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Fated to love you – BTS ep 15 – Sooo cuteeee!!!!

This is a must watch guys! I’m
not into behind the scenes videos in general but this one is seriously adorable. The Jangs are jjang on screen and off screen ❤️😊👍

I guarantee that you will melt! Their chemistry is off the charts!!!


1.- I love Jang Nara teasing Jang Hyuk. Especially when she laughs. Is she laughing with him or at him? lol

2.- Hyukie jokingly attempting to steal a kiss from Nara and her little slap 🙂 Cuteeeeeee

3.- His hug and lift at the end of the video *swoooonnssss*

Fated to love you – My other ship – The Hyuks

In an effort to get distracted from my obsession with The Snail Couple aka The Jangs I’m going to focus my attention for a moment on my other ship: The Hyuks! How awesomely funny was that race scene? There was a hint of bromance or at least mutual respect between these two rivals at the end of the race. Of course Geon had to pull a prank cause well, it’s GEON! But Daniel didn’t get upset. On the contrary, he seemed amused

BTS the Hyuks were laughing their hard rock arses off teehee! Luff them!







Fated to love you – The Jangs being too adorable BTS

The media keeps playing with our hearts, releasing these BTS stills where Jang Hyuk is a true gentleman and Jang Nara is just irresistibly adorable.

One article said:

“The photos show Jang Hyuk wiping Jang Nara’s shoes”


“And fixing Jang Nara’s front bang”


The photos also show Jang Hyuk staring at Jang Nara with a charming smile


Giving a hand massage to her (OMG! hand massage? waeee? stop it Hyukie stop it!!!!)


And many people are showing great reactions for their sweet looks.


A representative of the drama’s production team said, “Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara show fabulous teamwork during every shooting. They always show particular care for each other, and they always study through and rehearse their scripts together.”
The representative added, “They always take care of staffs’ snacks, and all of the staffs are getting lots of positive energy from them.

I need to remind myself that he is married with two kids. Married with two kids. I’ll say it again MARRIED with TWO kids lol! I’m not a real life shipper either so WTH! Snail couple, stop messing with mah feels!


Fated to love you: Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara BTS stills

Looks like the JJangs are having fun on the set 🙂



Thorn BTS – photos

It’s only three photos but I found them so cute I thought it’d be nice to share here 😊