TV Daily: Jang Hyuk talks about Thorn, obsession, bed scenes etc – photos and excerpts


Some excerpts from this interview translated by Gumi

Jang Hyuk is a happy man

  • He talked about how Junki wants to escape his reality, his routine etc So he was asked whether he ever wanted to escape it, and he says, he escapes “routine” by going on trips but he is never alone. And if there is any “escape” it is during filming. But he is generally happy with his life.
  • The hardest thing about playing Junki in Thorn is that there was less action and reaction. He had to show what was in his mind through expressions, not words. Bo Ah and Seon Woo Seon expressed a lot of emotions but Junki didn’t
  • He is a man in his 30s but he had to feel like a man in his 50’s.


  • The main theme in the film is “What is love”?
  • He thinks this is more about addiction than obsession (I wish he had elaborated on the difference)
  • Has an attractive man like Jang Hyuk ever experienced a Junki-like situation? “Never in my life have I been stalked or obsessed. It might sound like a joke, but really, half of my life was spent on a filming site. I’m 39 now and I started acting at 19 (korean age) Since I was stressed on filming site, there was no room to stalk or be stalked. If I were in Junki’s situation? It would never happen, I would cut it off at once (*Note to self*: Do not get any crazy fangirl ideas from this movie, must remember this guy is a Jeet Kun Do expert)
  • 20140331-130930.jpg

  • He talked about bed scenes: It’s not like someone has to lead someone. The director told us to do as we feel and we did as we felt.
  • Even though he was a senior he didn’t order or direct Jo Bo Ah. Jang Hyuk said “I told her one thing, don’t study” and laughed shyly. “I told her, to do as she feels, it’s not something you can analyze or study. Some genres require you to analyze and act, but Thorn was different. The movie’s emotion depends on how this character acts. That’s actually the hardest. Scenario is just a blueprint and acting is completely on actors”.

6 responses to “TV Daily: Jang Hyuk talks about Thorn, obsession, bed scenes etc – photos and excerpts

  1. Find it interesting that Hyukki uses addiction and not obsession. I suppose Junki got attracted, seduced and lost control and that started addiction. But I wld use obsession for YE bcos it was clear she was in that state so much that she got herself into pseudo pregnancy state and could kill Minju. Interesting theme was what is love. Its apt bcos did SY love Junki truly or it was love plus some obsession? Did YE understand love w her state of mind? Did Junki love YE and would he have left SY if he found out truth abt what SY did to YE? Boy reading this has put into this state that I may watch the movie again.

  2. thanks for the post! saw the movie but need subs.

  3. I love the 3rd picture ❤

  4. Great post. With every interview and clip I get more and more excited about this movie.

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