. First is trying to make her want to work with me again. Actor is a job which you have to be constantly ‘picked-up’ by others. I want to make the partner feel like I have potential as an actor. That’s how I can work with her again in next projects to come. Second is to be as nice to my partner as possible. It’s not to gain something from the other, but to be able to walk together. If you open your hearts to each other and walk together, you can have a great teamwork.

*You are in late 30s and still fit to play in a rom-com. Rom-com is a genre that can be harder as you age.

I actually don’t think so, I think rom-com actually fits well more aged actors. Because they know more about love, and are more flexible with life. They have broader range of expressions. I think it will have different charm if I do rom-com again in mid to late 40s. If you look at some foreign films, there are a lot more older actors acting in rom-coms. I think my age is a perfect fit for a rom-com…(laughs)

*Not only the female lead, but you are one of the best actors in terms of chemistry with other actors, main or supporting roles. Do you value ensemble a lot on site.

Of course. Ensemble is what kills and saves an actor. No matter how impressive your acting is alone, if others’ acting around him doesn’t support him that acting can’t survive. Even if Al Pacino came, he wouldn’t be able to lead 20 episodes by himself. You give and take, give and take, and that nurtures the acting. If the supporting actors around don’t give him the exact position, lead actor cannot lead the show alone. I think the ideal ensemble is not 8:2 or 7:3, it’s 5:5.

*You have acted countless characters, do you create them by yourself.

Rather than creation, I think it is understanding and acceptance. When people empathize or get convinced while watching movies are dramas, it’s because they accept the character and the story. When we make relationship with others, it’s important to try to understand them even if they have different personality than me. I look at how that character lived, and try to understand and accept him, and express him through acting.

*You have acted for a long time, acting various projects, genres, characters. Don’t you ever get sick of acting after such long career.

Never. I guess it’s because it’s only been 20 years. Ask me again when it has been 30, 40 years. Right now, I’m at the age when you can chew on steel (laughs).

*Looks like you are all out on everything you do.

My previous acting told me: there’s no one else who doesn’t have anything like you. I don’t have anything now either. I have nothing. When I was a rookie, someone I know told me. ‘Are you as good-looking as Jung Woo Sung? Are you as funny as Cha Tae Hyun? You have nothing.’ It sounded so right. I don’t have anything, so I should create something. In trying to make something, I guess I developed tendency to go all out. My passion is the same as when I just had my debut. My body aged a little. (laughs) I’m just really grateful now. I can go on working on next project, and express yet another character. For an actor, the fact that there’s an next project you can act is a very thankful thing.

Fated to love you – Section TV interview – translation by Gumi


JNR said she was sad but also excited. She was excited about how she will maintain and develop relationship with the people she met thru the drama.

CJH said they had the best atmosphere on the filming site ever.

JH did his Gunnie laugh for everyone.

JNR said staffs and Jang Hyuk sunbaenim all treated her so well, so preciously, just as if they were treating MiYoung.

Q: How do you grade your chemistry with Jang Hyuk out of 100?
JNR: 10,000!

Q: If there’s an offer to work with JNR again?
JH: Oh, sold!

My character was very hyper and up in the air, and Jang Nara made it shine. Without Jang Nara’s realistic acting my character wouldn’t have worked.

Oh and our dear Mr.Park of hamohamo duo…he revealed his top secret. He was supposed to come out only until Ep5….but due to his popularity ended up surviving till Ep20 lol.

Mr. Tak said his thank you to Jang Hyuk for taking care of him.

CJH chose the scene where Daniel turns his car around to send MY off to Gunnie as the most memorable scene.

JNR said “Bed scene?” and laughed. They showed various bed scenes and caption said “Too many be scenes, not sure which one she is referring to…”

JH chose the scene in Jeju island where LG and MY have conversation about fate. How fate is nothing special, it is just loving the person in front of you, etc.

Fated to love you – Wedding BTS and interview – translation by Gumi

English translation of the interview by Gumi

JH: Everytime I finish a drama I feel both happy and sad. This drama…I do feel happy. Cuz we can sleep. But I feel more sad. Including JNR-ssi by my side, I shared such a good time with such good people. I don’t know when I will have another time like this. Now it’s time to leave such good memories behind, I do feel a little sad.

JNR: Yes, I was so happy during filming. Personally, I met a lot of good people. I do feel sad that there won’t be time spent together every day anymore. But I think it’s also a beginning of new relationships. I’m grateful and happy.

Q: Words to Nara
JH: For this drama, I decided to just follow the actress Jang Nara. I followed her and reached Ep 20 in no time. I think it this way. Rather than one actor sticking out and shining alone, when two actors work together well there’s this synergy. JNR-ssi, just as I expected, led me very well. I am finishing filming very happily.

Q: Words to Jang Hyuk
JNR: As I filmed with Jang Hyuk sunbaenim..He says I led him, that’s not true. He was a big tree to me. I hung on that tree, played around that tree…I could depend on him, and he supported me…He just made me work very happy. Not even necessary to comment on his acting…I was really grateful.

Q: To viewers
JH: First want to thank everyone who watched our show until now. It is not easy to open a new genre when you can’t earn the viewers’ empathy. Our drama, in my opinion, was a little bit new in its genre for a romantic comedy. There was something unique in our director’s way, too…I thank the viewers for empathizing in those parts. And what we wanted to deliver was the warmth of family, sort of home-drama feeling, I hope it was well delivered. I just want to say thank you.

JNR: Yes, thank you very much. As I film this drama FTLY, of course there were hard moments, but I think it was one of the best 5(or 10..she said ‘able to count within my fingers’ dunno if she means one or two hands lol) moments in my life. I thank you for sharing these happy moments. I am happy. (thumbs up)

JH&JNR: ;a;elkjf Fated to Love You…(NG lol) (again, in unison) Thank you for loving ‘Fated to Love You’