Please Teach Me Korean: Lesson 2 – Save me!


Thanks to some positive responses in the previous lesson, here I go again! Lesson 2!

Again, the phrase we’re learning today is very short. It’s “Save me!” and in Korean, it’s only 5 syllables.


again, use romanization only to help you, and try to listen to how it’s said on the video of our beautiful Lee Geon being a superb drama queen (starts from 00:09 approximately in the video above, and lasts for….3 seconds?). Well, he’s running and is desperate and all so it may not be the best clip to catch pronunciation and all….but hey, that’s how this phrase is supposed to be spoken, right? lol

살려주세요 (sal-lyeo-joo-se-yo) literally means “Please make me live.” Thus, it is a phrase used to say, “save me!”

So go on and listen to LG several times, watch the whole clip if you may cuz FTLY is always amazing, and try saying it aloud. Then our basic lesson is over. Save me! = 살려주세요 (sal-lyeo-joo-se-yo)!

But if you want to learn a little more…

Let me break down this phrase a little more (I’ve never studied Korean language academically, so it’s nothing official or anything, it’s just how I see it)

살려주세요 can be broken into 살려(sal-lyeo) + 주세요(joo-se-yo)

주세요(joo-se-yo) can be translated into “please”. It is usually added in the end to ask someone to do something for you.

ex) 살려(sal-lyeo)+주세요(joo-se-yo) = Please save me
도와(do-wa)+주세요(joo-se-yo) = Please help me
기다려(gi-da-ryeo)+주세요(joo-se-yo) = Please wait.

We can add what we learned last time to form a longer full sentence! How do we say “Please wait a moment”?

잠깐만(jam-kan-mahn) + 기다려주세요 (gi-da-ryeo-joo-se-yo)
just a moment                  +   please wait   = Please wait a moment.

End of amateur mini lesson 2! Let’s all scream 살려주세요(sal-lyeo-joo-se-yo)!! and hope we never have to actually use that phrase in life….lol. And enjoy Lee Geon the drama queen, awww he is too precious…

12 responses to “Please Teach Me Korean: Lesson 2 – Save me!

  1. Luv this. Thanks.

  2. this is quite informative. i’ve picked up some phrases from watching KDs but remained ignorant of how sentences are formed, or why such a long phrase means a single word. these lessons from you gumi definitely sheds some light. and what’s more, you have JH as your assistant teacher. lol.
    seriously, we appreciate it. thanks a lot.

  3. I really enjoyed this lesson! When people shout ‘Help me’ in dramas it does sound like a mouthful. I assume because they are still using the polite honorifics as they are being chased? In my case I’d have to drop all propriety. HELP! HELP! no time to waste running breath and add the ‘yo’. lol

  4. Ah yes, we all need a little saving after watching Drama Queen Gunnie, haha! Gumi, the dictionary/plain form is 살다 (sal-da): to live. Do you know how it conjugates to 살려 (sal-lyeo)?

    • to live: 살다
      to make someone live: 살리다
      살리+다, get rid of 다 and u have 살리. to put it together with 주다(to give/to do someone else a good), it becomes 살려주다: to do someone else a good by making someone live.

      • Gumi, my little Korean is based on what i hear from dramas and songs. So when you put the Hangul in, i compared word for word as i cant recognise it…this method reminds me when i was trying to decipher Russian language on the subway. Lol. Can you pls kindly recommend a link where i can pickup the Hangul alphabet, etc? Many thanks

      • Aha! Makes perfect sense now. I did not know about the verb 살리다. This is “Greateu, greateu, greateu!!” Thank you. ^^

  5. lol…love this. Reminds me to watch this over again and again! Love these little lessons too!

  6. Gumi, love you, you are soo cool. LG as DRAMA QUEEN in this clip, so so funny and apt description. I can never forget him pointing the dog and asking the dog to run after MY instead. lol.

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