Old Goodbye – Trailer

I can’t do anything but spazz!

Thanks to Zoi at Just Jang Hyuk for uploading it 🙂

18 responses to “Old Goodbye – Trailer

  1. I’ve love to hear your thoughts on this drama.. Please and thank you!

  2. I won’t say any spoilers, bit I saw it and I thought it was really good. I’ll elaborate more on my thoughts later.

  3. i just saw this …it was incredible……..brings me the FTLY memories ~ but it was really sad and i don’t quite understand the ending T____T

  4. when the 1st episode realise date ? can I download it ?

    • Hi, raw version of Old Goodbye is available on dramacool. Watched it but im not saying anything. All i can say is that the chemistry between JH and JN is still v much alive.

  5. Do you know if Robbers is available in Eng sub anywhere? Thanks

  6. eagerly waiting for this to be premiered. seems like a sad ending is in store.

  7. Does anyone know where we can watch this with English subs? I can’t wait!

    Btw, thanks for this site! I watched Jang Hyuk for the first time in FTLY and was blown away by his acting. I started searching for all of his other dramas and have watched Chuno and Thank you. He is such an amazing actor — watching those other dramas really helped me appreciate his acting in FTLY, how he changes the sound of his voice, his hand gestures, and other little things to fit the role of LG. Based on the interviews I’ve found here, it seems like he is a really nice, considerate, and professional gentleman. He is definitely my kdrama crush from now on, so it’s fun to find a site with others who have a similar taste. I’m deciding between Tree with Deep Roots or Midas to watch next.

    • Hi Nao! I vote for TWDR 🙂

    • Hi Nao, welcome to being a fan. I was like you too, now i have started to collect all of JH’s works and watch as many of it as possible. I would vote for TWDR even though im only at ep 2. Enjoy.

      • Thanks for the suggestions, Drama Fan and tasha. I will go with Tree with Deep Roots, then. It’s funny, before discovering Jang Hyuk I never watched any historical kdramas. I just wasn’t interested. Only Jang Hyuk could get me to watch Chuno!

  8. Wow, this looks good. Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk makes a great on-screen couple. I hope they continue to collaborate in small and big screen.

  9. This looks sweet and sad. They are so lovely together. I feel like they should keep working together.

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