Robbers – Once I get in, I don’t want to get out – Spazz Recap

I’m going crazyyyyy (pulling my hairs, kdrama style). Remember I had started rewatching Robbers, doing captures and gifs? but then, August 2013 happened, and Jang Hyuk super busy schedule didn’t allow Gumi and I to breathe. We were posting posting posting all the news. Later, Real Men and other things got in the way of my Robbers. I got so distracted that I even considered, rewatching Thank You first, and resume Robbers later. I was so determined to do this, that I even lend my Robbers DVD’s to a friend (who coincidentally just finished watching Thank You) and of course, not having my DVD’s with me is making me crave Robbers like crazy!

So! I found a draft of a post that I had started before! It’s a sort of recap. I highlight this scene because it has some of my favorite and most romantic dialogues from Oh-Joon. This scene is on Ep 9 and for those who have not watched the series  BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.48.20 AM


Oh-Joon comes to Dal-Rae’s door to bring her his daily report (He is on a mission to apologize to every woman he conned, in order to get Dal-Lae’s forgiveness). She doesn’t want it. He first sounds shameless, demanding that she gives him a chance, insisting that while he lied to her at the beginning, later on his intentions were sincere.

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Understandably, she doesn’t accept this. He keeps insisting “I know I was a bastard but how can you deny someone’s true intentions”?He sounds like he wants to guilt her into giving him a chance. But soon his demands turn into a pitiful plea.  Oh Joon tells Dal-Rae that he would kneel in front of her if his knees didn’t hurt so bad, from kneeling the whole day. He tells her that he has gotten beatings from the husband’s of the women he has been apologizing to (ever the manipulator ;)).

Suddenly he says the words that make me understand him completely. This is when I realized that he really didn’t have a choice but to continue and that he really needed Dal-Rae’s chance

“My life is hanging on this. I don’t want to go back to the way I was before. If you abandon me, I really won’t have courage anymore”.

She is acknowledging this. You can see it in her eyes, but she keeps her strong stance. She insists that this is none of her business and that she is going to pretend he never existed in her life. He asked whether this will be possible. She finally asks frustrated “What do you want to say?” and he says the phrase that melts my heart.

“If I can live everyday is because my heart wants to get close to you. I want to see you. I really miss you. Your laughter, your tears. Your tantrums, and your warm hands. And every time I hear, ‘Mr Oh-Joon be careful on the road’. Your farewell. Every and every day, I think of it all day”.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.48.43 AM

This is what the subtitles say. However I hear him repeating Dal-Rae ssi after every sentence, so I think he is saying something like “I want to see Ms Dal-Rae. I miss Ms Dal-Rae’s tantrums and warm hands”, which makes him sound even more romantic and sexy. I just lurrrve how he says”Dal-Rae ssi”. It’s not just about the dialogues but the sincerity in which those words are expressed. Jang Hyuk’s interpretation, his voice breaking at the perfect moments, it’s all perfect and yet, natural. Lee Da-Hae’s response is also marvelous.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.53.21 AM

I also love the scene that follows. Dal-Rae’s mother in law doesn’t know they separated so she invites him to come inside for some tea. Oh-Joon takes advantage of the situation bargaining with Dal-Rae. If she doesn’t read his report, he will tell everything to “auntie”.

Then he looks at her with these “Puss in boots” expression and says :

“Here it is so warm. Once I get in, I don’t want to get out”

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.52.06 AM

It is because of scenes like this that I feel that Robbers is a gem. An underrated precious drama. Yes, it has a lot of flaws but it has so many qualities too. Look at these dialogues and look at these performances. Oh Joon’s succession of “begging” scenes has been the best I’ve seen in anything. You can definitely feel his regret, and his absolute need to be forgiven. It is a matter of life or death for him. And how wonderful it is that we also understand Dal-Rae? because she has reasons to not trust him, and still you can feel she cares, she pities him and she loves him. Usually, the receiving end of the apology tends to frustrate us if they don’t cave. But it is not the case with Dal-Rae. I say it again, Lee Da-Hae was wonderful in this role and particularly, in these scenes.

This series shows Jang Hyuk’s “perfection” as a romantic lead and it reminds us that the chemistry between the lead actors can take a love story to the next level.

My spazzing will continue, so stay tuned 🙂

THE SCENE ON VIDEO: This is not the same subtitle I have on my DVD’s. I will try to upload my version when I get them back from my friend

11 responses to “Robbers – Once I get in, I don’t want to get out – Spazz Recap

  1. it was fascinating series !! saw it after thankyou.
    He was a good man but he exactly after repented became sick! Hyok went my nerve after i knew that he is sick!ahhhhhhhh what would have happened if he was not sick? Oh God
    ommo, the part where he showed his report to Dal rae,and his love rival arrived and said :did not you tell me you hate him?
    Wow really was innocent face Hyukie: (

  2. Dal Lae is such a remarkable woman and Lee Da Hae portrayed her well. In a lot of Kdramas, you see the leading female wavering back and forth between two men. But Dal Lae never once faltered, her heart was always with Oh Joon. Even when Oh Joon conned her, she did not doubt him at all, not because she was stupid, but she loved him. I think it was that kind of unconditional love and trust gave Oh Joon strength to change his life.

  3. I remember that scene where he melts the Mother-in-law’s heart. He’s a professional con, he knew how to tug her heartstrings. But we know in that case he sincerely meant it. 🙂

  4. Thank you for your wonderful post. Once again, I have a reason to spazz over Robbers all over again. I never saw this on YT so I didn’t know some of this wonderful dialogue got lost in translation. Right before he says to Dal Lae that he doesn’t want live the way he did before, the subtitle says “I have thrown away my life” but I wouldn’t have translated it like that but something like ‘my life is hanging on this’. When I first heard Oh Joon said this to her, my heart almost stopped. I can’t find exact translation, but he was saying that he was about to do anything or give his life to have Dal Lae forgive him and to get another chance. Every word he said was so convincingly sincere. JH was just perfect in Robbers. I have to agree with you that begging scenes have been the best of anything that I’ve seen as well.

    “It’s warm here. Once I get in, I don’t want to leave” — this basically says why he is so desperate to have another chance with Dal Lae. His mom died when he was 5 years old, his dad abandoned him and his sister when he was 10, then his sister got married and his brother-in-law didn’t want him living with them, so he had to live on his own. He has not known what it is like to have a loving family and eat a home cooked meal. After he brings the money back to Dal Lae and they cook him a meal, he then realizes that he was missed out on something that “everybody takes for granted,” a home and a family. I’m not sure which episode it is but after he confesses to Dal Lae’s mother-in-law what a scam artist he was, he tells her that he thinks that he is the way he is because he grew up without eating a home cooked meal. He says something like, ‘I will live indebted to those people who make me home cooked meals’ and the mother-in-law melts down. That scene also made me cry. Oh Joon really have a way with his words.

    • Hi! Actually, I like your version of the first phrase much more, so I’ll change it on the post. I’m so grateful to be able to share the spazzing with you all 🙂 Your words made me think of something. You know how, in most dramas, we get to see the characters childhood sad past, acted by a cute pitiful looking kid that makes us like the character no matter what his adult version is? In Robbers we didn’t need to see little Oh Joon. We only needed to see Jang Hyuk’s interpretation, it totally places little abandoned desperate Oh Joon image in our heads. He was THAT good in this. And yes, I have zero objectivity and won’t stop praising him! I love the man 😀

  5. Thank you Drama Fan! I don’t know, all those observations just poured out of me after reading. But I need the catalyst of great blog posts like yours to bring it out. 😀

  6. If only guys talked like that in real life to their leading ladies there would be a lot more love and respect in this world. Robbers really is a gem. I’m so glad I found it on YT, and then immediately found this blog with a new Robbers post!! That was so cool. The Soundtrack is also a gem. I think I listen to it the most out of many others. The songs just flow one right into the other and some are very sweet. It lulls me to sleep.

    The atmosphere in Robbers is cold, chilly, icy and despite many outdoor scenes, we the viewer feel constricted, it’s very claustrophobic because the characters are all trapped in their own way by their actions and pasts. I’m thinking of the 2nd lead in that stuffy mansion, the twisty maze to get to Oh Joon’s sister’s house, the dark interiors Oh Joon is always getting beat up in by those mobsters. The dank looking gym. The cheap office run by the ex-mobster and later the impressive, but dimly lit bar. While Dal Rae’s home is small, but cozy. There is some warmth and color. Her bed is a big and comfy and just for just the two of them at the end. Their own little world.

    There are many scenes inside cars. The tiny little room Oh Joon had to share with his friend. Oh Joon’s world around him was like one big prison that he locked himself into by his past misdeeds. The beach scene was expansive, but the ocean steely and foreboding. Look at the color palate in everyone’s clothes, grays, blacks, whites, browns, beiges. Only the little girl offers rays of sunshine with her pinks, reds, and purples. By the end we never escape that place, because Oh Joon’s survival is left up in the air, he can only find warmth and love within the boundaries of Dal Rae’s world. It’s like she lives on the fringes of all this darkness. Still trapped herself because she’s a tragic widow and has to live with her mother-in-law.

    All that scenery, costume design and atmosphere is very impressive and works well with telling the story, it’s not a colorful cartoon drama world, it’s a serious, troubled, cold, and dark world with only one nook that Oh Joon could survive in, and that’s Dal Rae’s home, just as he said in the quote you posted. It’s the only place he doesn’t want to escape.

    • And Im so glad you found this blog Lady G, because every one of your contributions is wonderful. These observations you made now have left me in awe. I had not noticed that and you are absolutely right! If I ever write a Robbers review I’m going to have to quote you 😊

    • Lady G, I love the soundtrack, too. I still listen to it time to time after all these years. “Alone” and “Last Night” are couple of my favorites.

      I didn’t really think about the constricted and claustrophobic atmosphere in Robbers but that now you point it out, your observations are right on. Yes, Robbers is dark and cold as it deals with really serious issues like loan sharks and the means they use to make money (murder, organ harvesting), homosexuality, violence, etc. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t so popular in Korea when it aired. But there is also a happy and warm side of it as and redemption.

      • Oh those are 2 very beautiful instrumentals. Robbers definitely needed the love and redemption themes or else it would have been a complete downer. And an female lead that would be firm enough not to put up with Oh Joon’s nonsense, but also show him real love and concern. Dal Rae is on my list of favorite female leads.

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