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Real Men Fan Video – Hall of Fame

I did my first Jang Hyuk related Fan Video. I can’t upload this on regular video sites because the company that produces this show is very strict so hopefully this works. Just click on the image and let me know what you think 🙂 The song used is Hall of Fame by The Script.

Jang Hyuk gets the first flag

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Real Man Eps 18 and 19: It’s all about the bromance

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When I started watching Real Man I had no expectations to like it. I don’t like reality shows in general, since I feel they tend to showcase humans at their worse. I definitely started watching just because Jang Hyuk was going to be in it. But I am very pleased with the kind of show it turned out to be. Contrary to my assumption that it would just show a bunch of macho men being competitive and doing macho things (there is some of that), or fish out of water situations (there is some of that too) it is so much more than that.

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Section TV – The Flu VIP Premiere – Video and photos

In this video from Section TV, we can see some of the stars that attended the VIP Premiere of The Flu , besides the main cast, and some other interesting things.  Read below the video for more details.

  • I spotted Dragon Brothers Cha Tae-Hyun and Kim Jong-Kook.  Jang Hyuk’s “Real Man” teammates, Kim Sooro, Sam Hammington and Son Jin Young.
  • Handsome Jang Woo Sung  was there too. He is so tall! When I heard him speak, sofly almost whispering, I remembered Jang Hyuk’s impression of him on the Knee Drop Guru show teehee! From what I hear, it seems accurate.
  • I think I saw as Lee Soo-Hyuk as well (the tall skinny actor/model who played Yoon Pyung on The Tree With Deep Roots) but I’m not 100% sure.
  • During the meet and greet, Jang Hyuk received flowers from his teammates and he danced the “point dance” on stage 😀
  • The epic fail in wrestling scene was repeated for the nth time lol!
  • The MC  mentioned “Girl groups” to Jang Hyuk, and military men reactions to them. Jang Hyuk said they are like “vitamins” and almost a “religion” 😀
  • The actors were asked to “spread happy viruses among each other”. The MC gave Hyuk “Girl group virus”, Hyukie gave “Idol virus” to Soo Ae. Yu Hae-Jin gave “safety virus” to Jang Hyuk because he tends to get injured and they all agreed he needs to take better care of himself

Real Man Ep 16 – Jang Hyuk’s EPIC fail – Video, photos and gifs

There is nothing sexier than a confident man right? But at the same time, is there something funnier than a super confident man, suddenly tasting the flavor of “defeat”? That is exactly what happened to Jang Hyuk on episode 16 of The Real Man (Real Men). Are we bad fans for laughing? I hope not 😀

Ah, and there was also more celebrating and dancing during this episode.

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