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Director Kim Sung Soo praises Jang Hyuk


We are really getting too much good comments on him:)

Translated by myself, original article can be found in http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201308240339551110


Jang Hyuk’s real personality, how is it like and how come you hear only compliments about him?

Director Kim Sung Soo of ‘The Flu’ complimented Jang Hyuk over and over again in his interview with NewN. It is already a well known fact, but Jang Hyuk he saw and felt first-handed was so well-mannered, humble, and sincere that it was hard to believe that he’s a top actor.

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We asked Jang Hyuk: Soldier and Rescue Worker, which one is harder?

Following is interview done by tenasia, posted in August 22. I loved the interview, and yesterday I realized that it’s not only me who enjoys his interview, so here it goes, another translation for u guys 🙂 But it contains some spoiler from the movie so beware of it. The original article can be found in http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=312&aid=0000017639


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The Flu – 감기 – Gamgi – Teaser 1

I confess, I wasn’t feeling too attracted to The Flu at the beginning, since I’m not a fan of “disaster” movies. But this first teaser has managed to make me care.
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Don’t ever take the mask off! The Flu (2013)

original Korean article can be viewed at http://www.cine21.com/news/view/mag_id/73180 So finally news about Hyukie’s new movie, <The Flu>!

Our Hyukie is dirty

Our Hyukie is dirty

Director Kim Sung Soo, who had been on the top of Korean action films with <Beat> (1997), <There is No Sun> (1998), and <Warrior> (2001), and had a brief turn to romantic comedy with <Please Teach Me English> (2003), has finally come back to the filming site after 10 years. He reunited with Jang Hyuk, who has become much more mature since <Please Teach Me English>, and Soo Ae, who’s been choosing a film after <Athena>, has joined them. They started filming last May, and currently are working on CGs and stuffs, aiming to release the movie this summer. So the basic story plot is like this. There’s this new “flu” going around. It’s so contagious that 34 people per second can get infected, and so deadly that it can make you die in 36 hours. The flu breaks out in Bundang, and 42 thousand people get infected in a day. The government freaks out orders a shut down for the whole city. In-hae (Soo Ae), who’s a doctor, tries to get out of Bundang with her daughter Miru (Park Min-ha), but Miru has sneaked out from home. She meets Ji-goo(Jang Hyuk) and wanders around Bundang, which is quickly turning into a city of death.

At a supermarket, Ji-goo and In-hae panick after realizing the child has gone missing

At a supermarket, Ji-goo and In-hae panick after realizing the child has gone missing

Maaa Dongg Sukkkk

Maaa Dongg Sukkkk

There are some more details about the movie in the article, but I wouldn’t want to know too much before watching the movie… So yes, let’s just wait for it to come out, and hope it’s amazing!