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Hi there! We are Drama Fan and Gumi and we want to welcome you to this special place dedicated to our current obsession: Jang Hyuk, and his fans.

So, why did we open a blog for Hyukie when there are already similar blogs out there? Here are a few reasons:

1.- The language: We follow awesome and up to date Jang Hyuk fan sites and blogs but they are mostly written in Korean, Chinese or Japanese, and while google translate is a great ally for any “Jang Hyuk enthusiast”, we figured we could make English-speaking fans life a little easier by translating some of the news and information we find out there. Actually, it will be Gumi doing that part of the job, because Drama Fan is still in the process of learning the language. (As in, her korean vocabulary consists of 10 words) but, hey! if Ddolbok could learn the korean alphabet in 16 days, Drama Fan can in 16 months years maybe. Well, she’ll try.

2.- Our addiction to Hyukdramas: We just can’t get enough of Jang Hyuk’s dramas and we wanted to give ourselves a good (or any) excuse to re watch every single one of his dramas teehee! So, yesss, we will have to “sacrifice” ourselves and re watch everything in order to write our reviews  Poor us! We will never intend to compete with the excellent, professional, reliable, accurate un biased and beautifully written reviews you  might find in blogs such as Dramabeans, etc. Our reviews will be naturally Hyuk centered, spazz filled and literary challenged BUT, written with a lot of love and a genuine attempt to be objective (we will occasionally mention other actors and characters too…maybe)

3.- Shameless fangirling/fanboying: Do you feel embarrassed about being totally biased? Do you feel that you have to make too much of an effort to write “objective” and “logical” opinions in blogs and forums only to not be qualified as a crazy lady (or guy) whose opinion doesn’t count because you’ve lost all threads of objectivity when it comes to Jang Hyuk? Do you feel the occasional urge to “review” his Ads, his interviews, his photo shoots, his abs, his swagger, heck! comment on pictures of him staring at the wall?  Do you feel alone in thinking that he is just the best actor in Korea and the universe???????? You are not alone! There are plenty of insane asylums…:D…kidding…there is this blog. We won’t judge you! Also, there is no need to be THIS crazy about him. Como join us and you’ll get there eventually. We just know it! 😉

So welcome aboard and let’s have fun!

59 responses to “About Us

  1. Hi, my name is Lily and I run a k-dramas site. I love your site! And I was wondering if you would like to be in each other’s blogrolls? Thank you!!
    My site name: Lily for K-dramas
    Site link: https://lily-kdramas.blogspot.com/

    • Dramafan here, yes of course! But give me some time since I haven’t updated the blogroll in a while! 😋 I’ll get to it soonish and add your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. DramaFan, this is Beez (fellow commenter from the ktjamuser Merchant blog) – is there a way for me to contact you to send you a couple of screen shots that I took that you might want to post but if not, you’ll definitely enjoy seeing them?

    The shots are from a 52 episode drama that I watched where the middle-aged mom is trying to make her cold husband jealous so she starts watching a Jang Hyuk drama (I don’t know which of his dramas she’s watching) and talking about how handsome he is all while her husband scoffs and compares himself to Hykkie. I thought it was adorable.

  3. It started for me with Slave Hunters. Then I had to watch everything he’s done. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many incredible actors, gorgeous actors in great K Dramas and I’m a massive fan of K Dramas. But Mr. Hyuk takes it the extra mile. He’s larger than life, filled with exuberance and that crazy ass manic laugh of his.
    His acting range is like watching a master class. His laughter to tears complex emotions, and deep resonating voice, that get even lower than you expect. With hidden history in those long eyed states of his that really is his trademark.
    Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t age. He’s pushing 40 and with his shirt off in Shine or Go Crazy it’s like you’re looking at someone in his 20’s. Of course he’s a martial artist all his life and that shows nicely in Shine.
    And he needs to keep his hair long, I don’t care how old he gets. Rugged and long hair works for him.
    Shine was gut wrenchingly beautiful, perfectly cast. And it took some time for me to understand the ending. I thought it was an interest take on Romeo and Juliet. Because they trick you in the end. Didn’t see that coming. Anyway, thanks for honoring him and creating this awesome fan site. I’ve never commented on a fan site in my life. Always a first time. Seems like Master Hyuk got me out of the closet😎

  4. hello again. not sure when or how i got hooked on JH and certain korean drama videos… now i remember. I am on netflix and that is how i saw fated to love you, which i viewed 20 episodes in one sitting, that means it was the first time ever i watched anything non-stop without getting bored to tears. further more, it was all subtitled so i was more reading most of the time. JH has the complete package i’d say. he is beyond handsome because he has charisma in every sense! that is what makes it work for me, the way he talks, not talk, moves, looks, makes all his character so real and it all comes together. his aura of influence makes his co actors and actresses look real great. He almost carries the whole show! captivating. now, i am sure this is all personal perspective, but i can look at everything objectively as well. if you have any way of communicating this to him, please do so. and before i forget, i found http://tv.soompi.com/en/shows/shine-or-go-crazy and have watched all the episodes (to 10) in one sitting as well, effortlessly. you may want to get up to date with your blog review. can you please tell me (if you can find out) how often soompi.com post curent series?

    • Hi Julia! I love everything you said and I totally agree. Ive been too busy but I am watching and enjoying Shine or Go Crazy. There are are so many works that Im sure you’ll enjoy! You can check some at SoompiTV, Dramafever, Viki, Dramacool, etc

    • I think Soompi and the other sites I mentioned carry the latest dramas and post each episode either the same day or the next day after they air in Korea. Shine or Go Crazy is a currently airing drama, for example.

  5. Jhanysse Ubaldo

    I am happy to find people and a site talking about this man. I am really a big fan of his awesomeness, both as actor and as a man. Jang Hyuk definitely is the best out there, i have already watched a lot in the Kdrama and Kmovie world but no one can act out a character better than JH does. Thanks girls for your love for him that i get to show mine too. 🙂

  6. Ladies, I have nominated you two for Sunshine Award! Congratulations! Here is my post: http://mymyooz.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/hello-sunshine/

  7. Hi drama fan and Gumi!

    I’m Isabella from CHOCOLABS, a mobile application developer and publisher in Taiwan that has produced chart-topping APPs.

    Believed you love k-drama (same here!) and its our mission to provide best drama watching experience anytime anywhere to all users. We will soon launch a totally revamped version of our current app DRAMOT+ (not sure if you’ve heard about our product before) and would like to enquire if it is possible to get your kind help to try it out and give us a review (if you’re interested, of course :D).

    We look forward to your kind response.


  8. Hello! You’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Award! 😀


  9. Hi Drama Fan & Gumi, you both have one of the best blogs – the way you manage & write content and the camaraderie with your readers. One of the comments above mentioned the “comfortable and friendly” atmosphere of your blog – I second that! Thank You, both!
    Why don’t Gumi arrange a fan club outing for Jang Hyuk’s American fans to visit him & Korea (I am planning to visit in early February 2015 – all that history and being in the land once known as the “hermit kingdom”). Through a notice on this website, see if the response is encouraging. A group of his fans (how large a group before we dare call it a fan meet?) from the US. Do you think he would be thrilled? Tell him we’ll bring hot dogs all the way from the Big Apple (i.e., New York City). It’ll be great fun.

  10. Hello drama fan. I love that I discovered your website. I am a Jang Hyuk Fan and when I discovered that your were recapping FTLY. I was psyched. Love to nominate you for the Sunshine award.


  11. Hi, thanks for creating this fansite! There was a special for Successful Story of A Bright Girl in 2011 where the cast came back to talk about it. I’ve only seen it unsubbed, and was wondering if there were subs available. The unsubbed version on youtube is titled “20110719 Air-SBS Drama Replay①”. Thank you!

  12. Hihi,

    I’m a new fan of Jang Hyuk. I got to know him from ‘Fated To Love You’.

    I wish to watch him on ‘Real Men’. Do you know where I can watch full episodes with eng subs? I’ve been looking all over for them, both raw and eng subs, but I couldn’t find them.

    Thank you in advance!

  13. dramafan – i am planning to go to korea this coming thursday. i am from Malaysia.. really want to meet jang hyuk in person.. do he have any fan meeting or anything.. maybe Gumi can help me here 🙂 do responds.. much appreciated.

  14. hi… are u guys in korea?

  15. Eureka! I’m so glad I had the right person. Can I just say I luuuurve this website!

    Y’know, I never really thought of myself as a Jang Hyuk fan before “Fated to Love You”, [even though he IS the reason I tuned in and… in fact… now that I think about it, I actually own 7 or 8 DVD sets of his work! It’s a collection that started with “Deep Rooted Tree” and then “Chuno” and then “Midas”, “Thank You” and “Sucessful Story of a Bright Girl” and includes “The Client”, “Please Teach Me English”, “Windstruck” … errrrrm – okay, so I’m just looking at this list and it would seem that I have been in some kind of dissociative state of denial about the whole… not… realizing I was a fan… thing… hmmm…]

    Shoot! I’ll just shout it from the highest hill:
    ***”Jang Hyuj-sshi! Saranghaeyo!”***

    Boy, that felt good! It’s really fun to let loose, slumber-party style, about this sort of thing. So… anyhoo… your reason #3 for starting this site rings a very loud loud bell with me, although I have to say I can’t feel ashamed about being biased when it comes to Jang Hyuk because I really am not. And I don’t even have to be. He is JUST.THAT.AWESOME. No bias necessary 🙂

    As for maintaining a semblance of objective credibility, well, let’s just say that I think that the moment I hit “Post Comment” on what I’m writing in this little text box (’cause y’know, I could always just delete it and no one would be the wiser – yes?), anyway, the moment I hit send on this baby, you might also end up noticing something I only just noticed myself about the article I sent you about Lee Geon – namely that while the text is credibly sober and analytical (and I stand by its objectivity), the array of Lee Geon’s ancestors’ portraits running through the work transforms the whole piece into a veritable shrine to Jang Hyuk. Maybe I’ve been subconsciously looking for an excuse to display them on my blog and the analysis of Lee Geon just made itself available to that ulterior end! (Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA HA HA Naya… Geon-ie… mwah-Ha-Ha!]. I’ll just stop with that and only add that the signature smirk they each have just adds more spice to the mix than I ever thought objective analysis could dish….

    Wow! I had never really realized just what a fan I was… tee-hee! [*fans self*]

    • This epiphany of yours here is priceless! LOL and yes this is the perennial slumber party where we can just fangirl to out hearts content. You are so very welcome here! I think that state of infatuation we sometimes feel for either fictional characters or actors comes and goes. I am the kind that falls in love with characters and rarely do I even have curiosity about the actors. The thing with Jang Hyuk is that either he has chosen characters that are to my liking or his interpretation is something I connect with, but what happened was that I found myself falling in love with many of his characters. I’m not saying he is perfect but he is so passionate, I think we feel his joy of acting trascend the screen. I remember Roger Ebert once mentioned this as a quality of some actors. The joy that they transmit which is contagious. I love his physique and his handsome face but more than anything I really love his acting and that energy he transmits. Ok now I need to fan myself :p

      • 🙂 I know! Right? Exactly! That! 🙂

        So… is it Wednesday yet? Man, this has got to be the loooongest Tuesday I’ve ever experienced. I’m just champing at the bit to discover how Kim Mi Yeong and Lee Geon’s story develops.

        [*tic… toc… tic… toc…*]

        Is it Wednesday yet?
        [*curls fingers and toes and plants face in sofa cushion*]

        Ughnnnnn! Oh my lord! What is happening to me?!?
        [*quells frenzied finger tapping*]

        Is it Wednesday yet?

        [*tic… toc… tic… toc…*]

      • holy macaroni!

        omo! there be MIND readers out there…! omo….!

        […(((*is is wednesday yet…*)))…]

      • hahahaha, i thought i was the insane one. im a “hoppit” kind of K drama person, means i will watch if its interesting and can drop it off anytime. but i have now started to be addicted to JH and tracing back trying to watch all his past works. what stands out abt him is not just his looks (i wld say there are many other actors that are better looking than him) but none can beat the way he expresses himself w his eyes, and his smile..boy it can melt the hardest of hearts. also i agree totally w you abt the passion he puts into his acting and how it comes across when you watch him…this i think is the reason why im starting to be addicted to JH. Help us all….hehehe

        • Yup I know I have no objectivity when it comes to his looks anymore. To me he is super handsome, beautiful at times. But then, I’m not a good judge of standard beauty cause I’ve never been attracted to models, for example. It doesn’t matter to me either since that kind of beauty doesn’t last. As an actor Jang Hyuk gives his all and he doesn’t seem to be concerned about looks either. That is great because he will look scary if the role requires it. Welcome to the blog 🙂 I hope you keep visiting and sharing.

  16. On my, oh my! How did I not know about this site?

    I ended up here because I was looking for info about Jang Hyuk’s book and coincidentally came across the name, “Drama Fan”, which is the same (well close: “DramaFan”) as someone who asked me about a comment I posted on Dramabeans (Link: http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/08/fated-to-love-you-episode-12/#ixzz3ABvDyG3M ) about Lee Geon…

    I’m not sure if this “Drama Fan” is in fact the same person since the link to that name on Dramabeans is broken but I’m guessing that it juuust might be… or maybe my Jang Hyuk Love is making me see things… 🙂

    Anyway, in case it is (and possibly even if it is not), here is a link in response to the question I was asked and that I think you will enjoy anyway:

    Pragmatic Altruism vs. Noble Idiocy in 운명처럼 널 사랑해 –> http://spqetr.net/archives/1997

    • Its me! it’s me! Hi there! Gosh your article is really wonderfully written! It is so insightful! Thanks for bringing the link here. I intended to do it soon. Welcome here! It is truly an honor having you with us.

  17. first time i knew jang hyuk with jang na ra in drama bright story of succsess girl then i like to watch korea drama until now, jang hyuk is very talented actor hope he always succsess in career ;>

  18. Wow, I admire your dedication and love for Jang Hyuk! I’ve been a fan of his since Volcano High and look forward to seeing more of him through your eyes (and blog posts)~

  19. I just watched an older episode of running man with Jang Hyuk. Love him!

  20. Pingback: We got Liebstered! Thank you friends! | Stuck on Hyuk

  21. I love this post! Especially #3!! hahaha. I’ve been fangirling many actors for 15 years already. But now I can’t get enough the Korean dramas, movies, and actors. I always say Jang Hyuk has become one of my favorite actors period. Not just my favorite ‘Korean’ actor. This is such a great blog and the atmosphere is really comfortable and friendly. I felt that right away after my first comment. Sometimes you go to other blogs or fan-groups and you get a cold or snippy vibe. This is my first time looking for Jang Hyuk sites too. I will continue to pop up here looking at all the JH goodies.

  22. I would love to read your review! I know the drama as a whole had some flaws but I think was very well made. It is definitely my favorite of all times.:)

  23. Hi! You don’t know how happy I am to read your comment 🙂 I love Robbers. I had my issues with it! which I will address when I re watch it and write the review. But despite my “issues” with it as a whole, I loved some aspects of it. One part of it is definitely Oh Joon and Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of him. Oh yes, right now I was about to decide which series to re watch next, and your comment has made gear towards Robbers 🙂

  24. Finally, I don’t have to feel alone in thinking that Jang Hyuk is the best Korean actor ever! I was blown away by his performance in Bulhandang, aka Robber, I have been a fan ever since. His portrayal of bulhandang, a bottom-feeder or “trash” of the society, who finds a reason to turn around his life was so compelling that I completely understood and empathized with this character. JH is at his best when he has a platform to display his emotional range. I’m so glad I found an English site solely dedicated to Jang Hyuk!

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