Jang Hyuk attends Oh Ji Ho’s wedding

Today was Oh Ji Ho’s wedding, our dear Song TaeHa in Chuno. Hyukie is very busy promoting his movie Thorn, but he made time to be with his good friend on this important day of his life. Here are some photos and videos of these beautiful men



20140412-015250.jpg 20140412-015153.jpg 20140412-015137.jpg

THE GROOM Oh Ji Ho got emotional and shed some tears. That was so sweet 20140412-015526.jpg


15 responses to “Jang Hyuk attends Oh Ji Ho’s wedding

  1. always be fan oh ji ho ;>

  2. oh, i just remember something. the one thing that i like also (well i like everything about him. LOL) is his mole on his neck. and do you guys know, from what i read it’s said ppl who have mole there is very loving and caring. i really have no doubt about that. kkkk

  3. that Hyukie mane of glory really suit him well. *sinking in love deeper.

  4. This really nice pic was on Han Cinema today. It’s similar to the first one. http://www.hancinema.net/photos/photo425220.jpg

  5. they both look so good!! thank you for sharing! ^^

  6. I don’t mean to spam your comments, but I just noticed Oh Ji Ho’s boutonniere is a white peony. Another lovely flower (and they smell so nice).

  7. His style make me think of a French artist

  8. Now, DramaFan, I know you feel all my logic disappears when it comes to judging Hyukie’s style. I personally really like his shoes with this outfit and I think his hair is well styled.

  9. Yes, thank you very much for sharing these clips and videos. The cherry blossoms make such a beautiful backdrop for these photos.

  10. So beautiful! Our Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho and his lovely bride. I wish them all the best. Thanks for posting more pics!

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