Stalking: Jang Hyuk

I nice post on our Jang Hyuk by my dear friend Missienelly 🙂


All eyes *finger snap* are on Jang Hyuk! Focus ladies, focus! The dream man of many fangirls is back! Wae….? Fated To Love You! Yeap, this happened. Oppa is currently the main lead of this Taiwanese adaptation romcom of the same title. This multi-talented actor and model has so many dramas and movies around  his belt. Let see… which drama I’ve seen him in? Hmmmmmm kay, Thank You. Chuno. Midas. A Tree with Deep Roots. Yup… Not that many. So I guess I really don’t know him a lot. But the past dramas I’ve seen him and with the current Fated, he just proven to me that he is very versatile and he can do whatever genre drama he put his mind to it. I was skeptical at the beginning with Fated… I wasn’t sure if he can handle romcom. Well, it turns out I’m…

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