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Windstruck Quick Review

I loved Windstruck’s funny and romantic moments, the actors, cinematography and the OST. But there were some plot issues. Here is a quick review by Zhaoul



First of all, romantic comedy? Yea right! They tricked me! This movie is not a romantic comedy. Here I thought, okay, I’m going to check out an older romantic comedy, this should be a light watch to pass two hours of my time. Well, I should have known better. The cover photo doesn’t exactly scream romantic comedy. Yes, there would comedic elements, but I would not call this a romantic comedy.


Sypnosis: Yeo Kyung-Jin (played by Gianna Jun) is a police officer who’s super tough. She tries to catch someone who steals a purse but grabs the wrong guy by mistake (Myung-Woo played by Jang Hyuk). They end up falling for each other and then .. well… spoilers happen.

So the first half is pretty funny and light hearted, with a few more serious scenes in it where there’s…

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