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When a Drama Becomes a Case Study

I have watched most of Kim Myung Min and Cha Seung Won’s dramas, both of whom are seasoned actors, but one person I hadn’t gotten around to watching was Jang Hyuk, another actor possibly in the same league. Therefore, my latest watch was: Beautiful Mind, starring Jang Hyuk and the energetic, lively Park So Dam […]

10 reasons to watch Thank You – Spoiler free

I finished my rewatch but I’m finding it hard to let go of Thank You. I still have ideas for MVs and will highlight some BTS material I found but for now, I need to leave that on hold and prepare for my Chuno rewatch. So this will be the last Thank You post for a little while (It is one of my favorite dramas so I’ll definitely come back to it)

I already wrote a somewhat random stream of consciousness spoilery review, but then this idea occurred to me. A post to introduce Thank You to those who have not watched this drama and try to persuade them to give it a try.  Read with confidence, since there are no major spoilers below:

1.- Uplifting heartwarming story – I have the feeling the majority of people who read the synopsis of this drama think it’s too sad and gloomy. The drama touches heavy subjects such as terminal illness, prejudice, etc but it does it in a sensitive, non melodramatic way. Yes, it is moving but also heartwarming and uplifting. The show has much more humor than you might expect


2.- A strong female lead – I love Gong Hyo Jin but the two other characters I saw her play after Thank You, were too submissive for my taste. I enjoyed her character’s quirks in Master’s Sun and her performance in general, but her devotion for the male lead, bothered me (even if her clinginess was “justified” by the fact that he blocked her ability to see ghosts, at first) and I couldn’t finish Pasta, despite my appreciation for both leads and writer. I don’t want to spoil but Young Shin is a much more mature character, with many things going on in her life, to make a man her priority. She is the kind of heroine that might seem fragile but is actually pretty strong, brave, resilient, and a great mother.


3.- A tormented “jerkish” turned “perfect” male lead – Dr Min starts off as a conflicted fellow (ok, a jerk) but he never really feels like your typical korean drama jerk lead. He is arrogant and cranky, but we can see he is struggling with a number of demons, right away. So we never hate him, and when he finally “sees the light” he turns into  one of the best korean drama male leads, hands down. He keeps the super sexy confidence from early episodes and adds compassion, caring, love, romanticism, devotion, etc. I won’t say more or I’ll fall on spoiler zone. Suffice it to say, you will fall in love with him. It’s guaranteed.


Thanks to Lady G for this banner. Click to see it in full size.

4.- Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin chemistry – Some people see it, others don’t. I personally, felt the chemistry, the desire, the sexual tension built up during their bantering and almost kisses. There was chemistry, bonding and love between them.  Even stronger than chemistry, there was great rapport between these two strong performers. Both have the ability to communicate so much with just their eyes, and they used it all the time.


5.- No villains – From the second leads to the “mother in law” none of these characters was one dimensional or cookie cutter. They all are justified and feel real. The drama’s strength is in its characters.


6.- Adorable Bom – Seo Shin Ae shone brightly in Thank You. I remember feeling that she was the show on my first watch. She is the one that impressed me most at first. This drama wouldn’t have been the same without such an adorable and talented young actress. Lee Bom is the heart of this drama and Seo Shin Ae’s talent will blow you away.


7.- Adorable Mr Lee – Ok, maybe Bom is half of the heart, because Mr Lee was also very special. The cutest grandpa, provided a lot of the humorous moments in the drama, and also the most poignant and moving. Mr Lee and his choco pies are forever etched in my heart.


8.- Shower scenes – Need I say more?

ty_minki_abs2 ty_minki_shower ty_minki_abs3

9.- Nostalgic warm OST – Not the usual kpopish numbers we find in recent dramas, Thank You’s OST is sweet, heartwarming and somewhat nostalgic. It suits the drama.

10.- Happy ending – I know many dramas viewers are afraid of sad endings, so you can feel safe with this drama.


Rabbit and Lizard (Maybe) Korean Movie Review

A great review of Rabbit and Lizard aka Maybe by Zhaoul



Some people really like a fast paced movie with an intricate plot line and complex character development. Well, if that’s what you are looking for, turn around and run away. This movie is not like that, but that doesn’t mean I think you should dismiss it. If you can enjoy a movie with an independent feel which focuses more on the simple moments, this movie may pique your interest.


Synopsis: May (played by Sung Yu Ri) returns to Korea after 23 years to try and find her birth parents. The only clue she has to her past is the large scar on the back of her shoulder which looks like a lizard. Eunsol (played by Jang Hyuk) is a taxi driver who has little time left to live. He is suffering from a rare disease. Both characters are searching for something. They also share a connection in which they are unaware of.

There’s limited dialogue at times. This allows the viewer to zone in on the…

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Midas Kdrama Review – The hand of Midas; is it a blessing or a curse?

Midas review by Kdramadreamer’s Zhaoul 😊👍👏


Midas Kdrama Jang Hyuk

Greed. Lonelesss. Love. Ambition. Dysfunctional family. Rock Bottom.

These are words that all come to mind when thinking about the Kdrama Midas. So what is this drama really about? Here are some definitions to help:

Midas: (Greek legend) the greedy king of Phrygia who Dionysus gave the power to turn everything he touched into gold

Midas Touch: an ability to make and manage large amounts of money

midas kdrama

Synopsis: Kim Do-hyun (Jang Hyuk) is a very smart, ambitious person who just finished law school. As he begins his job search, he’s made an offer he cannot refuse which ends up changing his life.. But is this a good thing?


You could say that Do Hyun has the Midas touch. He is smart and can easily make money. But like the King of Phrygia in the legend, he is overcome by greed. With endless possibilities of personal gain, he sacrifices his own soul.


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Chuno (aka Slave Hunter)

Another great Chuno review by kjtamuser from the Amusings blog


chuno8 Review. Chuno is a sweeping drama that weaves timeless issues throughout – friendship, love, loyalty, human dignity, good versus evil, during a time where slaves were crucial to life but considered the lowest rung of society. Slaves ran away from cruel conditions and Slave Hunters were employed to bring them back.
chuno2 chuno6 The pivotal role of slave hunter Lee Dae-gil is played to perfection by Jang Hyuk. His comrades, General Choi (Han Jung-soo) and Wang-son (Kim Ji-seok), acting as muscle and maid respectively, form a family.

chuno7Dae-gil is haunted by his first love, former slave, Un-nyun (Lee Da-hae), who escaped with her brother 10 years ago when Dae-gil’s family home was burned to the ground, to which Dae-gil was the lone survivor.

Song Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) crosses paths with Dae-gil multiple times during the series and is a key to Dae-gil’s first love, Un-nyun, story. Tae-ha is a military general for…

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