Westwood – 2014 Spring Summer collection gifs

Because Jang Hyuk always looks better in motion…


These are dedicated to Zhaoul. This is her favorite color and jacket 🙂



Respectful bowing after the shooting of the commercial ended 🙂


Our Gumi loved this one, so this is for her


Six million dollar man


11 responses to “Westwood – 2014 Spring Summer collection gifs

  1. LOOOL at that third GIF 😀

  2. Nosebleed!!!!! I love them all and thank you for making the first one for me 😀

  3. Drooooooooooling
    and aww i thought the last one was dedicated to me when u posted it before? I saw it! I want it! I want both of them! (yes I’m greedy)

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