When a Drama Becomes a Case Study

I have watched most of Kim Myung Min and Cha Seung Won’s dramas, both of whom are seasoned actors, but one person I hadn’t gotten around to watching was Jang Hyuk, another actor possibly in the same league. Therefore, my latest watch was: Beautiful Mind, starring Jang Hyuk and the energetic, lively Park So Dam […]


16 responses to “When a Drama Becomes a Case Study

  1. Hi, Drama Fan *waves* I finally watched Midas. It was a struggle. Probably due to my ignorance in how high finance works. But it’s finally on my JHyuk-notch. “JHyuck” – that was a typo but I might start using it like (DJango or however that movie was spelled where you don’t pronounce the first letter.) Anyway, I just felt the need to let somebody know that my Hyukkie love hasn’t wavered. Now I need to get Tazza and the one with “Ambition” in the title notched off and I think I’ll have seen everything hers ever been in. Oh, except Model, which I’d love to see for JH and a few others like So Ji sub, etc. But I’m not holding out much hope for that one because I doubt I’ll find it anywhere.

    Has there been any word on the blind swordsman movie?

    • Hi Beez, I haven’t heard when Swordman will come out but his new drama Money Flower has started and I got hooked on those first eps ☺️

      • I’m so excited for Money Flower (although I don’t think he’s the romantic lead 😦 ). Viki has 1 percent of one episode subbed so far. 😦 But these days I should just be glad when Viki or DramaFever even has a show that I want to watch.

        • I watch on other sites. Just type Money Flower Ep 1 eng subs on google and you will find other choices.

          • Thanks, DF. Do you know if anybody’s recapping Money Flower? (Anybody besides Dramabeans, that is.)

            • I don’t know but I was hoping our friend KJT would.

              • I sent her an email just now requesting but with “no pressure”. lol

                • @Beez Did you get to watch it? No recaps anywhere. I’m getting desperate ☹️

                  • Not yet. Viki only had one episode subbed so I waited until both were done. I really want to savor it and watch on my big screen tv so I didn’t go to those streaming sites where I’m always anxious because they’re so virusy. I have to be on guard, constantly ready to quickly exit or shut down as the pop ups take over the screen of my phone and tablets if I’m not quick enough. I have a crazy busy day today so watching Money Flower on Viki on my Amazon Firestick (big screen in my easy chair) will be my reward tonight. 🙂

                    I haven’t heard back from kjt one way or the other, which is odd. But perhaps she’s busy with real life. I think she over extended herself in the last few months, recapping about 6-7 shows at one time so she’s down to two right now (good for her).

  2. Yes, Viki does fix the subs. During Descendants of the Sun, there was a scene where I could tell the subs weren’t right (based on what was said and the reactions of the characters. I checked several sites and all of them had each characters saying different lines. I was able to piece together what was actually said. Later, while rewatching the episode, Viki had fixed it.

    In Voice, the scene with the mentally challenged young man and his Noona – he was clearly saying Noona and Viki had “Mom” every time 😦 They fixed that later as well. But I finished that episode on Drama Fever cause that was too simple too mess up like that and I didn’t want to wait.

    I choose Viki first for two reasons – the #1 reason is the 10 second back & forward buttons (I watch on an Amazon Firestick and DramaFever’s app for the Firestick doesn’t have the 10 seconds button). The #2 reason is Viki seems to leave the colloquiolosms and then explain them in patentheses. I love the literal translations such as “she ran out with her shoes on backwards” – caught cheating but no time to turn the shoes (that are always left off at the front door) around the correct way. I love that flavor. Here’s one from Chuno – about the young noble girl and the slave boy were “rubbing bellies” and ran away together. Do you remember that one? Also Viki leaves the homonyms intact and a lot of the wittisims in rom-coms are based on Koreans playing around with words and Viki explains “this word sounds like that word”. DramaFever just throws out a get-the-gist translation, then later on if that word becomes intricate to the couple’s teasing or bickering, it’s a throwaway because it was never translated literally.

    Another scene in Chuno had our three friends dining with the two inn ladies. On DramaFever, Monkey Boy says something about ahjumma inn lady’s breasts. It seemed like out of the blue. But in actuality, she said something first about her breath caught in her breasts out of worry for Friend General. That prompted Monkey Boy to say something about your breasts aren’t big enough to worry about anyway. I’m not really describing it correctly because I can’t remember the dialogue precisely right now but you may have caught this as well. I also dislike subbers that throw the word “bitch” around in saegeuks when it’s obvious “wench” was probably used. The troubadour girl in Chuno is called “wench” on Viki but “bitch” on a few other sites. She even refers to herself as “wench” but other sites used “bitch”. I’m not prudish so my objection is not to the word “bitch”. It’s given the time period, (and given she was referring to herself, “wench” seems more likely and less harsh). I’ve seen other saegueks where the characters are saying “dude” and “my bad”. C’mon, at least keep the flavor of ancient speak!

    Anyway, sorry for the long post but that’s why I try to watch on Viki.

    • @Beez I totally agree with you. I prefer Viki’s subs when they’ve had enough time to finish them. I found MJH language was kind of colorful and amusing when he “punished” the guy who experimented on the homeless and that was totally lost to me the first time I watched.

  3. @DramaFan – Now that Beautiful Mind is over, maybe I can put aside my anger at the two totally different genres the show had to rewatch it just to see Hyukie do his thing [deliver this character in a way only he could].

    I think I’ll just view it as two separate dramas – serious, thought-provoking half and rom-com second half. That should keep me happy since I do love my rom-coms. I just hate mixing genres. I’m okay with the tears rom-coms seek to evoke by throwing in an elder’s death or character background of tragic childhood, but I just can’t stand a total shift in my rom-coms to nothing but tears and tragedy. BM taught me I don’t like the reverse either. I get that life is a mixture and appreciate a dark show with a few (VERY few) light moments because tall life isn’t gloom & doom ALL the time; and a rom-com that has a tragic event that’s there only to provide for the romance to have some sort of actual story background fir the characters. I can’t stand a show that doesn’t know which one it wants to be.

    Beautiful Mind gets a pass because of the hack it got by the network and what the show did, it did really well. I usually record my fav dramas onto an sd card and I’ve been debating about this one for all of the reasons stated above. After rewatching, I think it’ll get added to my collection.

    • @Beez Let me know how that goes 😊 I didn’t feel a switch in genres. The drama changes its mood as LYO’s world became a little more hopeful but the story never stopped being serious and poignant. There were heavy and heartfelt cases until the end. To me that flow was natural but let’s see how I feel on second watch myself. Also, this is not about BM but I just checked a random scene of Voice on Viki and I kind of confirmed what I think I read once, that they keep working on them. They seemed better than before.

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