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“Please Teach Me English” Korean Movie Review

You can now watch this funny movie on DramaFever. Please read another great review by Zhaoul from kdramadreamer blog



So, I’ve been watching Chuno, and it’s intense to say the least, so I needed to temporarily switch gears into something light-hearted and short. Since I’m enjoying my Jang Hyuk obsession right now, I thought I should check out this 2003 Romantic Comedy “Please Teach Me English”.

Now, I didn’t have high expectations when I made the decision to watch this movie. I read some reviews on it and I actually held off watching it because it didn’t seem like it was all that popular or great. 

I try to be objective with reviews, but I must admit, I’m quite bias. If I like an actor, or director, I tend to turn a blind eye at some obvious flaws. Anyways, I’ll try to make the review fair, but everyone will have different opinions in the end.

Quick Sypnopsis: Na Young-ju and Mun-su are both taking the same English class to learn to…

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