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Dance of the Dragon Quick Review

Zhaoul @ Kdramadreamer continues on her Jang Hyuk dramas and movies marathon and we at Stuck on Hyuk support her 100% hehe! But pace yourself girl! You’ll run out of Jang Hyuk too soon 🙂 Here is her review of Dance of the Dragon, with which I agree a lot.



A few days ago I watched the Korean 2008 Movie Dance of the Dragon. I usually enjoy dance movies no matter the genre. I can’t say I really liked this movie very much though. It wasn’t bad, I just felt it could have been better.

Quick Synopsis: Kwan (Jang Hyuk) has wanted to become a ballroom dancer ever since he was a child and saw a performance with his mother. Emi (Fann Wong) sees that he has potential even though he has never been professionally trained and has a lot to learn. Her partner Cheng (Jason Scott Lee) is immediately jealous Kwan.


My Thoughts:

So, it was a little strange for me when I started watching this, and saw Jang Hyuk in this role. He played it very well, but it was so different then anything else I had seen him in. It took me maybe 20 minutes to get used…

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