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Robbers – Once I get in, I don’t want to get out – Spazz Recap

I’m going crazyyyyy (pulling my hairs, kdrama style). Remember I had started rewatching Robbers, doing captures and gifs? but then, August 2013 happened, and Jang Hyuk super busy schedule didn’t allow Gumi and I to breathe. We were posting posting posting all the news. Later, Real Men and other things got in the way of my Robbers. I got so distracted that I even considered, rewatching Thank You first, and resume Robbers later. I was so determined to do this, that I even lend my Robbers DVD’s to a friend (who coincidentally just finished watching Thank You) and of course, not having my DVD’s with me is making me crave Robbers like crazy!

So! I found a draft of a post that I had started before! It’s a sort of recap. I highlight this scene because it has some of my favorite and most romantic dialogues from Oh-Joon. This scene is on Ep 9 and for those who have not watched the series  BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.48.20 AM

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Robbers – Oh-Joon carries Dal-Lae – gifs

  • Trying to resist the urge to gif every Jang Hyuk scene in Robbers
  • Failing
He looks like a hero, but he is the one who made her "fall"

He looks like a hero, but he is the one who made her “fall”

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