Westwood – 2014 Spring Summer Collection – CFs, posters and Behind the scenes









Click on the link below to see six different versions of the CF. The third one is my favorite.


You can also see some awesome Making of Film / BTS  video which I just found out! I’m spazzing over Jang Hyuk’s sweet smiles behind the cameras. He really seems like such a mellow sweet guy behind the badass front! And at the end of the Making of Video where he bows repetaeadly awwww, so respectful and shy, I find that very cute.

And you can also remember Westwood previous campaign with Jang Hyuk on that precious precious link


12 responses to “Westwood – 2014 Spring Summer Collection – CFs, posters and Behind the scenes

  1. Ah, this caused me some uncontrollable spazzing and drooooling last night…He looks just…so….good looking! Beautiful! and BTS! I love it when he smiles shyly! and how he runs and runs and runs and run! He does look great in motion, I like how his body moves. And I love him in all the jackets here, he looks great in all of those colors!

  2. My favourite photo is the one in the blue coat with his hood up that says performance.

    • I love that jacket color! and I like the third CF because of the effect where he is “jumping in reverse”. I feel Jang Hyuk always looks better in motion. I want to make some gifs now! I hope to find the video available for download

      • I’d like to see the gifs. I like it when he’s jumping in reverse too. I never thought of it before but you are right; he does look amazing in motion.

  3. Oh and I really like that Jacket.

  4. I like all the versions of the CF. The pics are really nice too. He looks really good and cool. He has such tiny little legs though hehe.

    • My initial reaction was Oh nice! but now Im spazzing uncontrollably after watching the BTS or Making of Film! He is so cuteeee behind the badass front. Just his respectful slightly exaggerated bowing at the end of the Making Of is making me dieeeee of the cuteness

  5. The CF is cool, how they make the jacket look like Mountains, then show him running in the Spring wear.

  6. I love the green image. He looks great in that color.

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