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Article: Have you seen a drama as sensual as Money Flower recently? 

I’m reposting this article because I love it! 

Translation by Prettysup (Thank you for posting this on Soompi. I hope you don’t mind my reposting here) 

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Have you seen a drama as sensual as Money Flower recently? 

Money Flower, a popular drama with good reasons 

When I first heard the title, ” Money Flower “, I had a misunderstanding about the drama. It was a drama that I could easily miss. Saturday night at 9 p.m. is MBC drama’s prime time slot. Even the prime time was considered a bit shallow, rather than brilliant. In this time slot, previously they aired ‘Pots of Gold’, ‘Jang Bo-ri is Here!’ and ‘You Are Too’. It was a time slot which I could easily imagine what kind of dramas were on the air. 

Moreover, the material of ‘Money Flower’ is not significantly different from those broadcast at that time. Again, there is a chaebol and a birth secret involved. The only difference is that the person with a birth secret is a male, and a heavy-weight actor named Jang Hyuk appearing as the incarnation of revenge. However, Jang Hyuk’s appearance alone did not necessarily mean that I have high expectations for the work. However, there was a raw curiosity to see what character this good-looking and atmospheric actor can introduce to a drama within this time slot.  

In ‘Money Flower’ which is nearing its finale, not only is Kang Pil-joo (played by Jang Hyuk) not damaged, but he has even grown more beautiful. The drama is about Kang Pil-joo’s work on building a block of a revenge play, and at the same time, a detailed description of the secret face of a male protagonist who hides his bloodline of the chaebol.

There are many interesting dramas, but fascinating ones are rare.

How charming is a man with a secret? And how awesome are the moments when the man retaliates the bullying snobbish people with his own ability? Here, Jang Hyuk’s particular weight falls like a drop of an espresso, and ‘Money Flower’ proves that a male lead role in a revenge story can be so beautiful and atmospheric. 

No, in fact, it is not only Kang Pil-joo, played by Jang Hyuk who is attractive. The drama is one of the most fascinating drama I have seen in a long time. There are many interesting dramas, but fascinating ones are rare. Even at some point of time, the title of ‘Money Flower’ which I had thought was appropriate for a comic book, is read differently. 

In fact, the title of the drama contains all the messages that the story contains. And you would agree with this if you are watching the drama. The people from a huge chaebol who are lead by the fragrance of the flowers that stem from money. But one day, as the flowers are falling, the humans are swayed according to the direction of the money, or according to the character of Kang pil-joo who is shaking his flow of money.

Perhaps the word ‘Money Flower ’ and the atmosphere it represents can been seen in a single character – Jung Mal-ran (Lee Mi-sook). She who stays on in Cheong-A group even after her husband’s death, has a beautiful face to match her desires. Her efforts to put her son, Jang Seung-jo, into the chairman position, who is not even related to the family, are appalling. But I can’t take my eyes off the Jung Mal-ran all the time when I was watching ‘Money Flower’. And actress Lee Mi-sook characterizes the relentlessness and greed of the character that was so fascinating. Having had to play comical characters and the role of the protaganist’s mother at one point, she succeeded in showing her own charm once again through this drama.  

In addition, although ‘Money Flower’ shows the typical process of bloodshed through the fight for money, it contains an unseen power. It is because I do not miss the unique classical and elegant atmosphere of this drama. The story is provocative, but the drama itself is static. Although the reversals are repeated, they are as graceful as a ballerina’s rotation. As such, viewers feel as if they appreciate a modern tragedy centered not on the usual melodrama, but it is on money. 

Moreover, I have never seen a more sensual drama than ‘Money Flower’ recently. There are no provocative or awkward skin exposures in this drama. However, the drama dramatically increases the tension between people and their situations to a sensual level. In the relationship between Kang Pil-joo (Jang Hyuk) and Na Mo-hyun (Park Se-young), there is no sensual feeling. There is only a lyrical tragedy like the romance that didn’t work out between them. 

However, much sensual tension flows between Kang Pil-joo and Jang Boo-cheon, as well as that between Kang Pil-joo and Jung Mal-ran. They want each other, but they doubt one another, they steal each other’s secrets, and they dream of destroying them someday. In the meantime, the feeling of desire is aroused, and sometimes the suspense of the desire is captured as a classical or elaborate sexy performance. Especially, the ending scene of the 20th episode of ‘Money Flower’ which is the best part of the production. At the moment when a tense situation seems to be Kang Pil-joo leaning in to kiss Jung Mal-ran, it was really a scene of Kang Pil-joo confessing that he is Jang Eun-cheon, the bloodline of the chaebol group.

As such, ‘Money Flower’ has done an excellent job of cooking using the most popular ingredients. It shows an impressive sense of balance between calm and tension. In addition, the stellar performances of the actors also boosted it. So, it is natural for it to capture both the ratings and quality.


Jang Hyuk in Singapore – Pictures

Sidus HQ published these gorgeous pictures of Jang Hyuk in Singapore. Our Hyukie was invited to present the top 10 male performance category at the 2017 Star Award in that country




All the World’s a Mimicry

Forging human connections is like running a makeshift theater academy. At times, a man briefly stages in his head the turmoil ravaging another person’s mind. At times, he recalls and mentally rehearses scenes that have brought someone in those shoes a little cheer. Then he walks onto a visible stage, located wherever the other party can be reached, and re-enacts the soothing […]


Beautiful Mind: New posters and 5 minute trailer

We find the new posters released for Beautiful Mind to be original and interesting. Let’s take a look:


“The most dangerous doctor who saves lives”


“The miracle of simpathy we have been waiting for” 

“Look at me when you speak, so that I can read you”

And here is the 5 minute trailer. Enjoy!


Beautiful Mind – Teasers, poster and more

Squeeeee!!! Hyukie will be back very very soon to the world of kdrama. More specifically on June 20th with the medical- mistery Beautiful Mind. Check out the teasers below and get as excited as we are! Teaser 3 is the one that did it for me and teaser 5 is also highly recommended (thanks to Zoi)

Due to a medical condition Dr Lee Young Oh (Jang Hyuk) is unable to feel emotions. On the first teaser he says “Look at me, so I can read you”.

Teaser 1

His inability to read emotions has made him a lonely person as we can see on teaser 2.

Teaser 2

While the first two teasers were intriguing, teaser 3 got me really excited about this drama. Why? Because Dr Lee looks distraught and intense and yes 30 secs of Jang Hyuk in some kind of distress, showing off those acting skills of his, are enough to make our hearts pump! 

Teaser 3

On teaser 4 we get introduced to our leading lady intepreted by Park So Dam. 

Teaser 4

Teaser 5 is a longer version of teaser 4. Aside from the super sexy visual of Dr Lee showing off his handcuffs like in a sort of baddass/cool/unphased manner, he says something like:”Do you see me as the witness or an accomplice?” in a very casual tone, as if it’s not a big deal. This gives us an idea of how dettached the character can be. 

Teaser 5

In addition, here is the official character description of our two leads (translation by Gumi)

Heartless man,Lee Young Oh: He is a dangerous man, even believed to be a psychopath. Fast and dexterous hands, crisp logic, fearless decisions, are all great characteristics in a doctor.

But Dr Lee’s greatest talent is that he lacks empathy. His cure ratio probability game is his identity as a Dr.

Bad guy, in fact, poor guy Lee Young Oh suddenly experiences a “change of frecuency” when he meets 100% pure, Kye Jin Sung. The easiest person to read in the world becomes  a riddle impossible to solve for Lee Young Oh. 

Young Oh finally learns there’s emotion that can’t be decoded by logic. And that there’s eyes that cannot be read by body signals. That was the beginning. That was when Lee Young Oh’s perfect world started to crack. 

Unstoppable train, Kye Jin Sung: No hipocrisy, no circumlocution. She acts according to rules, speaks according to feelings and walks along the path she believes in.   

While others spend time covering up their feelings due to pride or calculation, she reveals her 100% pure heart. So, it is hard to hate her. She has never turned her back towards the world or towards her love. 

Some find her honesty to be “too much” but spend some time with her and you’ll find her lovely. 

After her many encounters with Young Oh, Jin Sung found out he is not a dangerous man but rather a poor man. As always, she can’t turn her back on Lee Young Oh either. She can’t turn her eyes away from him. 

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