Fated to love you – Ep10 – Thoughts and discussion

Opening the post to discuss ep 10. Everything is allowed except comparisons with the taiwanese version.


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  1. OMG Ep 11……………….. I thought this drama was perfect until I saw the A-word………………. We have been into the second decade of the 21st century for 4 years and they still think pulling the amnesia card would work ??? Oh please……….

    • I heard good things about the episode though.

      • Just finished the episode. Although I still think that amnesia was unnecessary, the producers have done their best to get out of it LOL I haven’t seen the taiwanese ver but I guess this was in the original so want it or not they still had to include it in. Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief.

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  3. Did you guys notice the difference between Geon’s reaction when he lost Se Ra and when he lost MY? He seemed spaced out and more devastated with MY. With Se Ra he just stayed in his man cave and cried. With MY, and mind you it wasn’t even 24 hours long, he just sat in one corner looking numb. Secretary Tak had a hard time pounding some sense into him. His only thought was how to get to MY and to make sure she’s okay.

    • I see geon’s reaction to sera as him being sorry for the betrayal (I just term it as what sera will feel though we all know how all 3 are victims) n him mourning the irrevocable situation – how things can Nv be the same for them anymore. I say this because, this is so applicable in reality, how people just wish that things could be the same as the past, but things change, n when they do, no, matter how much u wish for it, it can Nv be undone.

      For MY, it’s more like he’s appalled at how much hurt he has inflicted on the people around him. It’s not just MY, there’s omma n grandma. He regret his actions but he is not mourning it. Because he was the one in control when it all started (drafting the stupid contract) as opposed to the one night stand where he has no control. He can and must do something to salvage it. I want to put my faith in geon, I really do! But only next epi will tell me whether he’s really the hero who can right a wrong.

      Anyway lots of thoughts n comments for this epi. Haven’t got time to catch up with everything you people wrote, will read everything later. It’s really interesting that a show (Rom-com) which is usually “defined” as being just shallow stories of 2 ppl falling in love can evoke such discussions. Love that everyone overanalyses the show, it means we r all poisoned by it. Hahaha. Can’t wait for next week!

      • You are right. He needs to do his part, because at least this part of the mess was created by him (the stupid comtract) Im so glad to see that all bad deeds are having consequences. At the same time, I want Mi Young to grow a backbone 🙂 Both snails have some work to do yaaayyy. I hope they don’t get too much interruption.

  4. I was a bit disappointed when our main leads didn’t spout a word about how the divorce agreement was just a thing of the past, and that now they love each other, they could easily tear it up and live as if nothing happened. It frustrates me how writers treat their characters like defenseless herbivores for the sake of the plot.

    About how Sera gets to the hospital so fast, how no one breaks the news to Mi Young, I think it’s still too soon to judge. We’ll have to wait for ONE WEEK to see. (the mere thought of waiting makes me sick already)

    • Yeah Se Ra was in Japan so that explains it a little. I think Geon was feeling too much guilt and he was also kind of weak, tired, feeling ill already maybe. Mi Young is Mi Young

      • Sera was in Japan ? I didn’t know that.

      • Wow you guys are such enthusiasts LOL But anw it would be better if the movie itself explained that to us because most of the audience watch it on TV and it’s impossible to pick up on such minute details.

        • Yup yup yup I miss details! especially if I watch on the phone! and even on TV sometimes things get blurry. I keep rewatching the kiss scene to catch Geon’s tears that some people mention but I can’t see it

      • I saw Gun’s tears immediately when I watched it, but something like faraway background posters are just too much for my eyes LOL The reason why I noticed his tears is because I have always enjoyed watching JH’s subtle acting scenes and it requires me to observe him with hawk eyes haha

    • I think since the divorce agreement was released to the press, it became more than a matter between Geon & Mi Young. If the person who found out were either grandma or Mi Young’s mom, it wouldn’t become such a big deal. It’s merely personal, and they could just tear it up and forgive what happened.

      But their divorce agreement/contract marriage is all over the mass media, and that makes a big different. The scandal has caused a great damage to the company and the image of the Lee clan. That’s what the meeting of the elders is about, that Geon & Mi Young has brought shame to the family. Those elders only care about the damages the divorce agreement caused, and some others wanted to destroy Geon. Even if Geon & Mi Young had said that they loved each other in front of them, it wouldn’t make any difference. The fact that the paper was released to the public makes both Geon and Mi Young look extremely bad. One is a rich chaebol, who takes advantage of pregnant woman, in order to ensure his position in the company and in the clan. The other is a woman, who shamelessly agreed to sell her baby in exchange of money. (That’s why grandma was so angry at Geon for ever thinking of such an agreement, and the reason the elders attacked Mi Young…they stopped acknowledged her as Geon’s wife). The situation has become kind of out of their control.

      • Your comment makes a lot of sense. However, I think part of the problem is between Gun and Mi-young, who are still written to be not very honest with their feelings, and the contract still matters to both of them, like something that is bound to come in the future. Therefore they couldn’t bring themselves to deny the contract.

        • Yes, I mentioned in a reply to youholdthewater that there are problems that Geon & Mi Young still need to work on, together and individually. Them not being very honest with each other is one thing. As much as their relationship has developed, I still feel that it’s imbalanced. When it comes to the contract, Geon still holds the power of how this marriage is going to end or continue. And the fact that it exists is like a time bomb that’s bound to explode at any time and threatens the small progress Geon & Mi Young have made. Even though they took a big step toward each other in the end of ep 9, they haven’t really talked about where they stood to each other. Mi Young knows how she feels, but she’s still confused and uncertain about Geon’s feelings. Geon is a mess. He feels a strong attachment to Mi Young, but I don’t think he knows how to define it just yet. So, yeah, like you said, they couldn’t bring themselves to deny it cuz they probably still consider their marriage a contract/temporary one.

      • youholdthewater

        Just to add the fact that Geon had called in the lawyer guy to either revise or draw up some other document that would presumably modify or negate the original divorce agreement. But shit went down before Geon could explain things and Mi Young could sign whatever the new draft was (a pre-nup?). And as @spideysteve points out, their original divorce contract became this huge national issue with implications towards entire families and the company, etc.

        But @ChocoChoco I do agree that Geon and Mi Young have a lot more talking and sorting out of their emotions to do. And it pains me so much that our OTP looks set to be separated for a while, because a lot of this can be solved or untangled with some nice, honest communication, which is what they do so beautifully.

      • Agree re: the divorce agreement part. I said this elsewhere so I’ll replicate here too:
        Geon n MY are not able to negate the damage/loss of trust due to the divorce agreement scandal. Even if they try to explain how they r now in love n the contract is invalid, no one, repeat, NO ONE will believe them. The slamming-all-naysayers-by-declaring-MY-as-his-lovely-wife can only work once, n it was in epi 8. But epi 10 as the divorce agreement came to light, everyone will just think, “see! We were right! She’s a money digging evil woman who got close to the chaebol for his $, n he’s worse cos he was in it from the start!” There’s no way you can convince ppl who already had their mindset fixed that way. N this is why I think the scriptwriters are brilliant, epi 8 was actually setting up for epi 10 to work. THIS, is how in real life, people behave – they believe what they see (or think they saw), even if it’s all wrong.

        I rest my case.

        • Yes, exactly. And I don’t think what Geon said in ep 8 could really change the mind of those who bought the scandal. But it did have some effects since he’s the one who stood up for Mi Young and the only one who can clarify Mi Young’s name. No matter how Mi Young explained herself right there in front of everyone, nobody would believe it. Whatever explanation she had, it’d all sound like excuse to those people. And the divorce agreement only reinforced what they believed or what they thought of Mi Young and, furthermore, made the couple look really really bad.

        • I mean, now they both are liars. And Geon’s speech in ep 8 as well as the news that dubbed them as the national couple now all seems like a big fraud.

      • Yes yes @spideysteve. We r on the same page here. Totally agree with u. N to add, if epi 8 is precursor to the angst n pain in epi 10, I believe epi 10 is like foreshadowing the worst to come. Writers-nim pls, I want to believe in you, pls make the show good despite all the angst!

  5. Is there a possibility that the mistress told Se Ra? But they don’t know each other, no?

    • My new theory is Secretary Tak told her. Somebody suggested he answered Geon’s phone and told her. And I now think he purposely didn’t tell Mi Young. He likes her but he was very upset at how Geon
      was throwing everything away for her.

  6. Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here, but I love your thoughts so I had to delurk.
    (Oh but I know some of you from Soompi and Twitter)

    Also agree that it’s time for MY to step up! We’ll all been hearing about her being a super glue but can’t seem to see signs of it. Maybe because she’s a snail? The progress is a bit slow. But yes, she has to fight! Didn’t she say in the 1st episode that all she just wants to love somebody with all her heart and give everything? She hasn’t given that much yet, and I hope she does. I would love to see her fight with Geon, instead of against him.

    Regarding Daniel, I always view him as having brotherly thoughts toward Mi Young, so I was confused this episode. I thought all the while he was just being a protective older brother and then we see how he acted this episode. I felt it was a bit OOC. Was he having romantic thoughts? Was being brave meant he finally had the courage to voice out his feelings for MY?

    • Hi friend! We are everywhere lol! I agree with you that Mi Yong’s progress is slow. I like it like that though because it feels realistic. The fact that she said in front of everyone that she loves him was huge in my opinion. She did not fully embrace her feelings before because she had doubts. Declaring your love first means a lot because you are taking the major risk of being rejected. That is a big fear for a shy person. But I need to see her stopped being dragged around by other people physically and metaphorically.

      • Yes you’re right. I am peeved that she didn’t even explain to mom the situation. She was like “I’m going to be a good daughter…” What does that even mean? Since her mom took her away from her husband, would being a “good daughter” means she’s not going back to her husband?

        I do hope we see some progress next episode. Geon simply won’t be able to handle everything alone, the pressure from his family, the attempts to get this position, his illness. Hope MY can support him at this crucial time. Please be the super glue that you are Mi Young!!

    • IMO, Daniel has always harbored romantic feelings towards Mi-young. It was implied throughout episode 9 – in the conversation with Gun at the pub, when Mi-young was sleeping and he looked at her dearly, etc. If Daniel’s role was just a brother who is always readily available for Mi-young, I feel this character would be so unnecessary and underdeveloped.

  7. youholdthewater

    This was a very painful episode to watch (for all the right narrative and character-based reasons) but can we just talk about that delightful twist on the Male Lead’s Gratuitous Shower Scene of Angst? I was wondering if FTLY would ever find time to squeeze that cliche in, and they did, and it was magnificent.

    Oh Show, never leave me.

  8. I usually HATE misunderstandings and other conflicts that are external to the couple, but in this case, all the groundwork for everything that happens was laid out SO WELL that it doesn’t feel (too) contrived. The outing & meddling by the mistress, Mi Young’s mum coming to get her, Se Ra coming back, it’s all within reason and within the boundaries of how we’d expect them all to behave. Can’t really fault them (except for the mistress, who can throw herself off a cliff). And we got some surprisingly moving convos out of it, like that part where Geon tries to hold Mi Young’s mum back–ooof I felt her pain where she says he liked Geon (that actress ROCKS).

    I was wondering what else the show was going to do seeing as we’re only halfway, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in anticipating Geon’s illness and Se Ra’s return, but all at the same time as the outing, the separation, AND a corporate takeover?! It’s like a perfect storm! So BRAVO show for yet again surprising me. Two thumbs up!!

    Not gonna lie, this week’s episodes have been kinda underwhelming (don’t kill me!) because while all the cuteness between them has been lovely, it hasn’t landed as effectively as it once did, maybe coz we’ve seen a lot of cute and funny & my attention started to wander. That’s why I LOVED that scene in this ep in the bedroom where the two of them have a convo about the most mundane of things–birthdays!–coz brought us back down to earth. It’s meaningful coz it shows us how much these two still need to learn about each other AND it still manages to be very cute & sweet in that patented FTLY way. I’ve been missing stuff like this, brings me back to that wonderful convo on the Macau balcony.

    The only thing that really doesn’t work for me is Daniel’s confession or whatever the heck that was. I never felt the slightest inkling, not even the teeniest whiff, of any romantic interest in her (no matter how much the show tried, rather half-heartedly, now that I think about it), so this one feels like WTF! Ok fine I know it was never really off the table, and it’s meant to be a kind of sick symmetry yunno by juxtaposing SR/Geon, MY/Pitt at the end but…NO. JUST NO.

    And I echo @yoeda in saying, and I’ve said this before, that I really want MY to fight for him, and whatever she decides she wants. So far it’s been the Geon show, so it’s high time for her to start stepping up to the plate. Or else I’m gonna just have to give her some tough love LOL. If the show is going to do what I want it to do, the second half of the show is where the OTP are gonna have to take off the kid gloves and fight tooth and nail to get back to each other. She will SHUT PITT DOWN QUICK, start strategy planning, & together they take down the mistress and get his CEO position back XD. Come on Mi Young, you can do it!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! I’m not asking for too much am I, guys?

    • I wrote a lot and it all got deleted. Well, I was saying that I was holding on to the cute scenes since I knew they couldn’t last forever. But like you, I feel a bit of frustration when their cute scenes are not also “meaningful” not just in reinforcing their bond but in helping them get to know each other. I love the ones like the end of ep9, whenever they really talk.

    • I want to see what you are describing. Even if it feels like Bright Girl 2 I want Mi Young to become a fighter, for dog poopie and her love 🙂

      • Yunno I was thinking about how to make my proposal and wedding 2.0 scenario work in this context and… what if the evils make her sign the divorce papers?

    • youholdthewater

      Agreed. I love their cavity-inducingly sweet and adorable bits, but I mostly live for the moments when they just talk, openly and candidly and comfortably. Their conversation on the Macau balcony was a magical moment for me; it was then that I knew I was 100% hitching my wagon to this show and to this OTP.

      And yes Mi Young’s mom! That lady is all kinds of amazing and I love their relationship. They remind me a lot of the relationship between myself and my own mother, actually. I’m watching the show with her every week and we both get a little weepy every time their mother-daughter scenes come up.

      Ready to pick up my pom-poms and banners for Mi Young – FIGHT for this, girl! I think it’s already a huuuuuge deal that she would acknowledge that she loves Geon, in front of so many people. But that turned to a little bit of frustration when people kept insisting on how hurt she must be, and how terribly she must have been treated and manipulated by Geon, and she didn’t really say much to dispute any of it. Oh well, patience.

      I don’t know what they’re planning with Daniel either, and I’m a bit apprehensive because I was starting to genuinely enjoy his presence on the show. We got to see Se Ra’s scar and her mother, both of which position her as the most likely candidate for the long-lost sister, which is something WE know but D. Pitt doesn’t. Yet apparently this also frees Daniel to start viewing Mi Young in a romantic context?

      The wait till next week’s episodes is going to kill me.

  9. Our OTP’s happiness bubble lasted for a little more than about 10 minutes of our viewing time before it burst. But in that short span of time, it was fascinating to see how they became close, bonding over “dog poopie”; Geon getting into the full swing of things by being both the doting husband and restrained and respectful lover (hehe I’m sure he was loving all those cold showers and err…towels a lot or…not) MY, slowly opening up and embracing her motherly and wifely duties. It was pure domestic bliss with touches of quiet courtship all rolled into one. I was smiling from ear to ear then somebody decided to turn on the spin cycle.

    Okay, it was like as if we didn’t know it was coming…after all those sweet moments? Also, we’re right smack in the middle of the drama series, heh. Anyway, I teared up when MY’s mom barged in the Lee household, pretty much like an avenging angel holding the sword of wisdom and spewing out, what I’d like to think, was what MY should have said in the first place when Geon presented her with the absurd divorce agreement. For the first time, Geon suddenly realized, with full clarity, how badly he behaved towards MY. All poor Geon could do, when faced with the truth and how he took their sincerity and stomped on it, was to apologized repeatedly. And MY, when pressured also rose to the occasion and declared, for everyone to hear, her love for Geon. All I could think of was how cathartic it must have been for MY to finally say what she was feeling with all honesty.

    Now, its Geon’s turn. Will he rise up and finally declare what he truly feels for MY? Will he finally say he loves her too? Hmm.. I think, that declaration will have to take a detour for now, we have Se Ra and Daniel issues to contend with. Also, with all the problems he has had for the past few days (his seemingly unmet “attentions”, his struggle to identify his sudden longing for the snail and now the threat of losing his job) took a toll on his health. His stress was actually what probably triggered a relapse of the mysterious hereditary disease he had in remission (some are speculating it might be Huntington’s, or a brain tumor, or something very exotic and rare etc.) which may result in memory loss. What? His memories of the snail will be erased from his consciousness? Andwe!

    For now, I’m comforting myself with the thought that his last memory before he collapsed was of MY, that, despite of Secretary Tak’s valiant effort to make him see reason, all he could think of was to get to her and to make her feel loved. 🙂

    • Huntington’s would be too heavy for a rom com right? And its incurable. I was hoping no amnesia but he did look like he was having a stroke or some kind of dementia episode. Especially with the way he asked “Who am I”? Although I thought he was just asking it as if he was saying “You know who I am, I have to do what I have to do”. However, the way in which they removed his ring and the camera focused on must’ve been for a reason 😦

      • It looked pretty bad and sad. They removed the ring because Dr. Octopus ordered an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Metal objects are not allowed during the examination :/

        • I know why they removed it, but the fact that the camera lingered suggests it means something. Most likely, that this is where the OTP separates. But I don’t want it yet!!!!! I’m not ready! That was a cruel birthday for both 😦

      • Oops sorry, my bad. I had to rewatch the scene because I was intently watching for signs that he was just okay. The camera did linger, and yes it seemed to signify MY’s withdrawal from his life. Noooo. 😦

      • @Drama Fan The cruelest birthday! I think the removal of the ring combined with Mi Young waiting for Geon refers back to the first two eps…in reverse. In 1 & 2, Mi Young accidentally put the ring on her finger, and Se Ra didn’t come to meet with Geon in Macau. This is how the stroy began, a chance of fate. Here in ep 10, they removed Geon’s ring, and he missed his birthday date with Mi Young. And we got a new combo at the end, Geon/Se Ra & Mi Young/Daniel. It feels like someone pressed the reset button for the relationships between the four of them.

        Also, Mi Young probably doesn’t have chance to give Geon her birthday present for him. 😦

      • youholdthewater

        I have nothing to add except @spideysteve, the observations and connections you make re: themes, symbols, parallels are so insightful and always blow my mind a little bit. Even when they hurt my heart 😦

  10. well, I finally finished watching ep 10! Now I see why most of you are angsty – this ep went from a high to sad to downright frusration! The writers have chosen to make Sera’s character more sympathetic – think about it – if the star of the show is Sera – we will be hating MY’s character for being w the Gun just because of a one night stand. Actually what I do wish is for Gun’s conflict between the two girls to be fleshed out more – I felt he just fell for MY abit too suddenly, forgetting about his and Sera’s 6 year relationship in barely a few months(or even weeks-wonder how much time has passed since MY’s first discovered her pregnancy). Of course, Secretary Tak has to be the loyal sensible family aide and wants Gun to get back his company position before running to MY. But the diehard romantics in us want him to drop everything and spend the day w MY instead. I also felt that MY shd also hv been more worried about being in the public eye in the middle of a scandal that threatens the family stake in the business, but the script had her naively anticipating Gun for their birthday celebration. Aigoooo – no preview. It’s killing me to wait!

    • youholdthewater

      Omg yes I was also wondering whether it would be a good idea at all for them to be seen in public after all that press, and reporters still stalking their homes!

      I’ve said it before in of the previous discussion posts but my take on it is that it’s not as though Geon has dropped Se Ra like a sack of potatoes, or that he has stopped loving her completely. I feel that he has given up on the idea of forgiveness from or reconciliation with her (i.e putting away her photo in his desk, his comment in episode 4 about having “lost his right as a man” in Se Ra’s eyes) and that he simply doesn’t expect that things with her can ever go back to the way they were before.
      And until this episode neither Geon nor Mi Young specified their growing feelings for each other as “love” or having fallen for the other person. There was a mutual acknowledgement of a deep bond and connection, but it felt like they were still navigating through their emotions and working things out, so it’s been much more believable to me.

      I DO agree that his conflict with Se Ra, especially, needs more fleshing out. They need to talk and resolve things. Because as much as I love our OTP I’m constantly reminded of Se Ra and the fact that things with her were left a little bit ambiguous. It hurts a lot to see Geon and Mi Young separated for now, but if it gives Se Ra and Geon more time together to straighten things out between themselves, I can live with it.

      • I don’t think Geon ever lets go of Se Ra. She’s never gone from his heart, or else he wouldn’t have kept their pictures, videos, or her gift and letter around. Other than the reasons you mentioned about how Geon gave up on the idea of forgiveness from or reconciliation with Se Ra, I think he tried to ‘forget’ her out of his sense of responsibility toward Mi Young as a husband. The problem is Geon simply represses everything he has for and with Se Ra, just like how he locks everything he holds dear to him in his man-cave, where nobody can touch. His ‘break up’ with Se Ra in ep 8 is too abrupt and ambiguous to be called a closure. He simply told her that he’s married and had a baby on the way; he shut himself up away from the world and cried over her letter and present. That’s it. (I realize again that Geon’s coping mechanism is very unhealthy…dude just bottles everything up). There are too many things left unresolved between them. Until they talk and sort things out, I don’t think either of them would be able to properly move on with their lives.

  11. With the way episode 10 ended, I am not liking where we are headed, but it is inevitable. I just hope that it doesn’t drag for too long and i want to see Mi Young actually fight for Gun. It has been Gun giving her strength and fighting for her, but it needs to turn around if she wants to have him. She says she loves him, now she should show it. She shouldn’t be mopey and be a noble idiot, but rather, be the actual SUPERGLUE that holds them together and fight for Gun in whatever situation: his health, his position at the company…and i am sad to say this, but even Se ra.

  12. my heart bleed for Geon. he just want to make everyone happy. he doesn’t deny his mistake to MY mom regarding the contract even he doesn’t know who spill the beans in the first place. although it’s MY fault who left the contract on the table. maybe i’m little bit angry at her too for being so meek this episode. she doesn’t clarify clearly to mom and Daniel how Geon treated her. and Daniel keep assuming that Geon abusing her and saying that MY is always hurting. MY know she’ll be hurt if she talk to Sera and she do. it’s not Geon doing she feel like that. and Daniel just be there to saw her getting hurt and said it’s because of Geon.
    Just count how many time that Geon talk to Sera after the revelation time? Nada! sometimes i just want people go away from my OTP and let them solve their problem alone.
    i want to get mad at Mom and Grandma too but i can’t. both of them mistaken Geon intention but couldn’t help adoring their love to both MY and Geon. even Grandma doesn’t talk to Geon but we can see that she’s sympathy with him when she open her eyes. Mom is like always, worrying for her little babe.
    Secretary Tak! i know most of ppl seem angry with him but i just assume he have to deal with board meeting and the elders since the CEO being hospitalize until he forgot to tell MY. also from the last part of the episode he really desperate to pulled Geon to the meeting for him to secure his place. he’s worried until he become angry to MY coz Geon care about her more than his position.
    so i just wait for what they restore to us in the next episode. i must say MY need to grow up more than Geon. he know what his priority lay and i want her to do the same.

    • I think we are all upset at everything right now. This episode made me stressed! Im mad at Daniel, Se Ra, the universe! And I am mad that everyone misunderstands Geon although it is a fact that he did something wrong in proposing to separate Mi Young from the baby. Of course he thought she wasn’t a good woman etc but still. Ahhhhhhhh it’ll be so hard to wait for a whole week!

  13. can I just add that I simply adore Secretary Tak too! He makes me laugh too! Happy to see the actor again after Wang family!

  14. The first 10min was really funny n put me on cloud9..the hard kiss, then the slow kiss and then…Hyuk going berserk w desire! Is it my bad eyes or is the snail really wearing glasses???!!! hahahah….

  15. the amnesia discussion is annoying me a little bit. if the writer wanna pull that stunt she will at least make Gun saying ‘who are you?’ at the end of the episode. so far, she never follow what we assume and expected, there’s no jerky male lead, there’s no emotion abuse yet.
    i salute this writer who stay true with her story telling. all that i concern is the editing. sometimes ppl will get bored with poor and choppy editing. from what i knew the other two drama have a beautiful props and wardrobe. i think that was a big mistake for this drama so the rating drops little bit.

    • To be honest, I never expected Fated to do this well because of its competition. But it hit two digits and I believe it can do it again. Fated to love you Fighting!

    • People got amnesia scare after watching too many makjang kdramas, haha. I agree that editing is a big problem, and it’s the most obvious in episode 7 & 9. They need to keep it together for episode 11 cuz I think it’s gonna be a big turning point.

  16. Yang Soon! lmao. I just adore that Yong is such a simple kid, who, like Geon, is a very lonely person at heart. He wants the recognition from Geon and the attention from his mom. That’s probably why he chose to do what make his mom happy. It doesn’t seem like he really wants to take over the company. I also love the scene with Geon & Grandma, and Mi Young & her mom. It’s at these moments of crises that we get to see how much they mean to each other. It’s natural that these elders would blame their kids first, but they also forgive them easily. There’s no grudge to hold overnight.

    And I’ve talked about my Romeo and Juliet theory on soompi, and they kind of went with it in the last half of episode 10 and probably the first half of episode 11 at least.

    • It looks like the writers will use misunderstanding and miscommunication to separate Geon & Mi Young whether only temporarily or for much longer. They are too obvious with constant references to Romeo and Juliet. First, the BGM from Romeo and Juliet. They played ‘A Time for Us’ for Geon & Mi Young’s lunch date. The song choice made sense after episode 10. In episode 10, Secretary Tak even compared Geon & Mi Young to Romeo and Juliet, after Mi Young’s mom dragged her away from the Lee mansion. And what leads to the tragedy is that some dude fails to deliver an important message…yes, I’m looking at Secretary Tak. He could have called Mi Young and told her something’s wrong, but it seems that no one bothered to tell her? I mean, seriously, Tak knew how important the meeting was to Geon and Mi Young. But he didn’t tell her at all? (I wrote this on soompi but I want to discuss with you here).

      • I’m mad at secretary Tak! And how did Se Ra get there so fast? Who told HER? Gahhhh should I be mad at the writers for this? or is it choppy editing?

        • Too early to say it’s because of editing. Since it’s close to the end, they might condense things a little bit. But really? WHO TOLD SE RA?

      • I totally see this Romeo and Juliet theme now. Our snail couple are almost like teenagers in the sense that they don’t own their lives. It sucks and I want it to stop sucking! But then what I want wouldn’t be much of a drama! I could watch them be happy forever and ever but I guess that’s make no sense lol Why do I love them so much? A man who is almost 40 and a woman in her 30s and all I want is to protect them from all harm! hug them, squeeze them and tickle them to watch them giggle 😋My cuties should never cry!!! 😭

        • Right? This marriage from the beginning was under the pressure of their families. And now when Mi Young & Geon finally decided to make family with each other, their families drove them apart. Mi Young’s mom and grandma will be less of a problem…what worried me is the clan elders and Yong’s mom.
          Same! I just want to protect them from all the evil in the world. They deserve all the happiness. I love the first half so much, I can watch them being cute and lovey dovey forever.

    • Anyway, I don’t buy the amnesia theory. Geon passed out most likely as a result of his insomnia and because he just went through an extremely stressful day.

      • I am thinking the same

      • youholdthewater

        Same. I can understand viewers being paranoid about the amnesia trope (especially after the Trot Lovers debacle) but Mysterious Genetic Illness is already enough without having to add memory loss to the equation. It would completely mess with the show’s momentum and negate all the careful groundwork they’ve laid to get to this point. I trust the writers to be smart and self-aware enough not to sabotage their own (fabulous) hard work.

        • If the writers think so cheaply of the groundwork they’ve built for Geon and Mi Young, they didn’t even need to spend so much time on how their relationship progressed from strangers to friends/family.

          They don’t need amnesia to tear Geon and Mi Young apart. There are still problems they need to overcome. They’ve yet to be entirely honest with each other is one thing, they still don’t know much about each other is another. And the pressure from the clan elders as well as the meddling of Se Ra & Daniel would be enough. Too many things could go wrong for them without using amnesia.

          • I hope if they go there, its only for a short time. But I worry about the ratings since the amnesia trope is something most people dread. And yes, its just a way of stalling what we really want to see, the evolution of Geon and Mi Young relationship

            • I can’t entirely dismiss the possibility of amnesia, since this is kdrama. I’m not sure which one I hate or prefer the most, amnesia, misunderstanding, or that big thing in the original, or noble idiocy. Can Wednesday come sooner? I can’t stand the waiting without knowing anything concrete. A preview or a text preview will do. Ahhh.

  17. I don’t think we’re ready to discuss just yet. I know I’m not.
    Top-notch episode as usual, the angst is inevitable but at least we had our share of fun.
    Is it a rule in Kdramaland that the perfect, nice-from-the-get-go male lead has to undergo something awful ? The jerk-turned-good ones don’t seem to.
    I keep skipping the end of the episode. I watch KMY suffer and my heart aches for her, but I cannot handle LG’s hurting. I draw the line there.
    Honestly, I’m past the hairstyle issue, I can live with it if Lee Gun can live happily for the next 20 years and more .. Please ?
    It’s gonna be a difficult couple of episodes next week, probably the week after as well. Let’s all pray for it to be as painless on us poor fans as possible.

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