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Kdrama Robber (2008) Review – Don’t underestimate this drama

Amazing review of this underrated gem of a drama 😊👏❤️


Look at this man. I mean, really look at him.


Now, imagine this; So you meet this man. He looks at you gently and smiles. What do you do? There he is, talking to you softly, making you feel special. He’s attractive, charming with a good job. He’s interested in you. He thinks you are beautiful. You go on several dates with this man. He tells you that you remind him of his older sister who passed away some time ago. He wants to protect you the way he was unable to protect his sister.


You can’t help but gaze into his eyes and admire his beautifully chiseled face. You are both getting closer. You trust him. Why wouldn’t you trust him? He’s honest, caring and very respectful. He kisses you softly and your heart melts…. Meeeeelting…!

Now guess what? He’s a jerk! Wait, no. Jerk is too gentle. He’s a womanizer…

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Robber(2008) – Kwon Oh Joon’s variety of jobs

Please don’t miss these priceless gifs by Ahjussi Fan 😋❤️👍

Ahjussi Fan

Holla! Do you know Kwon Oh Joon?

A swindler, conman, I hate him very much, but not after he fall in love with Jin Dal Rae. Determined to leave all the bad past behind, he took a variety of jobs to support his living.

1. Babysitter

2. Maid

3. Street Entertainer

4. Teaching Martial art

But what the others didn’t know, was his secret job.

5. Saving the world

:p Okay, Robber’s fan, don’t get angry with me. I do this for fun only. /o/ \o\

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Robbers – Once I get in, I don’t want to get out – Spazz Recap

I’m going crazyyyyy (pulling my hairs, kdrama style). Remember I had started rewatching Robbers, doing captures and gifs? but then, August 2013 happened, and Jang Hyuk super busy schedule didn’t allow Gumi and I to breathe. We were posting posting posting all the news. Later, Real Men and other things got in the way of my Robbers. I got so distracted that I even considered, rewatching Thank You first, and resume Robbers later. I was so determined to do this, that I even lend my Robbers DVD’s to a friend (who coincidentally just finished watching Thank You) and of course, not having my DVD’s with me is making me crave Robbers like crazy!

So! I found a draft of a post that I had started before! It’s a sort of recap. I highlight this scene because it has some of my favorite and most romantic dialogues from Oh-Joon. This scene is on Ep 9 and for those who have not watched the series  BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.48.20 AM

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Robbers – Oh-Joon and Dal-Lae – Doorstep kiss

If anyone ever has any doubts about whether Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-Hae have chemistry, he/she only needs to be pointed to this post (and also to Chuno)

The kiss is not that long, but now that I dissected it through video, caps and gif I could prove that it is “real” (meaning, lips are touching, no kiss on the chin trick going on etc)

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Robbers – Oh-Joon meets Soon-Dae – Cuteness overload warning!

Warning: Your computer might experience a cuteness overload and your sugar levels might rise suddenly after watching these. Proceed with caution!

If you borrow these gifs, we will appreciate it if you credit to our blog. Thank you 😌

Oh-Joon (Jang Hyuk) not only fell in love with Dal-Lae (Lee Da Hae), he fell in love with her “universe” and part of that universe was Soon Dae, Dal-Lae’s daughter. These two connected right away 😀


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