Real Men Ep 10 – Favorite moments and English Subs

Thanks to Nathania from the Real Men blog we now have English Subs for this episode

Not knowing korean sucks! I’ve been waiting for Gumi to tell me exactly what was said on the latest episode of The Real Man, but she has been very busy this week. She was kind enough to send me a link to the show, so I could watch, try to guess what happened, and make these gifs. I’m also working on captures for a slideshow. Please enjoy these in the meantime, while Gumi finds the time to come to the rescue and provide us with context 😉

1.- Last one is a rotten egg!: Hyukie looks so happy winning the race against younger guys. From a distance all you can see is his grin 😀

Jang Hyuk outruns everyone

2.- Tarzan Hyukie: This moment was epic! I don’t understand korean but the ooohss and ahhhhhs are universal, and there was plenty of that during this moment. Even though  we know Jang Hyuk is in very good shape and is known for his ability in action scenes,  he still manages to rise above our already high expectations

Tarzan Hyukie swinging across water

Tarzan Hyukie swinging across water

3.- A good friend: We’ve heard it from producers, directors, other actors etc. “Jang Hyuk is a good friend”. But how cool is it to actually witness it thanks to this show? His concerned expression while watching poor Sam Hammington struggle, and his decision to help him was touching. I tend to be cynical, and part of me could think this was “for the show” but this man looks genuinely caring. I didn’t really need to “like” this guy to be totally obsessed with him (I only needed Chuno to get there…) but his reputation as a “good friend” is a nice bonus. (Now, the gif is funny looking. One thing Gumi told me is that Sam joked about the “privilege of getting his butt touched by Jang Hyuk lol)

Jang Hyuk helps Sam on The Real Man

4.- For the muddy minds: Do I really need to describe this one? Isn’t the image of sweaty, muddy, fierce, fighting with all his might Jang Hyuk just enough to provoke the dirtiest and happiest thoughts? I hear a collective YES, so I’ll just let you watch and enjoy…

Fighting dirty


14 responses to “Real Men Ep 10 – Favorite moments and English Subs

  1. i would really wanna watch ep11 subbed but never found it 😦

  2. Hi, could you allow me to access

    Chance upon a clip of JH’s performance on youtube and would really love to watch more. Unfortunately youtube videos are limited and mostly no subs. Finding your blog is like striking a gold mine. It would great if you could give your permission. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. I cannot watch ep 10 subbed, it says its for invited readers only. How to get an invitation ?

  4. This episode was so awesome! I really really want to watch episode 11 and so on, but I hate to watch it without subs – my frustrastion levels go berserk. I thought I couldn’t like Jang Hyuk more, but then I saw how caring he is towards is companions and I fell in love all over again.

    Do you think you could update us if you know of someone subbing the episodes with Jang Hyuk in them?

    Side note: There were times I was waiting for him to make his Gunnie laugh, the scene where he was racing was perfect for it, haha.

  5. O_O Wut are they doing in the last pic? Are they trying to drown uri Hyukkie?

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