Robbers – Oh-Joon and Dal-Lae – Doorstep kiss

If anyone ever has any doubts about whether Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-Hae have chemistry, he/she only needs to be pointed to this post (and also to Chuno)

The kiss is not that long, but now that I dissected it through video, caps and gif I could prove that it is “real” (meaning, lips are touching, no kiss on the chin trick going on etc)

Korean dramas are so stingy with their kisses, that to have these finds, is quite a treasure. And its beauty is not just the “technique”, but the way they look at each other before the kiss. His “naughty boy” expression, her “agreeing” response. The whispering in the ears ooohhhh I just imagine how that must feel like and…Ah enough of me talking, just enjoy!

If you borrow these gifs, we will appreciate it if you credit to our blog. Thank you 😌

jh_robber_kiss2 jh_robber_kiss4

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21 responses to “Robbers – Oh-Joon and Dal-Lae – Doorstep kiss

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  2. OMO! When did DramaFan post this? Hyuckie was so young. His lips so full and sexy! And the way he lures her in – his hands are barely touching her but his lips draw her in and upwards up the stairs for more before he ever actually really touches and encloses her in his embrace. *sigh* All I can think of is Pinnochio singing “there are no strings on me” and yet Jang Hyuk is the master puppeteer eliciting and directing the movement he wants. Time for a rewatch of this series.

  3. where can i watch this drama?

  4. I started watching Robbers last night. I’m liking it so far. I’m also still watching and loving Chuno but oh it’s sad 😦

    • You are watching both at the same time? that must be strange! same couple in different dramas at the same time 😊 I had trouble accepting Oh Joon for the first half of the series. I almost hated him! He was truly a bad guy. There are some things about Robbers I didn’t like but others I loved. I’m curious to see what you think of it. Oh and what ep of Chuno are you on?

      • I think I’m episode 11. He thinks she has remarried and she just kissed handsome mister military slave man and he was laying with the other girl for warmth while feeling sad.

        • Ohhhhh Goddddd that scene with Seolwa just killed me!!!! the story starts to get better and better from this point on in my opinion. Poor Daegil and poor Seolwa and at the same lucky Seolwa ehehe to have that guy so close I’d just die!

          • I didn’t know whether to swoon or cry.

          • As for Jang Hyuk in robbers, I must be sadistic cause at the moment I find his character kind of funny. I’m only a few episodes in though so I may start hating him soon.

            • He is funny but you will want to slap him, then kiss him. It goes like that, more or less 😋 Actually watching him do low and evil things and then fighting his conscience is very interesting. But yeah, you’ll see

              • I’m looking forward to it. I find it strange the ratings at the time were so low.

                • Yeah but sometimes ratings don’t favor dramas that might deserve it. There are so many factors that affect them right? the time slot, the competition, etc This one in particular, since it had half of it having the main guy behaving so disgustingly evil (hehe Im so dramatic) but yeah maybe it is harder to take a character like that while watching live. Marathoning things help us tolerate things better, I think.

                  • That’s true. I never thought of that. I’m so used to marathon watching. I rarely watch shows as they air. When I do, I usually end up waiting until they are done. So, good lesson : don’t judge a show by its ratings.

  5. If you have problems downloading let me know. I can upload it to my Rapidshare account and send you a link.

  6. I’m listening to the Robbers soundtrack for the umpteenth time, and it’s really very swoony and beautiful. I just had to make note. One of the instrumental songs, called ‘deep soul’ and by a Various artist (Don’t know who) sounds just like Midas! And it’s the songs on the Midas soundtrack called ‘Midas’ and bits of the Main theme. They must use a lot of the same composers.

  7. yes yes yesssssssssss Lady.G
    I accept the profession very, very much! Lady.G
    lee da hae really crying Professor is the airport scene and how fantastic drama My daughter cried and cried along with her may really!
    And the robber … she fascinated me!
    Iris 2 The best in the series….when hyuk oppa died and he hart..(bullet)..she really cried from depth her heart

    Yes dramafan! Kiss korean movie really have one special story
    What time was presented oh joon and dal rae ssi first kiss?
    Oh! Practicing yoga when oh joon suddenly kissed her! though dal rae ssi beaten him , but her lips was worth it

    drama fan komao for this post

  8. I LOVED that whispering scene. The soundtrack to this drama is really good too. I heard that Lee Da Hae once said her character in Robbers was her favorite to play. I think she did a wonderful job. Before that she was in many comedic roles like My girl and Hello Miss, Sweet 18 etc. She was funny here too, but it was all very realistic. She had excellent crying scenes.

    • Yes, Lee Da Hae was excellent in this drama. When she learns that her husband passed away…wow…that was just heart wrenching. Also, one of my favorite scene in this drama is her running down stairs when the door bell rings thinking that it was her husband. I loved how it was shot in slow motion.

      I love this scene… how he was whisipering in her ear and how he was looking at her and all. I think there are about 5 kiss scenes in Robbers with Lee Da Hae and they are all very different. This is in stark contrast to the kiss scene at the end of episode 5 when Oh-Joon kisses her, uses it on his “mission” to con her.

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