Thorn/Innocent Thing: Stream of Consciousness Review

This is what I wrote on DC Jang Hyuk gallery after watching the movie, and I just translated it. It contains a lot of spoilers, and assumes readers have watched the movie. Junki=Jang Hyuk character, YoungEun=high school girl, SeoYeon=Junki’s wife.

Unfortunate that I didn’t get to see JH in person….but I really enjoyed Thorn (Innocent Thing) the movie itself. Almost doubting my own taste lol. I watched it
with a Chinese friend and she also enjoyed it immensely so we were trying to watch it again that night but couldn’t find it playing in the right time in the right
place…so I watched it by myself once again the next day and we came back.

So the beauty…..the beauty…….SeoYeon was pretty, YoungEun was totally a doll, and Junki omfg Junki’s explosive beauty….Minju? was that the fellow
teacher’s name? she was handsome lol. There were only four actors and all those four were beautiful. JuHee was also young and cute…the movie was
definitely an eye candy.

And I wasn’t bored while watching the movie. I read the whole script before watching, but still wasn’t bored. Maybe cuz I could see the characters’ emotion
visually…actors’ acting was amazing, all three of them.


SeoYeon doesn’t care that much about YE in the beginning, and then starts to mind her, and then gets outrageous. I felt that Seon Woo Sun was a great
actress. At least to me, every single scene was convincing. In the beginning she was all lovey dovey to Junki and I felt like, oh she really loves her husband
that’s why they got married, and this is what I didn’t particularly felt in the script. And that emotion made her hostility towards YE more convincing later. She
was all serious and nervous with MinJu, a close friend, about her husband’s issue, so when she started to doubt about YE it wasn’t stoppable. From the
moment she thought YE had sex with him, things totally got out of control.


Some people criticized that the wife’s action at the last was too much and not convincing at all, but I felt differently. At that point, the wife saying “Honey, release” was understandable. It wasn’t morally right in any sense, but I don’t think the character became less convincing because of that. It was not just any random moment, it was right after when YoungEun tried to kill her.


YoungEun tried to steal her husband, whom she loved so much that her dream was to build a family with him, and she kidnapped the baby so dear to her and her dream, and she just tried to drown her, putting her in the water tank and coldly closing and locking the door. She just experienced the terror of water rising up and not being able to get out, so it’s ridiculous to expect her to be in sane and moral state. She’s a human, and I feel like she could easily feel ‘I want that bitch to die’ at that point. It’s also not like she got a knife herself to stab YE. YE jumped herself and SY being like, I’m sick of her let’s leave her to die, that was convincing to me. After YE fell, SY trembled and was totally outta mind, muttering ‘we didn’t do anything, she jumped, you tried to save her, we didn’t do anything.’ That felt also pretty real to me.


YoungEun, on the other hand, is the least ‘real’ character I’d say…but then that should be excused, since the main theme of the movie is her extreme obsession. Movies are not necessarily portrayal of reality, it’s kind of like the caricature of the reality. It captures some aspects and exaggerates, recreates. Anyways, YE might have caused ‘wth, what the fuck is wrong with her’ reaction, but I don’t think it was to the extent that she totally lost all the audience. She indeed was pretty obsessive to begin with, but in the beginning it was closer to the first love butterflies. Her eyes were shining. And then it turns into extreme obsession and her eyes become empty…just as JH said, it felt like ‘addiction’. Made us question, what changed this kid like this. As JH said in interviews, if it was unilateral emotion, this kid wouldn’t have turned out this way. There was definitely something bilateral (and the director kinda failed in showing this).


Junki was not that dynamic character, so rather than seeing his character changing greatly, I saw more interesting details in scenes that showed his character. When they were playing the dodge ball, YE is avoiding the ball pretty well and Junki smiles at that and starts to throw it stronger and stronger. That shows his competitiveness, athlete in him.

Innocent.Thing_00028 Innocent.Thing_00029

When he is talking to his old friends, he cusses a lot too. Altho now Junki is all tangled with reality, these details show how Junki originally was, makes us imagine how he would have been at his young ‘fearless’ (as he described his past self) time.


I also enjoyed all his smoking scenes. At first he cautiously smokes with chopsticks (he was freakin cute here) becuz his wife doesn’t want him to smoke.


And then, in frustrating situations that’s driving him crazy, he just smokes with his hand on terrace. At last, he openly smokes in school with all the kids seeing him. His smoking scenes showed how Junki was struggling from suffocating reality.

Thorn_junki_smokes1 Thorn_junki_smokes2

Anyways I enjoyed watching all three characters, and could feel them. The least sympathetic one is YoungEun, but I felt her at the last roof top scene. She’s a crazy bitch that will never be understandable with brain, but at that moment, u know, heart rings. Oh she really loved him, regardless of how crazy her deeds are, at least her emotion was pure, she just purely loved him.


Anyways I did like overall characters and emotions. I think I enjoyed it more than The Flu lol. And there’s good acting, great beauty…But if there’s one thing that could improve, I feel like most of what I felt probably didn’t really get thru the audience, and that probably suggests the movie is not too well-made. I feel like there are some stuffs that I could understand becuz I read the scenario, and probably couldn’t get if I only watched the movie. I feel like the directing could’ve been better…it wasn’t too audience friendly.

First of all, there’s some ‘oldness’ in the way he films. Like, transitioning with dark cloudly sky, or Junki watching rugby and in the TV monitor YE appearing…that scene, I literally laughed cuz it was too bad lol. But I don’t think that’s not that important. He also filmed other scenes really pretty. And if the overall story is interesting, whether the filming technique is old or trendy is not that big of a matter.

But then overall, the movie lacks explanation. I know a lot of people criticized that the movie doesn’t connects well between scenes. To certain extent, the director probably meant it. For example the scene where Junki and YE goes on amusement park date. It didn’t have any explanation before that, it was just juxtaposed with YE’s narration of her blog post.

Innocent.Thing_00087 Innocent.Thing_00086

On the script, it originally was YE asking Junki to go on a date, if he goes with her she will keep quiet for the rainy day thing. These things all get cut out, so the audience feel like events in the movies are not so reasonable. But this scene, I feel like the director intended it. When the date scenes are juxtaposed with narration, audience get confused, is it real? or is it imagination? And the director could’ve intended that confusion.


The scenes looked so happy that they did look like imagination. But then even with getting that effect, he could’ve cleared it up later. When Junki begs YE to “Stop this” later, he could’ve said “We said we would end it when we went to the amusement park” or something like that. To the audience who understood the date scenes as imagination (my friend thought so), when Junki said “let’s stop this”, they go like “stop what? what have u guys been doing??” and get lost.


Overall there are too much blanks that audience have to fill in themselves. He cut off too much that more than giving audience the freedom of imagination, it made some scenes utterly useless. For example, where Junki gets totally drunk and walks back home with Minju. Junki mutters “tellin ya, my heart jumped~” and falls down and stuff, but that scene he filmed in high angle, it doesn’t convey any other message than ‘Junki is drunk’ to audience. Originally it’s supposed to be the most important statement, that his heart jumped. Junki admits that his own heart jumps at YE, and that totally changes the whole emotional line of the movie.


As some other people pointed out, there’s this one scene deleted that shouldn’t have been deleted. The scene where Junki drinks with Minju and have a conversation. There’s a still cut from that scene, so they apparently filmed it, and I have no clue why the director deleted it. I think that’s the most important scene for Junki’s character. My heart jumps for that girl. Junki admitted that, and whether audience understands that or not totally changes the whole movie. The movie audience watched was, YE is just a crazy girl with crazy obsession that’s torturing Junki, Junki just was seduced on a rainy day by this sexy high school girl and kissed her, and he kept try to push her away after that but his life is already screwed.


So when Junki cries at the last scene, audience go like ‘why the hell is he crying?’ and doesn’t feel him. But then actual Junki, at least the Junki on script, and Junki as JH understood, was definitely attracted to YoungEun and acknowledged that he himself was attracted to YE. Becuz Junki was attracted to YE, YE sensed it too, and thinking ‘teacher loves me too’ took her to next level. (JH said in the interviews that if it was unilateral emotion, YE never would’ve crossed the line. It was bilateral and that’s what drove her there). Junki knew he was attracted, but the reality didn’t allow him to be attracted, so he pushed her away even harder.


Because their bilateral attraction wasn’t shown well in the movie, the last scene was less convincing to the audience. And becuz Junki’s attraction was not expanded, the movie’s main theme itself got diluted. The movie is not only about a crazy girl’s love. It’s also about the urge to escape ordinary life, infatuation, heart jumping, etc. but then seems like it wasn’t delivered well and I think that’s becuz the director failed to show Junki’s emotions. To Junki, YoungEun IS the infatuation, escapation, and heart beat. He gets diminished in front of his in-laws, feels bored in the occupation as a teacher that doesn’t fit him, was following his dream but was forced to retire due to responsibility, and now he sees another chance to pursue his dream but can’t becuz of the responsibility as a father…



The movie sets up Junki’s frustration situations. But then it doesn’t mix in well with the main story plot, feels like they are all just separate. Originally, these frustrating situations should contrast YoungEun’s fresh and reckless energy, her innocence that doesn’t consider anything other than love (I have a wife/I know, I’ll forgive you/I’ll have a child soon, too/I know that too, I’ll forgive you), and that contrast will bring out the feeling of ‘attracted to YE=infatuation, escapation’. But then Junki’s attraction wasn’t delivered well, thus the connection doesn’t get made, so the audiene only gets ‘wow YE is crazy’ kind of feeling.

So my biggest problem with the movie is that it didn’t show Junki’s attraction to YE well. It’s not like the movie didn’t show it at all, I did feel it here and there. In the mirror park, the subtle smile Junki has…


How he remained silent when YE asked him, ‘But your heart jumped’. How he cries at the last scene. How he stares at YoungEun during ending credit, how YoungEun is portrayed super lovely in his view. But then it would’ve been better if audience didn’t have to look for these clues and conclude that he’s attracted, it would’ve been better if it was shown so that most audience would catch it. According to JH’s interviews, it’s obvious that JH’s interpretation was definitely that Junki was attracted to YoungEun. He mentioned several times that it’s bilateral, also talked a lot about urge to escape reality….but then it wasn’t shown well in the movie. He has mentioned that Junki he saw as a man in 30s, and Junki the director saw as a man in 50s, were different. If I say since Junki is a man in 30s, they should’ve followed JH’s interpretation… it too shallow, lol. But I really do tink so. A man in his 30s, it’s the age where he knows the weight of promise and responsibility, when he has to compromise with the reality, but it’s also the age where the fire in his heart hasn’t quite died out yet, it’s not so far away from the age where he was reckless and passionate. Because there was still that fire in Junki’s heart, and that fire was locked up and didn’t know where to go, this whole movie started. Too bad that it didn’t deliver well.

Anyways, it was a long stream of consciousness, but in the end, I enjoyed the movie. I just wished more people could enjoy the movie as I did….But Jang Hyuk’s character interpretation is always exactly to my taste. And the beauty, oh the beauty. Junki’s beauty is legendary….Especially at the last scene where he extends his hand and says ‘YoungEun-ah, take my hand’, his eyes shine in light brown and it was almost holy, oh my Junki.


PS. some stuffs that were on script and wasn’t in the movie.
There was a scene in the beginning where YE kisses a boy (student) and Junki gets mad.

Junki buys YE steak (they filmed it, there’s still cuts from it) and tells her he won’t see her any more, YE goes to bathroom and throws up, and Junki imagines himself softly stroking her back but decides not to, decides to just turn away and leave.

When YE declares she’s gonna sleep over at Junki’s house, originally Junki said no you can’t, and took her back to her house. Finds out YE’s house lock number is Junki’s birthday. When they entered YE’s house, it was empty, no one was there, and they only had memorial rituals for YE’s dead mom. Mom’s dead, dad doesn’t live here. Junki feels bad for YE and takes her back to his house.


When Junki drinks with Minju, he says “My heart jumped. For the first time in my life, my heart jumped…” when they walk back home he says “Minju~~ I’m sorry~~” and Minju says that’s not something you should be sorry to me, and he says, then who do I apologize? Headmaster? YoungEun? My students? No, the whole students? No no, the entire village. Yes! The entire nation! I’m sorry, I’m son of a bitch!! and then he later says Minju…can’t I just breathe?

There was more tension between Minju and Seoyeon over Junki. SY says “You liked him, didn’t you” to Minju.

When Junki begs YE to stop all this, there was more to the dialogue. Junki tells YE that the world isn’t that simple, you don’t live it alone, there’s family, friend, neighbors, law, and everything. YE answers, You breathe alone, the heart beats by itself. Junki says, you can do it all alone so why do you need me? and YE says, I don’t need you, I love you.

Junki calls YE’s father to talk about YE, but then he can’t reach YE’s father at all.
There are more, but these are scenes I found interesting that wasn’t in the movie.

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  1. Hi! I just found this movie and already watch the movie a few hours ago,fyi i shocked known this movie made in 2014, but now its 2019 and this movie is pleasantlygood and i cant stop watching it, thank you for the review it help me a lot to understand more about all character, i really enjoy reading and stalking this blog, thanks to you now im a fan of jang hyuk ahjussi, and can you or anybody who read this comment plz sent me the original scrip? I really want to read it an reimagine the movie, thank you very much

  2. Never written to a blog before, but had to say that I am thrilled to have found you! See so much stuff with JH, but with no Eng subs, esp. things from years past — so many interviews where he’s saying a lot that I’d like to understand. Anyway, thank you for having the most complete compilation of his work that I’ve every seen. Seen many of his tv series, and am discovering his older works. Just watched Volcano High without Eng subs and read the plot on Wikipedia. Saw that it was dubbed by Kung Faux and voiced (I think) by such songsters as Snoop Dog. Tried to check it out on line, but am wary of downloading sites I’m not familiar with. Anyway, saw that there was a Kung Faux that had 10 episodes, but couldn’t find out if Volcano High was actually one of them. I would prefer to hear the real thing anyway, but was hoping to see it in a language I could understand. Plz let me know if there is one w/ Eng subs or if you are brave enough to check it out, if this Kung Faux is really worth looking into. On another note, If you are not turned off by risqué material, recommend His Concern, one of the short stories that make up 5 Senses of Eros. Also, plz update his bio to show his award won for Money Flower. Lastly, just been reading this blog for the first time today, and wondered if there was ever a US fan meet set up. I’m up for it! Plz keep me posted on possibilities. Going to Korea for the first time next month for a short visit, and would be in heaven if I ran into him! Thanks! :)suz

    • Hi Suzie, thank you for being here! We are not as active as we wish we could on this blog but Gumi and I still love Hyukie very much. I will update his bio as soon as I get a chance. If you are a US fan I invite you to the FB group Jang Hyuk US Fans where you can connect with other fans in the US. It’s very active. Just search for it on FB and join us.

  3. Hi,
    I just watched the movie a hours ago. I didn’t know it was cut that much and it also gave another POV. I wished the film ended up everything was made up by YE and everything just inside her head but the way SY did to YE as she dreamt about the baby and they hadn’t had sex. Btw, she is clearly a psychopath to me ( not just crazy). I have so many question does YE ever have a baby or just her imagination? it is sad with the ending that Junki was crying on the bench after through the sport wear which YE used once. It annoyed me that it was love or lust to him? After all , they live in hell with emptiness and torture til the rest of their lives ;(

  4. wow, such an amazing riview..
    I just found this film but has not been able to understand it well, can i have the script too, please..

  5. Hello. I just watched this movie last night, and after reading your review, I felt sad knowing that there are scenes that were not included in the movie. May I know where can I read the full script? I as well want to understand this movie in a deeper sense. Thank you so much 🙂

  6. Where can i watch the deleted scene(s) in the beginning where YE kisses a boy (student) and Junki gets mad?
    Or i cannot?

  7. Hi Gumi, i watched this again last night (3rd time) as i felt i have not done “justice” to Hyukssi’s work. This movie is beautiful simply bcos there was good portrayal of the characters but the director was bad, bad, bad. He cut off scenes and dialogs that makes sense, i dont know what his aim was to delete those (perhaps society rules that you shld not produce a movie that supports student/teacher relationship??? or he was anticipating the public response if he didnt???) and it resulted in confusion in the audience.

    What made sense to me and tied the flow was when YE said to SY that “teacher dont look this happy and like this now” when YE showed her the wedding photos. That was when i saw SY’s reaction that she knew that the relationship was more than infatuation and that she must not lose Junki. Also when they were fighting and Junki walked in, SY kept interrupting and saying “she is crazy” bcos i think in her heart and mind, she knows how Junki wld react when he finds out that she drugged YE and took her to the hospital. It was also quite clear to me that SY and Junki’s relationship was not as strong as it was SY that was leading and she didnt listen well to Junki. Junki was obligated and stuck in the relationship bcos of his father in law, he was not doing what he liked and he was being reminded of his duties by SY. Junki did love SY in some ways but it was not a deep love. So when you have a young, sexy, obssessive YE, he was tempted and lost control. It was also interesting to see the pain in Junki when he heard YE and Minju talking abt him, that he was afraid that he may lose Minju as a trusted friend and that SY as his wife didnt understand or know him well enough. SY actually cut him off when he tried to explain abt YE and she jumped to the conclusion that it was Minju. The conversation Junki had w his rugby friend – it was left to the audience to deduce how Junki started his relationship w SY but it was not clear. I mean how do you figure out that its not Junki’s 1st time as a father? Or how did they end up getting married if they didnt have the 1st baby?

    I coudn’t figure out how Junki got into YE’s apartment to find his baby, but after having read your comment on the script, it makes sense. What turned YE? For me, it was obvious from the start that she aimed at getting Junki’s attention (from the moment she did the dive), catching the ball, etc. She couldnt understand the complexity or guilt of Junki, couldnt care less, her mum died, she is an illegtimate child and had no friends. And she said early on, what i want i will get so when she didnt get, it was understandable she flipped. It was not clear though when was the turning point – perhaps when SY was in the supermarket w Minju and they chatted abt her? Or when YE set a date at night and waited in the rain, tried to call Junki and he didnt pickup?

    What also didnt make sense was some of the scenes like when YE was in Junki’s house preparing food (where was SY?) and the night when YE spent in Junki’s house (she tried to seduce Junki, how did Junki leave the room) or maybe i missed it. Also Junki wrote his resignation letter so did he become a coach later? Didnt SY and Minju find out abt Minju? Did Junki cry also bcos of Minju, that he felt that it was due to him Minju died?

    The character that i sympathised most was Junki. Jang Hyuk’s portrayal was brilliant. OMG, i wish in my next life i will have a hot gym teacher like Junki.

    • YE preparing food in Junki’s house was Junki’s dream, I believe

    • Control your self, faith you in family, don’t lose emotions in just for pleasure and desire. True story of life. Think from the point of wife, think from point of chreated man, think from the teenage girl. They can be right at each point of thier desire and mind. But, man , Man can stop because you are man, don’t lose your self for a moment of pleasure.

  8. But movies like these are sad lol just shows how marriage and love for one person changes after some time. Junki cheated. His love for his wife was not complete.

    • But was it right for his wife to force him to marry him in the first place…? SY cheated. She lied about being pregnant, to force Junki to quit his career and marry her. (forget about the miscarriage plot, I think I just imagined it)

  9. I watched this movie 10 minutes ago, Also i have feeling that JK loves YE too. and after read your review director should not be cut important scene.but still i liked movie thank you

  10. Wow thank you for sharing the missing script! Now i feel less guilty for sympathizing with YE more than SY. All throughout the film, i felt like SY was more of a biatch than YE. She is portrayed as a martyr wife who has sacrificed a lot for her husband but the image I see of her is that of a selfish woman. Oftentimes, i felt like her martyrdom was only due to her insecurities as a mistress. My subtitles were pretty bad so my understanding of their dialogues might have been messed up but didn’t she just steal JK from MJ by getting pregnant before marriage (FTLY reference lol) but then losing their first child? Between their creepy conversation, when YE said that the ring wasn’t for her, SY’s response had subtly revealed her unprincipled character. For me, her lack of empathy that peaks at the near end when she tells her husband to let go isn’t just the result of her near death experience but a manifestation of her inherent twisted morals. And sedating YE so that the poor (deluded) girl could have abortion, really? For me, the movie would have been more fulfilling if they got divorced after that incident. Had i been JK, I would’ve questioned my wife’s character after that -in love with YE or not. Sure YE is crazy -pseudopregnancy and all that but that SY biatch deserved it. I also felt like JK really really was (romantically) attracted to SY from the beginning but his wife had been nothing but understanding, loyal and caring that he just couldn’t have the heart to cheat on her and that YE’s progressing craziness just cemented his decision to sever all ties. I almost believed he regretted making that first base on YE but before YE’s fall when she asks him about what they really were, i saw in his face that it was all real. That he did not see her as a toy but rather loved her as a man would to a woman -if only life didn’t get in the way.

    But anyway, i could be biased since i freaking adore JBA so much i couldn’t bring myself to hate her even though there were scenes where i had to face palm and double face palm or where I had to switch from full screen to embedded video view because she makes me pee in my pants in fear.

    how this cutie patootie became a full blown Yandere is beyond me

    Lastly, man JH is handsome<3

  11. Yeeeaaaa, i found the review of this movie.

    I agree with you.
    Because too many scene was cut. Make this tobe ordinary movie? Second child? Leave team? I hope there is a chain to combine the story.
    3. What is real ? What is not real? I can’t find the clue to different the scene. Poor me !
    4. So JH love YE but take the responbility to be father ?
    5. Its better if show how EY can do that. Maybe she have bad live or psycologycal disorder. Because in this movie, she become the only antagonis character here.
    Oh yeeea, if you can. Can you send me the original script? how you can find the original script? Is there the website post it? Thanks.
    Send here
    Thanks a lot your review is helpful

  12. i watched this movie twice. first time i couldnt understand it due to some cuts were deleted and therefore didnt seem to make sense. after the 2nd time i then understood the infatuation, the thrill, the need to escape and the fantasy. Some cuts were good – SY’s imagination abt what Junki and YE were doing when Junki visited YE at night. Good movie to watch.
    I have watched Jang Hyuk in Slave Hunters sometime ago, didnt think much abt it then until i watched FTLY and i was smitten by his acting. He is a talented actor and gives his all in the roles he plays in and obviously have matured as an actor since PTME.

  13. It just got uploaded on with english subs. 🙂

  14. hi guys do you know where i can watch this movie online? thank you so much!!

  15. Hi,

    I love your reviews and find myself usually agreeing 100%. Specially on this topic, I didn’t know there was more to the movie. I figured out most of what wasn’t said but didn’t know there was suppose to be more. If it’s not a lot of trouble for you, please drop me a line. I’d like to read the script.

  16. just watched it an hour ago. thank you for an insightful review. all the while through the movie, I kept piecing the scenes out. I felt like it could have been a better movie if the scenes mentioned above weren’t excluded. uggh.

    my favorite character is Youngeun tbh. I don’t understand why but I’m mostly leaning towards her character out of the three. In the end, where Junki was crying, I felt like he, in some way, truly liked Youngeun (and if given the chance her wife wasn’t pregnant or he’s not married at all, he would ultimately go all the way with her even if student-teacher relationship is forbidden)

  17. so the sex between girl and teacher never happened ??
    because doctor said she is virgin?? so later wife remorse about what she thought about her husband having sex with her is not really true and she is not pregnant.

  18. And the kissind scene at the rany day was it also the girl’s imagination?
    I’m really confused and I couldn’t know what is real and what is imagination

  19. Oh really I thought you somehow translate it thanks anyway no I don’t need it ~ btw the blog is amazing you are doing a great job

  20. So the love scene was her imagination
    I was so confused when the doctor said she was virgin .. Would you mind sending the script to me I want to read it so bad

  21. I just saw this movie and I agree 100% with your point of view. Now that I know this from reading your post, that there was more connection in the original script, I too wish his attraction to her was left in and made more clear. The feeling I had at the end, that something was missing, makes a lot more sense. I still enjoyed the movie a lot. How do you not love Jang Hyuk? Would have been nice if the encounter in the school wasn’t so dark! sheesh! But still, I’d rather that their story was shown more as mutual than as he had a brief lapse of self-control and she was obsessed with him and he otherwise just watched her from afar. There was a LOT more to it than that apparently, which would have made her mental collapse at the end make a lot more sense. I did piece a lot of it together, that he was more attracted to her than was made obvious. And I don’t always like everything just spelled out in a movie, but a “little” more insight to his attraction and the connection of the scenes would have made it a far more emotionally gripping story. Though I still enjoyed it and wow, were some of those scenes ever hot!

  22. bueno como me contastes que la familia lo trata como si fuera un perdedor.. yo diria que si fuera en mi caso lo defenderia a capa y espada asi fuera mi propia familia.. manada de sapos que demonios les importa…. lo protegeria y nunca permitiria que siquiera dijeran un rumor proque si no quieren conocer mi lado demoniaco que ni me entere o veran como los quemo vivos jajajajajaja.. asi deberia ser en serio… pobrecito tengo que verme esa pelicula quiero subbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbs

  23. i really like yuen en’s acting, but i was always wonder is it true when jungki and yuen en having sex in the apartment. it across my mind that if it is true or not, how to film this scene. the sounds when yuen en’s sexy screaming.
    grabbing this boobs. i just watched this movie a couple of days ago and now i literally watched it everyday before i sleep, especially the last scene when yuen en jump off the building, is touching.

  24. @gumi, can I transfer this part “stuffs that were on script and wasn’t in the movie.” of your review to Baidu? I’d like to translate this so as to clarify some puzzles to Hyuk’s Chinese fans after watching this movie.

  25. After reading your review I realized this movie could have been so much more. Thank you for sharing the scenes in the script that weren’t in the movie. As always, very insightful. 🙂

  26. I loved your observations about the way he smoked vs. whether or not he was cautious or mad!

    This was an awesome review, Gumi!

  27. one thing i don’t get is.. was the girl really pregnant? i watched this movie 2 times and still cant understand that one thing. can someone please tell me?

  28. Great review and thanks for filling the details of the original scripts, Gumi. There are so much I want to discuss here but I’m not good at expressing myself and you did it for us in this wonderful review. Wished the director hadn’t deleted Junki’s scenes so that we could understand Junki’s character better. Very much appreciation of your insights and you know I love you 🙂

  29. Pics look good 🙂 I really like the begging gif

  30. I like the pics u added, DF 🙂

  31. First of all; great review. You helped clarify some parts where many viewers may have been confused (including myself). I thought that the YE and Junki date never happened until DF told me it did. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. The acting and the beauty were incredible but I cannot help but feel the movie fell somewhat flat because the director failed to get his message across. I feel the actors can’t be blamed for this. If you analyse the movie scene by scene, it’s really good but it didn’t come together well with a coherent message. Not all movies need to make sense, but there’s too much uncertainty. Does this make it a bad movie? No, I don’t think so. There’s enough elements that were succesful. I think the deleted scenes would have been very helpful for the viewers. I feel like YE became fully crazy too soon. Junki was forced to push her away. I think if she had moments of sanity within going crazy, we could have seen the internal struggle he was going through more. I think she came on too strong, too fast. We feel his affection and attraction for her at first, but once she gets upset it’s like he has to shut off those feelings completely to survive the situation.

  32. Now that I read the part where you talk about his dream, I was thinking of Young Eun cheering him on while he played rugby. This must’ve attracted him too, she is at that moment “supporting” his dream. I’m sad that the movie did not show us him worrying about her. I had this uncomfortable feeling seeing him lust over her and then pushing her away. Knowing that he felt sorry for her loneliness would’ve made his character and situation much more complex

  33. The director butchered the script, but I could totally feel Junki’s reppressed fire and somehow that his feelings were more than lust. Maybe because you read some of the script to me, I was looking for these cues. I can totally see Jang Hyuk in those scenes that were not in the movie. The scene where he talks to his friend and apologizes is the one I wish they had never cut 😦

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