The interviewer who lost a battle with Jang Hyuk

Reporter Hwang Eui Sook interviewed Jang Hyuk for Allure in 2009. When Gumi started casually translating her introduction to that interview I thought, this is great to share on the blog 🙂 I believe many of us will identify with this reporter’s words.


Dear actors and actresses, please keep in mind that editors are always in “eye fight” with you during interviews. Who knows how these reporters will move their pens? It is important for you to win the first fight.

Convince them how you are truthful and how your soul is beautiful. The easiest and quickest way to do that? Win the “eye fight” I confess, I enjoy these “eye fights” and today I met a strong competitor in an unexpected situation.

Jang Hyuk, The Eye Warrior

Jang Hyuk, The Eye Warrior

Jang Hyuk is widely known to be a quiet, serious and awfully hard working actor. I asked around before meeting him, but no one said anything bad about him, so I thought that was a little boring.

When I met him, it was more or less what I expected. He arrived exactly on time, more accurate than a clock hand and made this editor ask “Pardon” several times while writing down his responses due to his low decibel voice. He also answered a casual question with a long serious answer.

Aside from the fact that sometimes, to the questions he felt interested in, he would bring up a perfect example and make his gestures slightly bigger, It almost was a typical interview just like the ones with any other actor.

But his eyes!

In the middle of jotting down his answers which I felt were a “little too much” I raised my head and…I would never forget his eyes. Steady and deep eyes, sparkling beautifully even after 14 hours of tiresome filming.


His eyes seemed to be saying:

  • “All I’m saying right now is true”


  • ” I’ve heard this question for the first time, but I’ve thought about this issue before so that’s why I answer so fluently now”


  • “I am sincerely enjoying this moment, talking right now”


His non spoken messages were just springing up like an eternal water fountain and this editor felt dizzy, avoided his eyes and had to admit that I had totally lost the “eye fight” with him.



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So much pain eyes



DramaFan’s favorite eyes




6 responses to “The interviewer who lost a battle with Jang Hyuk

  1. Excellent actor! Love his eyes!😍

  2. I would probably freeze too. He has gorgeous expressive eyes. I’m really noticing his eyes while watching Midas. He has a lot of scenes where he’s silent and staring. As he’s doing this, you can tell his character is doing so much thinking. He’s showing us his feelings while standing still, remaining silent. That’s impressive.

  3. Very nice translation! And I totally believe that he’d discombobulate a reporter with that gaze! 😉 Also – that last gif made me giggle XD

    • Hi kfangurl 🙂 Im glad you enjoyed it. This reporter turned into fangirl mode like the best of us. I was thinking, it is almost a requirement for an actor to be able to speak with the eyes and Jang Hyuk certainly does that with his characters but how cool to find out that this powerful expressive eyes were able to disarm this cynical reporter. I had a lot of fun going through his pictures and notice I used the one you posted for us in your blog 😉 And the last gif yeah haha those “dancing” eyes are my favorite

      • I did notice the pic!! 😀 What a great fit, to show those eyes and their depth! Made me very pleased to have contributed to this post! ^^

        Yes, I am impressed that he managed to disarm the reporter with his gaze.. Those reporters are seasoned and don’t lose their cool easily. That he managed to cause her to go all fangirly with just his gaze is really something!

        HAHA. I’m pretty sure those “dancing” eyes were NOT the gaze the reporter was referring to! XD

        • Crazy dancing eyes are all mine! I love goofy Jang Hyuk. You know? at the beginning of my career I used to interview celebrities, especially telenovela actors. It was never as awesome since my comoany was not interested in deep interviews, it was mostly gossip (hard for me since I find it distatesful so I ended up changing gears) but still I did get to interview actors I liked and on the one hand, they got the best results because I was inspired but they were also painful because It becomes hard to concentrate. I usually preferred to interview new actors or those I sort of liked but knew about. The ones I loved I tried to avoid as much as possible 😋 Then again I didn’t love many actors because telenovelas tend to be sucky 😞 Interviewing a Jang Hyuk and meeting his gaze like that, yeah I would just freeze 😳

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