Thorn aka Innocent Thing- My P.E teacher did not look like this! – HD captures

This Thorn is everything but innocent people. Everything but innocent!

The movie is available for download without subs. But I will not write a review until I watch it with subs. However I thought a little preview would be nice. One of the things this movie did right was that they did many close ups to Jang Hyuk’s beautiful and expressive face. The camera fell in love with him in this movie (and the close ups are not limited to his face but erruughh I digress).

I did more than 200 captures and I swear I tried to be selective . This is the best I could do (I did captures of the actresses too, but I’ll save them for the review)

The movie, being a rated R one, has a couple of “explicit” bed scenes. They were very well done in my opinion, and made sense in the context of this story. They have also managed to corrupt my mind and pervert my soul for the past days. I am debating as to how much to reveal of them and, if I publish them, they will be placed in a different post with enough warning for those of you who don’t like these kind of scenes.

Innocent.Thing.00001 Innocent.Thing.00003 Innocent.Thing.00009 Innocent.Thing.00012 Innocent.Thing.00014 Innocent.Thing.00015 Innocent.Thing.00017 Innocent.Thing.00020 Innocent.Thing.00021 Innocent.Thing.00023 Innocent.Thing.00025 Innocent.Thing.00026 Innocent.Thing.00027 Innocent.Thing.00032 Innocent.Thing.00033 Innocent.Thing.00034 Innocent.Thing.00036 Innocent.Thing.00037 Innocent.Thing.00038 Innocent.Thing.00060 Innocent.Thing.00064 Innocent.Thing.00069 Innocent.Thing.00070 Innocent.Thing.00072 Innocent.Thing.00073 Innocent.Thing.00076 Innocent.Thing.00078 Innocent.Thing.00079 Innocent.Thing.00080 Innocent.Thing.00081 Innocent.Thing.00082  Innocent.Thing.00085 Innocent.Thing.00092 Innocent.Thing.00095 Innocent.Thing.00111 Innocent.Thing.00114 Innocent.Thing.00116 Innocent.Thing.00135 Innocent.Thing.00137 Innocent.Thing.00141 Innocent.Thing.00159 Innocent.Thing.00166 Innocent.Thing.00168 Innocent.Thing.00169 Innocent.Thing.00170 Innocent.Thing.00179 Innocent.Thing.00194


20 responses to “Thorn aka Innocent Thing- My P.E teacher did not look like this! – HD captures

  1. hello fellow jang hyuk fans… anyone knows where I can watch this with eng subs?

  2. Love your “corrupt my mind…” sentence. Explicit must happen more in movies than TV. All the pics gave a sense of suppressed energy with the character. What can I say…he looks good!

  3. Ohhh, i can’t wait…

  4. Wow he sure looks desirable in these screencaps. I have the same preference as you Zhaoul, the one which he’s clipping his nails, he looks so natural, and sexy somehow. And also the scenes which he’s smoking, though i wish he’ll quit that, but he looks so…. irresistable. Oh no I can keep looking at these photos.

  5. I really like your screencaps. What a beautiful expressive face. We see a range of expressions here. I love when he’s clipping his nails. I’m not sure why. I guess becauaw in that scene he looked bored and it’s something people do, so it seemed very natural. Everytime he smoked too, it was like he was escaping in those few precious moments. I don’t condone smoking, be he smokes pretty if that makes sense.

    • Yeah I have more but I saved them for the review. As you know he made many more “faces” lol. Btw if you click on them you can see them bigger 🙂

    • Junki was mostly bored and/or repressed by his life and yes he acted it in every scene. Even watching soccer he has a meh face until he starts imagining Young Eun. However when he is smoking, drinking, playing rugby or fffff well you know what! he comes alive as if he releasing all that repressed energy. He has a competitive streak that is hinted at when he is challenged by Young Eun when he couldn’t hit her with the ball. And there is his love for sports. Also I read he had been a succesful athlete. So he has all this inside of him yearning to get out, maybe also going through a midlife crisis and the anxiety that he will be a father soon and therefore will have to give up on his “youthful” dreams and do his “duty”? When he smokes you can see him suck on that cigarette with such need (it makes it seem really desirable and I am totally against smoking) Then again, this P.E teacher makes everything that is “wrong” feel desirable 😀

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