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Jang Nara interview excerpts – about FTLY and working with JH

I’m reposting some excerpts Gumi translated and posted on Soompi. They are from the time Fated to love you ended.


Gumi’s note: I’m only gonna translate some excerpts….and they will prob be all JH related, call me biased but then most of her interviews somehow included JH anyways……

JNR was asked to choose between Jang Hyuk who acted Lee Gun and Choi Jin Hyuk who acted Daniel Pitt. She said “That was the hottest topic on the filming site as well. If I were MY, I don’t think I would’ve left without doubting when LG pushed me away. I would have tried to figure out and stay by his side.”

She continued by saying “Because I was acting MY, I was feeling MY’s emotions. Only Gunnie oppa was visible to me.”


“But then Daniel is also a lovely, dependable man. Audience does not know about history of this guy and MY, but he stayed by her side for 3 years. That love also cannot be ignored.”

“If the ‘real’ me were to choose…I would be grateful with either one of them. I wish either one of them could just drop in front of me.”

FTLY Jang Na Ra “A perfect score for chemistry with Jang Hyuk…he is an actor who has a lot to learn from”

Jang Nara was asked to grade her chemistry with Jang Hyuk, who she had reunion 12 years after 2002 SBS drama SSoBG. She answered “A perfect score” and showed her affection by saying “It can be even more. It was only possible because I met such a great sunbae.”


Also JNR commented on JH “He’s got a lot to learn from. He has a lot of things I don’t have. I want to learn from him. I told him ‘I want to learn hyung’s acting,’ after the show.”

“If you act with him, you can see. What that person has. It’s like, changing the weapon in RPG game. There’s so much to learn from watching him. On the surface, too, but also in his life. I don’t know that much about his private life but he adores children and is such a family man. He’s a great person to be a role model in every aspect.”


FTLY Jang Na Ra “Half of my character was created by Jang Hyuk”


FTLY Jang Na Ra “Half of my character was created by Jang Hyuk” (he said something similar about her)

Jang Na Ra called her reunion with Jang Hyuk “precious.” She also mentioned twice was not enough, she is looking forward the third time (they soon reunited again for the one episode drama special “Old Goodbye”).


“There’s no better sunbae than Jang Hyuk. I benefited a lot from him. Half of my character, Jang Hyuk created it for me.”

She said “I really want to work with him again. We actually told each other, let’s do an action genre together. I really love action. I want to do a character like ‘Chuno’ Daegil or ‘Damo’ Ha Ji Won’s character.”

JNR “Chemistry with Jang Hyuk…can’t be better. Want another reunion.”

“Even skinship acting was comfortable and natural.”

“Chemistry with Jang Hyuk was great, it just can’t get better. He was the biggest contributor to my character’s completion.”

80% of romantic comedy’s success comes from chemistry between the leads. Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra made a perfect reunion through ‘Fated to Love You’. With deeper acting compared to SSBG and sparking chemistry whenever they meet the eyes, they created sweet and touching ‘snail couple’.


In the interview, Jang Na Ra revealed her satisfaction for chemistry with Jang Hyuk. She also credited him for the completion of her character, and praised highly of his acting.

About her chemistry with Jang Hyuk, she smiled and commented “Can’t be better.” She thanked him by saying “He has chemistry with any other actress as well, but I’m really grateful. Half of MiYoung’s character was created by sunbaenim.”

JNR said “We had good synergy together even during SSBG. We didn’t even talk, but even without discussion prior to rehearsals, it just worked out perfectly between us. This time we talked a lot during filming, and were always in congruence in what we want.”

She said even scenes that require skinship, such as the breast massage scene or bed scenes, were very natural and comfortable.

“I felt comfortable. He naturally reacted. There are some times when you feel super awkward in acting skinship. For example, if I try to link arms and stuff, when I want to act as if it is real, the ‘feelings’ are important. If the partner doesn’t react to it, it becomes cold and stiff. Jang Hyuk reacted very well, it all felt real.” But she added with laugh “But the breast massage scene was indeed hilarious. We were sweating.”


JNR said “Jang Hyuk and I decided to be brothers. I call him ‘hyungnim’. He has a lot to learn from. He has a lot of things I don’t have, so I told him I want to be his brother.” She continued “His acting was very different from mine. It could be his eyes, it could be his way of thinking about characters. In this drama I just went with my own style, but I think I could learn from him in the future.”

Can we expect third reunion from them. She answered “Of course” and smiled. “We told each other we want to do action together. I really love action.”


FTLY Jang Na Ra “The rice-and-barley scene, it was really an innocent intention…”

JNR said “I was so embarrassed for the rice pounding scene filming. But the rice-and-barley scene, we just enjoyed it, we filmed it at once without an NG.”
She commented on the rice-and-barley scene, “I love it that the scene turned out cuter than I thought.”

She added “When we were filming it, we were told the game going in only one direction is boring so we changed the direction. But then there were some other interpretations. I was thrown off too.” She laughed embarrassed laugh and added “I mean when we were filming it, it was an innocent intention…I gasped later.”


To prove that I did read her interviews non-related to JH as well..

Jang Na Ra “Always the same character? I tried to make them different.”


“I don’t choose projects based on whether they overlap with my past projects or not. If you see it from that point, maybe you can say my characters are all the same. Kind, goes through troubles, receives a man’s love. All of them are basically that character except the teacher in ‘School 2013’. But I tried to make those characters that look similar all different. To be honest, I was also never offered a super different character from what I’ve been doing (laughs).”

“Irreplaceable actress? I don’t think so (laughs). I just wish to be an actress who can get on the flow. I want to change little by little, and eventually be able to act something totally different. I don’t care too much about whether my character is same or different. I focus on what I can do at that moment. Every time I act, I wish I can improve. But that’s not an easy task (laughs). I really hope I can continue to grow as an actress.”

“Some people think we got lower ratings than expected, but we got better ratings than I expected. Before the premiere, actors and staff members made a bet with the ratings. We each bet 10,000 won. A lot of people were willing to throw away 10,000 and bet on 20%. I almost nailed the answer, was only off 0.1%. (laughs). Of course it would be nice if our drama gets popularity, but that’s something out of control. My concern is how well can I do my own role. Fortunately our drama had friendly and cheery atmosphere on filming site, where even the youngest staff member with the most work can all smile together. It was a happy experience.”


“MiYoung is an ordinary girl, and it wasn’t easy to express ‘ordinary’-ness through acting. I was worried that when audience sees MY, they won’t see MY as a modern female character. I was worried I won’t be able to deliver MY’s emotions well. So I was a little cautious in acting. I pondered about MY when seen by guys, seen by girls, seen by the production team, and seen by the audience.”



“MY’s emotions was overwhelming, from the beginning to the end. Acting her was a happy experience, but she was too nice that it made it a little hard. When hardships recur, the one acting it also gets tired. Actually, in choosing FTLY, the fantasy of MY played a big role. A woman innocent like a young girl becomes a mother, and loses a child, and gives up everything…I thought I could act variety of emotions there. MY, in reality, would be called a fool. This is a world where a non-fool is the ‘correct’ one. When I had my first meal with directors and writers, we talked about whether it is right that in this world the non-foolish one is the ‘right’ one. The world where a nice person doesn’t get taken advantage of, let’s make that kind of fantasy. That’s what I bear in mind as I acted.”

“To those who say they can feel MY, I’m really grateful. Almost feel like bowing to them. Honestly, in the beginning, I couldn’t sleep from worries. I was very concerned. I tried my best to love MY, and tried not to act anything fake. I’m not a very ‘skill’ful actress to begin with, but I tried not to use any ‘skill’ in acting MY.”

And then some more thanking and praising Jang Hyuk that I already translated in previous posts…

JNR in some ways is already past the marriage age. She is already in mid-thirties. Not a young age covered by her baby face. When asked about marriage she shyly laughed.

“Haha. I didn’t expect myself to be alone by this age either. On the filming site, Jang Hyuk sunbaenim, the director, and my manager–they are all born in 1976. Those three became my mentors. Every day my thought changes. Sometimes I want to marry, sometimes I don’t even want to date, sometimes I want to date. Those three are giving me some life counseling and making me feel comfortable. Honestly, I don’t want to date right now. I don’t know what to do about marriage either. Acting is fun. I was always happy acting, but recently it became even more fun. I guess I’m not too into marrying right now (laughs). It’s a groundless plan, but I want to marry at 37. That’s only a plan.”

À峪¶ó ÀÎÅͺä
Sometimes, ordinary can become extraordinary. Like Jang Na Ra.
(excerpts, not the whole interview)

“Kim Mi Young was different from my personality, could get loved because of JH sunbae”

Q. I think Kim Mi Young and Jang Na Ra would have a lot in common
A. Not really. (laughs) She was so different from me, it was hard. I can be pretty mean sometimes, you know. I do also ‘calculate’. It was hard to act someone different from me, but on filming site everyone was treating me like they would treat MiYoung, so I could naturally become MY. Our director said that our filming site is something he wouldn’t be able to see again in 50 years, the atmosphere was just that good.

Q. It’s your second time working with Jang Hyuk after SSoBG. How was the reunion with JH
A. He treated me so well, it couldn’t possibly be better. He taught me a lot, as well. I’m so thankful. I think Jang Hyuk created MiYoung’s character for me. With him, our acting just matched together even without prior discussion. We decided to be brothers. He has something I don’t have, I want to learn more from him as I treat him as my big bro. I want to do action genre with him next time. (laughs)

Q. I know you met with Choi Jin Hyuk before as well. How was it to work with him.
A. CJH is a friend-like dongsaeng that I knew from long time ago. He came over to our home and played go-stop together before. There were a lot of hardships during filming as well, but he endured it so well, I was impressed. It was fun to act with him.

Q. What is the goal JNR wants to achieve as an actress?
A. I want to do a role that I can shine as an unmarried woman. If I marry, there will be different emotions I can understand, so I hope I can get fitting role at that time. I don’t have a specific goal, but I want to do acting that goes beyond my limit. For roles I want to try, there’s Ha Ji Won’s role in ‘Damo’ or Go Hyun Jung’s role in ‘Hit’. My characters so far required me to get rid of energy, I want to try some roles that are brimming with energy.

Q. Korean fans always couldn’t get enough of your presence. Do you plan to continue working in Korea?
A. I don’t have decided project in China right now. I think what’s more important than where I work is what can I do. Working in China was definitely a good experience. Since I don’t speak the language, it allowed me to focus more on acting itself. Even though I don’t understand the lines, if I focus on other actors’ eyes and expressions, I could get what they were saying. Acting is all about reading others’ eyes, so I think it was helpful.

Q. Jang Na Ra experienced a lot of changes after debut, but they say her face looks the same.
A. Not true. There was a lot of changes in terms of my face as well. It took me so long to look like a woman. I hope by next year I would look more feminine. Before, I looked fresh but unripe. As I age and lose baby fat, I think my face is fitting my age. What I felt especially grateful about during filming this drama was hearing that I looked feminine. I earned some confidence. (laugh)

Q. You’ve been acting for 13 years already. Any know-how for your mind control?
A. My motto is to ‘give my best’. When I was young I patted myself, telling myself “this is enough” but later I realized it was very arrogant. ‘Enough’ is my own standard. I try to set the bar high and give my best. Give my best, but I hope my acting always improve every time I do it. Before I easily complained and didn’t know how to be grateful. After I aged, I realized it was such a grateful thing that I was kept given opportunities to act.
(Here, I realize how similar Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk are……most famous quote by Jang Hyuk is “I was keep failing auditions, and I couldn’t understand why. I was working very hard in my standard. And one day it struck me, ‘Ah! I need to get rid of ‘in my standard” I just need to work hard, give it all I can.”)

Some more quotes from JNR interviews…some of them were already mentioned but are in different phrasing, or are in more details.

“Seeing Jang Hyuk, I felt like seeing someone in RPG game who has many different weapons and could easily switch between them.”

“I don’t know much about his private life, but looks like he’s a great father and husband. He adores children, dotes on his wife, he fits to be a role model in every aspect.”


-Jang Hyuk’s UMHAHAHAHAHA laugh was a big hit. Didn’t that comic laugh cause some NG?

“Jang Hyuk is a really funny person. It’s like he hid is comic soul in his intestines. If you just leave him alone, he could fill up a full hour with his ad-libs. In the beginning, I broke out in laughter and caused some NGs, but later I tried desperately to focus.”

-Wasn’t it hard for an unmarried woman to act motherhood including pregnancy and miscarriage?

“I already acted a mother of twins twice in China. And mother’s instinct is something what all women can relate to even if you’are unmarried, so it wasn’t acting motherhood that was hard, it was hard to endure all the things happening to MY. When she had miscarriage, I felt like the world was breaking down on me.”

“I really enjoyed being at our filming site. It was said to be ‘a filming site you won’t be able to see again in 50 years’. Everybody was happy and affectionate. Every one of them adored me and treated me as MY. I did try actively to love this character, but because everybody else loved her, she could be completed.”


“With Jang Hyuk, we had good team work even back in SSoBG time. We didn’t share a single word of private chat, but Jang Hyuk was so good in reacting to me. This time we had plenty of conversations about the drama and what we want, so it was even better team work. We decided to be brothers after the show, I want to stay close with him and learn from his character analysis, the expression of his eyes, how he delivers lines, and other things.”

“Honestly, kind characters, characters who succeed in both love and career, I’ve always been doing those. Except for ‘School’ I’ve been doing pretty much similar roles without huge change. But I tried to make them slightly different. I do want to act something totally different, but I’m not too obsessed for that change.”

“In my early 20s, I was perplexed by comments saying ‘she always does same roles’. I was rushed and stressed. Now that I know I will continue acting, I’m more at ease. It’s not like I’m the hot trendy star now. If I risk a total transformation, I think my strength can also be ruined. ‘She is doing this project now’ I hope people would just think that and watch me with patience. Then, I do have confidence that I can do many things.”

Jang Hyuk on Kim Sun Ah’s facebook update


“Hyukie who worked so hard for Gunnie!

It was a random coincidence to walk into you, but it was so nice seeing you! Long time no see! Still so handsome, kyah~

Always someone to thank, someone to learn a lot from, someone who puts endless efforts!

Hope to see each other for a long long time~ just as we’ve been doing until now!

Whenever, wherever!! I will always support you^^”

Aw, so cute. For those of you who didn’t know this yet, Jang Hyuk and Kim Sun Ah have been friends forever. They were in same company as rookie actors, have known each other since before debut.

KSA has mentioned JH on her SNS before too…

She mentioned that she was having a hard time after her drama, feeling empty. And her old friend gave her a call and it helped her a lot. People were asking who it was and this was her answer.

“The one  who walked together with me since debut until now…an actor I respect! The only one who hasn’t changed a bit since rookie time. His eyes, his behavior, his heart…The only actor who didn’t change a bit and is running and running until now!

Oops I kind of already answered the question…So here’s the answer. The answer is..I’m sure you might have guessed, but it is actor Jang Hyuk!”

Chuno: The Daegil appreciation post

I recently joined a group on Facebook dedicated to the drama Chuno. If you are an avid user of Facebook and a fan of Chuno, I highly recommend it. This group will keep you updated on news about Chuno’s cast, such as Oh ji Ho, Lee Da Hae, and obviously our Jang Hyuk but more importantly, they keep the love for this wonderful drama alive! Yes! In that little haven, Chuno lives forever so you can indulge in your obsession for all eternity lol! No, but seriously, the main reason to join, is that this group of fans, is a seriously cool bunch 😉 Our Lady G is a member so, that says it all, right? JOIN HERE NOW

As a little present for our new friends I wanted to post this quotes that Gumi translated for us. These are quotes from Chuno’s writer, the director and KBS Drama President about Jang Hyuk and his role in creating Daegil. It gives us some insight as to what contributed to make Chuno, so special. A wonderful committed actor, and the creatives who recognize talent, embrace it and let it shine.

Chuno script with notes

Chuno script with notes from Jang Hyuk (can he be more nerdy? ;))

Writer Chun Sung Il 

Can you comment on Jang Hyuk’s acting?

At the beginning, there was a point. A point and another point meet to form a line. The line meets another line and form a plane, and another plane, and another. Daegil was a line in my head and became a plane on the script. Jang Hyuk made Daegil three dimensional. No, he did more than that!

Sounds like the highest complement you can give as a writer. Can you give an example?

There was certain moments I felt Jang Hyuk was a real good actor. This actor Jang Hyuk, changed the feeling or order of wording on the script. The most heart piercing lines in “Chuno” all went through Jang Hyuk’s revision. There was a line “I will live with you forever” and Jang Hyuk switched it to “I will live forever..with you”. Jang Hyuk didn’t “act” Daegil, he became Daegil.

Director Kwak Jung-Hwan 

After the casting, when we had the first meeting, he (Jang Hyuk) already had all the lines memorized. We were trying to do pre filming so there were already 8 episodes of script out, and he memorized them all. That is the first time he surprised me. And as the filming went on,Jang Hyuk was pondering about every scene at every moment, even more than the director, to the point of almost embarrassing the director. He pondered not only about the character of Daegil but about the overall flow, and what kind of emotion Daegil should carry at that particular point of the overall flow.

KBS Drama President Lee Eung Jin

There is a saying “You get crazy, only if you are crazy”. In Chuno, the one who got crazy because he is crazy was Jang Hyuk. Compliments can make a whale dance, and it can make an actor “crazy”. Attracted by the writer’s script and the director’s picture audience started sending compliments and Jang Hyuk started dancing like a killer whale and his eyes started revealing crazy passion. Seeing Jang Hyuk acting now, we can all feel that he is crazy for his slave hunter Daegil.

Kim Sun-Ah talks about her friendship with Jang Hyuk


Awwww this is so cute! I had no idea Kim Sun-Ah (My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, City Hall) was a good friend of our Jang Hyuk. In a recent interview, promoting her movie “The Five” Kim Sun-Ah talked about their friendship

Here is the full interview in korean


“Jang Hyuk an I had our debut around the same time. He is my oldest best co-worker. He often offers me help and support”.

“We don’t talk or see each other that often, but do depend on each other. Jang Hyuk is also the only one who visited our ‘The Five’ filming site twice”.

“He is an old friend of mine and he is also close with Ma Dong-Suk. When we were filming ‘The Five’ in Bucheon, Jang Hyuk who was filming Iris 2 near, suddenly paid a visit. Not only me, but he also knew well, some of the staff members including the lighting director. He has worked with them in Volcano High, so he stopped by”.

“Jang Hyuk is just a natural born good person”.

Now I’d love to see them together in a drama or movie 😀