Real Man Eps 18 and 19: It’s all about the bromance

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When I started watching Real Man I had no expectations to like it. I don’t like reality shows in general, since I feel they tend to showcase humans at their worse. I definitely started watching just because Jang Hyuk was going to be in it. But I am very pleased with the kind of show it turned out to be. Contrary to my assumption that it would just show a bunch of macho men being competitive and doing macho things (there is some of that), or fish out of water situations (there is some of that too) it is so much more than that.

Watching these men, going through all these hard challenges together, strengthening their friendship, helping each other, overcoming obstacles, improving their skills, showing their sensitive side, being cute even, is exciting and heartwarming.

I don’t want to dwell on what I think of military culture. Let’s just say, I’m not a fan. But I appreciate the positive light that this show sheds on humans. And it is a reminder that there is good and bad everywhere, and that not everything needs to be ugly to be “real”.

The recap for eps 18 and 29 is above on the slideshow and you can find some gifs below.

Suh pats Jang Hyuk in the head for being a "good private"

Suh pats Jang Hyuk in the head for being a “good private”


This man is on fire!


His fierce expression, channeling Daegil and Ddolbock 😀



Hyungsik offers his food to Jang Hyuk. Hyukie says No, no no!

Hyungsik offers his food to Jang Hyuk. Hyukie says No, no no!

Don't worry hyung but... can I have the sausage?

Don’t worry but… can I have the sausage?

Jang Hyuk ends up eating half of Hyungsik's food

Jang Hyuk ends up eating half of Hyungsik’s food

Jang Hyuk gets up and Hyungsik follows him to keep feeding him :)

Jang Hyuk gets up and Hyungsik follows him to keep feeding him 🙂

22 responses to “Real Man Eps 18 and 19: It’s all about the bromance

  1. I really need to watch more real men. What I’ve seen I really like. They always look so cute in the gifs.

  2. **oops** didn’t mean to put a ‘smile’ next to the suffering child comment, but I was just thinking of all the cute moments between them as JH character is impressed to tears by the child’s bravery and gets attached.

    • I understood and I love your idea for a story 😊👍

      • Thanks! I know I get long-winded. The ideas just keep coming out of my fingertips. I want to be a K-drama writer! 🙂 Do they staff Americans with not particular writing experience or degrees but has some writing talent and loads of ideas? lol

  3. Seeing this video again with the song makes me think of a few drama Ideas, I’d love to see a drama where JH comes up against realistic odds. He’s blind, or he’s deaf, or my ‘favorite’ – I a great drama where he’s a rescue worker, maybe a very proud, cocky, ambitious, but excellent worker, but then there is a terrible accident. A big televised event. He saves the people, but then something happens and he can’t move his legs. The drama would revolve around him going through all the emotions as he struggles to walk again. And he falls into a despair as he keeps watching the TV footage of the accident. Family and friends start to pity him, some drift away and treat him different, like a real invalid. His mother is broken-hearted. Because her husband/his father was also a rescue worker and died on the job. JH had a little resentment because his father always seemed to put his job and saving people first before his family. So he set out to become even better than him. (You gotta have unresolved family issues! 🙂

    Then of course we need a sweet romance. 😀 One of his personal trainers at the rehab center who is kind but firm and pushes him to his limit because she knows he can walk again. Things with her can be lighthearted. She has a rule of no fraternizing with the patients, but she can’t help but be drawn to him. She sees past the jerk in him. lol. And then another doctor on staff angry and vying for her attention. Maybe even devious enough to try and get him out of the way.

    Then at his job there was a female rescue worker who also crushed on him. He might have teased her and even dated her casually. So of course she’s stuck on him. And you need another jealous co-worker sort of friend who becomes the big shot after his accident. As JH’s character sees all this he realizes the kind of life he led, while he did good works, he was not humble. But as he learns to walk again he befriends a lot of people in the center, every day people who went through bad accidents or were even born that way and to him they become the true heroes. He can also befriend a child who is really suffering. 😀

    This idea is nothing new at all, but I can totally see him in a role like this!

    • Lady G, you got me dreaming.
      I can totally see JH in this role of a tormented man who struggles to walk again. This character transforms as he undergoes despair, anger, frustration, finds hope, and comes at peace with himself at the end. I’m visualizing JH on the screen and totally getting excited about it.
      Ahhh, I need to watch one of his dramas again. I want to see him act again in a new drama or a movie.
      Lady G, if you could write these ideas and dialogues in Korean, I bet you could be a drama writer, no doubt. 🙂

      • Aww thanks! I wish I could read and write Hangul. Maybe at some point with further study. It’s a dream role for sure. This being K-drama, our Jang Hyuk will learn to walk again and defy all odds, and then by the end of this…24 episode drama, he becomes the heroic image/beacon of hope for all paralyzed Koreans. I’m thinking a huge climax would be a desperate situation at the clinic where he gets therapy like a large fire, or earthquake? and it literally forces him back on his feet. (By this point he was being stubborn and needed to put mind over matter.) Saving that child and his yoja would be a catalyst.
        In the finale we see he becomes a personal trainer and tirelessly champions the invalids and better medical treatment, etc. rather than just work for the hero-status of his former job. 🙂 Ahh, to dream, to dream!

  4. Why Hyuk oppa suddenly hid his head??in First Gif ..?they were speaking and laughing

  5. Oh, I love his telling story
    He laughs so cute, right? But his smile really makes he becomes Angel
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh sleepy Hyuk oppa is so cute!!
    thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Drama fan komaooooooooooo chinja komaooooooooooo

  6. hahaha! Thank you for the Ryu smiles!!! I love reading your re-caps and looking at all the great pictures. Don’t know if I will ever watch this, but I feel like I have whenever you post an update. It’s cute they have one white American guy in there trying to fit in. lol

  7. awwwwww
    JH is getting cuter and cuter in this show!

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