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Age of Innocence aka Empire of Lust – Teaser 1 and poster

Ok I’m very excited! This movie is looking very good already. On the first teaser we can see the characters played by Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Hyuk and Kang Ha Neul.

I love that Lee Bang Won already has a completely different energy in relation to other JH characters.

Let’s hope the best for this movie will premiere on March.


Vogue April 2014 – Jang Hyuk, Desperate Man – Photos and Interview excerpts


Thanks to Zoi from Just…Jang Hyuk blog for the photo and Gumi for the translation. I really like the first quote even though we don’t have much context for it. Also, he revealed that he will play the role of Lee Ban Wong in the movie Age of Innocence 🙂

“I don’t think age matters. Even in 40s, 50s, you will feel exactly the same as teenagers. But unlike kids who play superman not knowing it’s dangerous, adults know that it hurts when you fall, so they become cautious.”

Q: You really film without resting
A: People in other careers, they work every day unless they apply for vacation, right? To me, filming site is my work place. And it’s not like I film every day. I’m also kind of used to it, so I can find myself enough time to rest.

Q: You enjoy working?
A: Except the time I spend with my family, I enjoy my time in filming site the most. Because actors I meet in filming sites are the most realistic. I watch them acting through monitor, and get their reactions to mine. That is a great privilege.

(after talking about how he used to impulsively start walking to airport when he was young)

Q: Do you still want to randomly go on a trip these days?
A: I could go if I wanted to, but I know now what places have what kind of feelings. I don’t feel the special need to go on a trip. But what’s fun about filming site is, it’s kind of like a trip. I’m going there to act, but if I get some music prepared as I get on car, it becomes really nice. And sometimes we stay somewhere for a couple of days, and I get to look around when I’m not filming. While filming Chuno I was really impressed. Wow, there were such places in Korea! It’s just not well-known, but there are a lot of nice places in Korea

Q: I heard your next movie is also historical. You’ll get to go on nice trips again!
A: Not really, because now I’m in higher class. In historical films, the lower your class is, the more places you go. My role is Lee Bang Won before he becomes a king. Its setting is “War of Princes” in early Chosun. I could move around people with my single finger, so I guess I won’t be moving much.