Anyone want to help?+Paypal account added

Fated To Love You team is working hard to produce the wonderful drama (I heard our Hyukie is only sleeping 2-3 hours a day…*tears*) and to show support and appreciation, Jang Hyuk DC gallery fans are trying to do a support event, treating chicken soup (traditional Korean food for summer) and possibly coffee to the cast and crew.

I just wanted to ask, does anyone want to contribute? Because if there are some non-Korean fans wanting to contribute, I could try opening paypal account or something…find out a way somehow….

There’s no minimum amount of money, you just give whatever you want to feel like. 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 30 dollars…they all count. And just making things clear, there won’t be any, what do you say, ‘reward’ in doing this. No one knows how much you paid, nor does your name gets on some kind of list. Reward is that actors and staff members will be treated with some delicious food and fans’ love, and you will know you contributed to it 🙂 That’s why it is completely voluntary, no one is expected to pay anything, unless you feel like ‘omg i love this drama so much and i love this actor so much i feel like dying if i don’t do something to express this loveeeeee’……or any emotion on that spectrum but in lesser degree lol.

I feel like this is a very Korean fan culture thing, and if you feel uncomfortable or think ‘that’s weird why do you do that?’ then it’s fine it’s not for you. Just wanted to check if anyone is interested. If you are, plz tell us so on comment or on twitter @gumi132223

+I made a paypal account with email Those of you who want to contribute&have paypal account, you can go ahead and send money through paypal. If you don’t have a paypal account, it’s not difficult to make one…but if there’s a lot of you wanting to contribute but not wishing to make paypal account, I will see if I can make it so that I can directly accept credit card.


14 responses to “Anyone want to help?+Paypal account added

  1. Hi Gumi
    I transferred funds last night via paypal. under email yahoo.

  2. Hi gumi, I just transferred too. Can’t find the place to enter the name but the transaction no. Is 01S16839D4629613L. Pls acknowledge if u received. ^^

  3. Hi gumi, just sent you the fund through my paypal acct by the name of guminhishair. Confirm if you can.

  4. me and my friends would like to do that ..thanks. please let me know further details.. thanks ..we love jang hyuk oppa

  5. Are they still accepting contributions? Pls let me know how to help.. thanks!

  6. yes .. i would like to do that as well…

  7. I’d love to make some contribution too. Let me know how and I’ll try to spread the words around.

  8. I would love to contribute as well. Just to let them know there are fans outside Korea who are really appreciating their hard work.

  9. I would contribute. I do find it ‘different’ not weird or strange. I guess because we’re not actors/celebs, we really don’t make the big bucks and stuff. But as a show of fan support that would be why. 🙂

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