Help us make a FTLY Director’s Cut DVD come true!

Dear international fans of Korean ‘Fated to Love You’

We have started a demand survey to estimate demand for FTLY Director’s Cut DVD!
This is to figure out if pushing for Director’s Cut is actually possible, and if there’s not enough demand, we won’t be seeing Director’s Cut DVD at all.

Our current goal is to get 2000 sign-ups.
With enough people’s cooperation, FTLY Director’s Cut DVD would feature a lot of bonus videos!
Director’s Cut will include not only the broadcasted scenes, but also the unreleased cuts that were edited out due to time limit. Also, it will additionally feature BTS film, NG cuts, and interviews of actors, writers and the director.

*Episodes will have English subtitles
*Bonus videos will not have subtitle

Signing up for DVD purchase right now does not imply binding purchase decision. This is only a survey to estimate the demand.

To participate, please email with the subject including 1)country of your residence 2)number of DVD you want to purchase.
ex) 1)U.S.//2) 1
(If you have already sent an email and didn’t follow this format, it’s fine. It’s just for convenience)

The deadline for signing up is August 28.
Thank you for your cooperation, and please spread the word around!

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Fated to love you – Ep 15 – Thoughts and discussion

The episode has not aired yet but these previews are reason enough to kyaaaaa lol! This is our space to squee, spazz and more!






Fated to love you – Ep 14 – Thoughts and discussion

I took long to open the post. Sorry guys! Busy day at work

I will only comment briefly about this episode because we’ll have a whole week to speculate.

It’s strange, because I liked many moments in this episode but I felt it slow overall

What I liked:

The first scene. The tears in Geon’s and Mi Young’s eyes. I felt the chemistry of our OTP strongly in this scene.

Their SMS conversations. I especially loved the one where they were in bed. It was sweet and sad, both thinking of Dog poopie. That is a bond between them that no one can break.

Yong , little dragon, is so cute! The fire and ice war with his brother was the WTH moment of the episode!

Secretary Tak is adorable. Geon hiding under the desk so he wouldn’t catch him lying! SUPER ADORABLE!

I love Omma’s scenes. All of them. Always.

The questions to ponder until ep15:

Will Mi Young accept Daniel’s proposal? Will Geon interrupt or leave? If he leaves, will he step aside thinking Mi Young will be happier with Daniel or will he try to win her back and how?

Fated to love you – Ep 13 – Thoughts and discussion

This episode was funnnnnnn!!!!!!

Let’s spazz together!

Geonni is still Geonni! Mi Young is still Mi Young!

Geonni has spent the last three years “dating” omma behind everyone’s back! Love this!

Geon and Se Ra are now good friends, even if she still has some feelings for him. Super LOVE this!

The man cave full of memories :( I feel this was an episode where we could see and feel Geon’s point of view

Mi Young is still wonderful! She seems more confident but still same sweet, sensitive, generous girl. Easy to see why the whole family adores her and misses her so much :)






Fated To Love You Ep 12 Airport BTS

Drama Fan:

A nice BTS interview with Jang Hyuk during the filming of Ep 12 airport scene. Translated by Gumi.

Originally posted on HanDrama:

Mwuahahahahahaha!! XD

Staff 1:   So handsome~
Staff 2:  Why are you acting like you’re seeing him for the first time? You see him every day.
Staff 1:   It’s the real Jang Hyuk~ XD
JH:          What? Can I be a fake Jang Hyuk too?
Staff 1:   He’s a real Jang Hyuk~
JH:      A lot of things must have happened in those 3 years. After MY left LG… You know how some girls have haircut after a break up, I think it’s something similar. Wanted to give a different style for the remaining parts, so I got a haircut.
JH:      His style actually didn’t change much. His fashion and all…Through Ep 11 and 12, I developed some pity for LG. From Ep 13 and on he will not be a man who left the loved one because he loves her, but a man who still…

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