Thank You Jang Hyuk (Part 2)

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This a truly beautiful write-up and inspiring read. Please don’t miss it.

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In the previous post (here), I have written on Jang Hyuk’s marvelous works and how they have greatly enriched my life.  Here, in this post, I am going to write about how Jang Hyuk, as a man, has inspired my life to good.

Jang Hyuk Metamorphosis

Back in 2002 when I first came to know Jang Hyuk in “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”, to me, he was just one actor among the crowd. I even got his name mixed up with another actor.

2014,  twelve years after,  because of Jang Nara, I watched “Fated to Love You”.  As I was watching the drama, I kept puzzling if I knew her screen partner who acted so well. When I found out that he was Jang Hyuk,  the one who worked with her 12 years back, I was struck with great surprise.

Long time no see and this guy has…

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Old Goodbye – Trailer

I can’t do anything but spazz!

Thanks to Zoi at Just Jang Hyuk for uploading it :)

Old Goodbye – Synopsis and pics


OMG! Fated to love you fans! Snail couple fans! Jang couple fans! It’s time for us to spazzzzzzz over upcoming One Act Drama “Old Goodbye” starring our fated loves!!!!! How cute are they?


Old Goodbye Synopsis:

SooHyuk is a used-to-be boxer who’s living his life recklessly after divorcing with his wife ChaeHee 3 years ago. One day, he receives a phone call saying CheHee is inheriting him a house. He visits their house from newly-wed days, and is shocked to find out that ChaeHee suffered serious disease after divorce and is currently unconscious, and the inheritance will be completed once she’s dead. SooHyuk was exploring the house when he finds a polaroid camera ChaeHee used to love, and presses the shutter…and magically time slips into his wife ChaeHee’s past. His time travel to save ChaeHee begins!









Jang Hyuk Support Account Open Again!

Hello friends, I’m here to ask if anyone wants to contribute in support event again!

If you want to see how last Fated to Love You support event went, you can search for “support event” in this blog :)

Now Jang Hyuk gallery has started accepting contributions again.

First, they are trying to send a coffee truck to MBC one-act drama “Old Goodbye” filming site (starring JH and JNR :) ) Since one-act drama will have very short filming schedule, we might or might not be able to schedule this event. If everything works out, we will send a coffee truck, and it will be a very rushed event so if you want to contribute in treating warm coffee to Jang Hyuk, Jang Na Ra and staff members, please do send in payment asap!! (asap as in a couple of days, it’s that rushed) If we fail to schedule a coffee truck, money collected will be spent for Jang Hyuk’s birthday gifts, which is our next support event.

So yes, our second support event will be JH’s birthday gifts, as his birthday is slowly but surely approaching (It’s December 20th). JH gallery has traditionally been giving him clay dolls of characters he acted, and making that clay doll would take time, that’s why they are starting to prepare from now :)

So, if you want to contribute, please send your payment to through Paypal. Again, the rule is only send if you really want to and send whatever amount you want :) Thank you.

Jang Hyuk & Jang Na Ra, Fastest Reunion Ever! MBC One-act Drama

(For some mysterious reason my post disappeared so here I’m trying to rewrite it out of memory again so bear with me if it’s slightly different from what you remember…)

(Disclaimer: No official news has been released on this yet. But I have collected enough evidence through unofficial sources that I was confident it was happening, so I’m writing the post)


Looks like our Snail couple is breaking the record! Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra will have the fastest reunion ever, as it is decided they will co-star in MBC one-act drama titled “Old Goodbye”. It looks like it will be an one-episode drama, and is expected to be broadcasted on November 9th, Sunday.

Director is director Kim Hee Won, the female director from FTLY team :) So it’s a real FTLY reunion..!

So rejoice, FTLY fans! You have something to look forward to :)