Real Men – Ep 24 – Military police training – The Get Smart episode

I won’t be able to recap every episode of Real Men since I’ve fallen behind, but I’ll do my best to at least show you highlights of my favorite moments.

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On ep 24, we see our guys training at the Military Police Unit (I’ve googled but I have not been able to identify what the equivalent would be in the U.S Military world, not that I know much about that either. I’m sure our korean friends will be able to guide us) Anyway, the most important thing is, we see our guys dressed in nice swoon inducing uniforms and even in suits (a la James Bond) *swoooooonssss* And we get to see Jang Hyuk doing some gloriously badass martial arts moves but we also see his “humanity” once again when we find out, the man can’t tell left from right lol! Yup! Jang Hyuk could very well play a new SUPER HOT and ADORKABLE version of Maxwell Smart (from the series and movie Get Smart)

VIDEO: Jang Hyuk, Real Man in action


jh_rm_wink rm_jh_crosseyes_short rm_jh_suhpatsjhandhs rm_jh_leftandright

Click here to see full set of action gifs

rm_jh_actionscene6_slowmo rm_jh_actionscene7

12 responses to “Real Men – Ep 24 – Military police training – The Get Smart episode

  1. Hihi,

    I’m a new fan of Jang Hyuk.

    I got to know him from FTLY. Can you share with you where I can watch full episodes of ‘Real Men’ raw or with English subs?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Oh! Well in terms of aesthetic movements really Moves East (Korean-Chinese) Very nice, fresh and artistically more! Jang Hyuk is very artistic and elegant fighter! But something that exists here, JH fights artistic and Jason Asttam fights by all body!! Ohhh! if he beats the person like he beat you!but Hyuk fights with the order and beauty I mean, from comparison was that both Jason in movie and behind the scenes not footage below beaten!i wish hyuk beat all body and his coat does not Tearing and does not beat at all!haha

  3. Jang Hyuk moves like a gazelle and turns martial arts into a ballet. It’s beautiful. I think Jason Statham is trained as a stuntman, with some background in Martial Arts. But I don’t really watch his movies so not sure.

    • Yes, that is exactly it! I had to watch his moves in slow motion when I did the gifs and it was such a pleasure to see these moves frame by frame ❤️😎❤️The beauty of it!

      • That high kick/near flip gives me the shivers. LOLOL. Love it! Is this our modern day Daegil character in action? 😉

  4. i think Jeison Statam is better than Hyuk oppa!becuse he does not injery at all!but our oppa in movie or behind of scene injeries..i am very sad and worry for him since he is very thin and careless about his body..oppa che bal be careful!

  5. I heard they are making a remake of Mortal Kombat, not quite a fan of that stuff, but seriously, can Hollywood do any better than to get Jang Hyuk a first class ticket to California to star in it???

  6. An action comedy with a forthright, but slightly inept detective hero played by Jang Hyuk can be an epic WIN! That was amazing, and he was holding back too. I can imagine if the cops in NYC worked like that. Then again, our thugs just shoot all crazy, they dont know how to hold guns, and spray everyone with bullets. It might be hard to bust out into martial arts.

  7. wowwww they’re cool!very very thank you Drama fan
    woww!oooooo!his foot is long!omoo omoo
    the nick of that man was injury!i think!!!
    hahahaha!i very injoy from that movement and his coat!!!

  8. Lovely!! Aw, he was such an eye candy in this episode…I loved their uniforms! And hyukie was hilarious in keep failing and being frustrated…but he made it all up with that badass action!

  9. I love how they used Chuno music for hyuk’s actions ❤

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