Real Men Ep9 – Jang Hyuk and Hyungsik join the show – Eng Subs

Blogger Nathania Kristono has started doing English Subs for Real Men, starting on episode 9 when Jang Hyuk and Hyungsik joined the show. We thank you for your great work Nathania


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12 responses to “Real Men Ep9 – Jang Hyuk and Hyungsik join the show – Eng Subs

  1. Can you invite me to the blog, I want to see real man so much. Thanks

  2. elinor alcovendaz

    hi i want watch this episode how can i watch this for free?

  3. Can I please be invited to the blog so I can watch Ep 9 with eng sub .

  4. Excuse me! I tried my best to find Real man ep 9 and 10 but when i try to enter, i must have permission to enter this link. How can i contact to Nathania to get this permission

  5. Hello! Can i be invited to view the eng subbed episodes of real men please? Especially ep 9,10 and because im hoping to see park hyungsik featured episodes ! Thank you so much for your efforts to sub this 🙂

  6. Guys, can you please tell me where i can watch all the episodes with eng sub
    ??? Tnx

    • Hi we only know that 9 and 10 are subbed on the site that is linked on this post. We would love to find more eps subbed. We’ll post if we find any more 🙂

  7. Where is Nathania’s blog? I want to keep up with her subs. I LOVE this show ❤

  8. Thank you, Nathania and Gumi!

  9. hi gumi, wonderful job! Now i’m not worried about translating the Korean message anymore!
    btw, i happened to find an article which seems be written by one of Hyuk’s comrades in the army. Would you please help translate it into English if you find it’s worth doing so? The link to the article:
    Thank you in advance.

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