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Fated to love you – OST – Only You by Ailee

The official single will be released on August 12th. In the meantime, a fan put together this video, putting together pieces of the song that were played in the drama. She also wrote the lyrics. This might need to get updated once the official OST and MV gets released.

I can’t listen to this without crying, especially now that I know the lyrics.  The song vividly represents Geon and Mi Young’s feelings during the  episodes where they began to drift apart, starting with the amnesia and ending with a three year separation. This couple that only knew each for a few months but had already created a strong and profound bond that we all felt and fell in love with. Now what? We don’t know but from what the song suggests, they will not be able to forget each other, no matter how hard they try. It also speaks of the way they love, always thinking of the other more than in themselves, always enduring, stupid idiots! especially him, but I love them damn it! Ahhhhhh this could be so cheesy and corny, right?, but it’s soooo romantic and heart breaking because its THEM! Our Snail Couple! Our Jangs! I’m cryinggggg!!!!!

Lyrics english translation cred. Heidi Lyon

ONLY YOU  by Ailee (It’s not official yet but they are saying it is her)

I think my heart knows

It’s almost in my grasp

The yearning I cannot hide

Inside my heart, you are there

Oh you

Even if I can’t see you

Even if I can’t touch you

I’m still ok

Even if it hurts so much

Even if I cry

As long as you are happy, as long as you smile

The more I try to forget you, the more I miss you

I’ll shed more tears than I did today

Like destiny, even though you won’t return

You are the only one

Only you

Only you  can make me happy

The more I try to forget you, the more I miss you

I’ll shed more tears than I did today

Like destiny, even though you won’t return

You are the only one

Only you

Only you can make me happy

Just once, will you remember us?

I’ve tried to forget you but I can’t

My everything, that’s you

Like a moment’s goodbye

Goodbye, my love

It’s karaoke time! Fated to love you – OST – videos and lyrics

Let’s get the party started!


I’m in love with Fated to love you and with it’s OST. Besides the official romantic ballads, which I might not love as much if it weren’t for the fact that I associate them with the story and our adorable Snail couple, I love all the meta and the music used in funny scenes, such as the horror music used when Mi Young went for a midnight snack or when Geon was trying to tame his “demon” while taking a cold COLDDD!!! shower. :p

Whoever is handling the sound in Fated to love you is doing a superb job. There have been many references to past works from the actors, especially Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara and also famous korean movies. Next I’m going to highlight the ones I remember but let me know if you remember others to add to the post.

Let’s sing along with these videos with lyrics in korean and english!


Baek Ah Yeon – Morning of Canon (캐논의 아침)

Jeff Bernat – Be The One (운명처럼 널 사랑해)

Megan Lee – Ready For Love

Jung Dong Ha – 운명 같은 너 – Destiny Sonata


Daft Punk – Pentagonic – The song heard when Kim Mi Young appears for the first time

Chuno OST – Gloomy 30s – Used during the dog chasing scene

Chuno OST – Lovers – Used when Geon gave the beautiful speech about Mi Young during the party where she was introduced as his wife

Panic – Snail – Used when Geon has his first “snail panic attack” lol

Jang Nara – Snail – The same song by Panic interpreted by our Jang Nara. This was not on the drama but I thought you’d like it 🙂

무조건  – This is the cha cha ra chara chara cha cha song that Geon was sining when Mi Young arrived at the karaoke party

Chuli and Miae – Why do you? – The song Geon and Mi Young sang at the karaoke party

Jo Jang Hyuk –  Love Song – Bright Girl OST – Played when Mi Young was escaping the press disguised with a high school uniform