Midas Kdrama Review – The hand of Midas; is it a blessing or a curse?

Midas review by Kdramadreamer’s Zhaoul 😊👍👏


Midas Kdrama Jang Hyuk

Greed. Lonelesss. Love. Ambition. Dysfunctional family. Rock Bottom.

These are words that all come to mind when thinking about the Kdrama Midas. So what is this drama really about? Here are some definitions to help:

Midas: (Greek legend) the greedy king of Phrygia who Dionysus gave the power to turn everything he touched into gold

Midas Touch: an ability to make and manage large amounts of money

midas kdrama

Synopsis: Kim Do-hyun (Jang Hyuk) is a very smart, ambitious person who just finished law school. As he begins his job search, he’s made an offer he cannot refuse which ends up changing his life.. But is this a good thing?


You could say that Do Hyun has the Midas touch. He is smart and can easily make money. But like the King of Phrygia in the legend, he is overcome by greed. With endless possibilities of personal gain, he sacrifices his own soul.



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5 responses to “Midas Kdrama Review – The hand of Midas; is it a blessing or a curse?

  1. My first disappointing Korean Drama. It left me liturally with no character to root for. Hyuk becomes a money grubber with the help of no support from his supposed girlfriend.

    Which speaking of the girlfriend lol Wow, my most hated character in the show itself. She first starts off getting annoyed because he works a lot at his 3 figure job. Then she demands that he quits his job/dream for her. Because he’s working for a evil empire lol As if anyone in this world isn’t.

    Making it short she was a insufferable I’m better then everyone else character. I had more respect for Kim Hee Ae’s character. She was cold hearted but at least she didn’t run around acting better then everyone else. Which she was the real reason I finished watching it. Loved her new series Secret Live Affair.

    Anyway my point is that this series left a lot to be desired story wise and character wise. What’s the point of watching a drama filled with villains and no good guys or girls? Please let me know what u guys thought.

    • Hi! I need to rewatch it because to be honest, I don’t remember it that well. Midas got mixed reviews which is why I took some time to start it, in the first place. I do remember having a hard time rooting for anyone. I did however, enjoy the drama, plot wise and character wise, despite the fact that all characters were mostly unlikable to me. I think its on purpose though? It presents a cynical cold world with appropriately grey characters. I knew Kim Hee Ae’s characters was villanesque but part of me wanted to see her triumph over her useless chauvinistic brothers. And while I didn’t live Jang Hyuk’s character, he ended up finding his “soul” and conscience right? I thought that was a nice message.

      • I suppose your right, my review wasn’t the most articulate one either lol It’s just the first time I was disappointed. Question for you thou, do you watch only Jung Hyuk dramas? Or is your horizon more broad ? Honestly, you do such great reviews. I’d like to hear your opinions when it comes to other dramas.

        • I watch others 😀 but I don’t review them. We can however, discuss them in comments. This is a blog dedicated to Jang Hyuk but have on many occasions drifted off topic and we don’t have rules in that sense 🙂 Well, this Midas review is from Zhaoul at kdramadreamer.com. She covers different types of shows. Still, I wrote some reviews for this blog so if you liked those I am pleased. Thank you for your comments 😀

          • You’re quite welcome lol
            Yeah, I’ve read a lot of ur reviews when it comes to his movies. Also a few personnel ones about ur trips to Korea. Crazy, I haven’t been there in a long while. Your visit however sounded lucky. I should start practicing my Korean and try that out. Anyway, so are you still watching Fated to Love you or have you been committing fan adultery and watching something else ?

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