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Real Men Ep 10 – Favorite moments and English Subs

Thanks to Nathania from the Real Men blog we now have English Subs for this episode http://realman-show.blogspot.com/2014/03/eng-sub-real-man-ep-10-english-subbed.html?spref=tw

Not knowing korean sucks! I’ve been waiting for Gumi to tell me exactly what was said on the latest episode of The Real Man, but she has been very busy this week. She was kind enough to send me a link to the show, so I could watch, try to guess what happened, and make these gifs. I’m also working on captures for a slideshow. Please enjoy these in the meantime, while Gumi finds the time to come to the rescue and provide us with context 😉

1.- Last one is a rotten egg!: Hyukie looks so happy winning the race against younger guys. From a distance all you can see is his grin 😀

Jang Hyuk outruns everyone

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Real Men Ep9 – Jang Hyuk and Hyungsik join the show – Eng Subs

Blogger Nathania Kristono has started doing English Subs for Real Men, starting on episode 9 when Jang Hyuk and Hyungsik joined the show. We thank you for your great work Nathania


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Real Men – Ep 24 – Military police training – The Get Smart episode

I won’t be able to recap every episode of Real Men since I’ve fallen behind, but I’ll do my best to at least show you highlights of my favorite moments.

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On ep 24, we see our guys training at the Military Police Unit (I’ve googled but I have not been able to identify what the equivalent would be in the U.S Military world, not that I know much about that either. I’m sure our korean friends will be able to guide us) Anyway, the most important thing is, we see our guys dressed in nice swoon inducing uniforms and even in suits (a la James Bond) *swoooooonssss* And we get to see Jang Hyuk doing some gloriously badass martial arts moves but we also see his “humanity” once again when we find out, the man can’t tell left from right lol! Yup! Jang Hyuk could very well play a new SUPER HOT and ADORKABLE version of Maxwell Smart (from the series and movie Get Smart)

VIDEO: Jang Hyuk, Real Man in action


jh_rm_wink rm_jh_crosseyes_short rm_jh_suhpatsjhandhs rm_jh_leftandright

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rm_jh_actionscene6_slowmo rm_jh_actionscene7

Real Men 20, 21 and 22 – Child private steals the show

Hi: I’m so behind with this show. Trying to catch up! Anyway, here are my highlights from eps 20, 21 and 22, during which this young man, nicknamed “child private” stole the show.

진짜 사나이 - 전출 신고 때 수색왕으로 뽑힌 장혁!, #18 20130908 - YouTube_00003

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The sweet moment when Jang Hyuk gives his “days off pass” to the child private.

Hyungsik the "worried mom"

Hyungsik the “worried mom”

Jang Hyuk pretends to fall, teasing the child private

Jang Hyuk pretends to fall, teasing the child private

TJ on Real Men

TJ on Real Men

He sings with passion. Be glad this doesn't have sound

He sings with passion. Be glad this doesn’t have sound

Ryu Soo Young and Jang Hyuk

The passionate and tone deaf soldiers

Jang Hyuk shares his icre cream with Hyungsik

Jang Hyuk shares his icre cream with Hyungsik


Real Man Eps 18 and 19: It’s all about the bromance

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When I started watching Real Man I had no expectations to like it. I don’t like reality shows in general, since I feel they tend to showcase humans at their worse. I definitely started watching just because Jang Hyuk was going to be in it. But I am very pleased with the kind of show it turned out to be. Contrary to my assumption that it would just show a bunch of macho men being competitive and doing macho things (there is some of that), or fish out of water situations (there is some of that too) it is so much more than that.

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