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Thanks to all your support, ‘Fated to Love You’ Director’s Cut DVD finally came true! Yoohoo!

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[Interview] Jang Hyuk, “True love is standing by one’s side when one’s going through the hardest time”


written by Son Hwa Shin, translated by Gumi.

“Umhahahaha” We can still hear the laughter. In a recently finished drama MBC ‘Fated to Love You’, whenever Lee Gun laughed his heartily laugh, it felt like my fatigue from the whole day was just blowing away. September 19th in one cafe at Yeoksam-dong, I met actor Jang Hyuk who just sent away Lee Gun.

As the first question, I asked about the secret of Lee Gun’s laugh. “Script? Script never had any signal for laughter. I just laughed whenever I wanted to.” It was an unexpected answer. “I don’t prepare thinking ‘this is how I will laugh’. The character wears fitting clothes himself by the time you get to Ep 5 or 6. I build up the skeleton first, and the rest is working it out well with a partner during filming, making some natural points.” You could feel the deep experience of an actor in his 18th year of acting.

Jang Hyuk was a veteran with his own acting philosophy. “Before, I was busy doing homework. I endlessly analyzed script, and just kept throwing my own interpretation. I was busy throwing mine, I didn’t have room to catch others’. Now, after building up a character a little, I leave it empty for the rest. If I leave a room for flexibility, there’s a chance for better acting.”

His famous humor was also coming from ‘leaving it open’. “Right. I’m a funny person. There’s no secret to it, though. Other than keep listening.” His answer was simple. “If you keep listening to your partner, timing and content for ad-libs naturally come to you. Ad-libs are useless if it’s not at the right timing. You just have to listen well. It’s important to keep an close eye on your partner.” Jang Hyuk was a man with virtue of listening well.

‘Fated to Love You’ is Jang Hyuk’s 30th project. Jang Hyuk who has been busily working going back and forth between dramas and movies, what would be his next vision in acting? I threw him a little comment that I think of action genre when I think of Jang Hyuk. And he responded in firm answer, “I don’t necessarily wanted to be an action star.” “I do enjoy Jeet Kune Do, and often do action scenes, but that’s only ‘Jang Hyuk on show’. Jang Hyuk on September 19th today and Jang Hyuk on Sep 19th a few years ago, and Jang Hyuk a few years after are all different people with different personalities. If people live stagnated lives, everybody should still me mewling infants, right?”

Jang Hyuk on September 19th, 2014 was an ‘actor’ with deep and sincere thoughts. And he was a sincere ‘person’. “I’m not trying to boast about it, but I never sit in the back of a car. Manager is my colleague, not my chauffeur. Only when I sit next to him can I speak with him, facing him. I think these little things are the most important. How I treat those around me decides whether those people become my people or not.”

Jang Hyuk had deep thoughts, but also was very simple. He thinks about his work, or his family. That’s it. At the question “Do you often do events for your wife like Lee Gun?”, he said “sometimes yes, sometimes no.” “It’s not like I love her more if I do more events, and love her less if I do less. It’s not decided like that. But there’s one thing that is clear and crisp, and it’s that true love is standing by one’s side when one’s going through the hardest time.” It was a love theory of a romantist Jang Hyuk.

“What kind of actor do you wish your children view you as?” At this question, Jang Hyuk opened his mouth after a long silence. “I’ve never thought of that. I hope they see their father as a person with many good aspects. Ah, and it reminds me of what singer PSY said. ‘I’m scared of the thought that my children in the future will be embarrassed of my work’. I can feel that. I’m scared that my sons will be embarrassed at my acting in the future. So I try to throw in my everything at the filming site, so that I won’t regret.”

Lastly, Jang Hyuk said “I don’t have any moments in my past I want to erase. Good or bad, if I erase it that whole time gets erased from my life. Myself right now can be what I am right now as a result of all those good and bad memories added together.” His every single word was precious gem in the interview.

[Interview] Jang Hyuk, his passion gets stronger every year

original article from http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=312&aid=0000047071

Translated by Gumi.


Jang Hyuk recently finished filming MBC drama ‘Fated to Love You’ which gained attention due to his reunion with Jang Na Ra after 12 years. Starting with the shampoo scene, his character in the drama Lee Gun was completed as a comical(manga-like) character and breathed in Jang Hyuk. It seems to be a current trend in drama character making, to exaggerate a character in the beginning for comic setting and let it flow smoothly into melo scenes in the latter half of the drama; and Jang Hyuk completely owned it. He credited it all to Jang Na Ra who ‘built the house well and waited for him’, but it is his own work that balanced out the energy between comic and melo scenes.

Jang Hyuk got famous as ‘little Jung Woo Sung’ after his debut, with his rebellious mask. Through movie ‘Volcano High’ he grew as a promising movie star, and he received loved for a long time as a highteen star. After he aged a little, he added on his filmography a couple more of representative works, such as ‘Chuno (Slave Hunters)’ or ‘Tree with Deep Roots’. In his 17 years of acting life, what stands out are projects overwhelming with his unique energy. That’s why he is always called ‘passion Jang Hyuk’. Wouldn’t ‘Fated to Love You’ also be recorded as one of those projects for him?

Jang Hyuk of September 2014 who just finished this FTLY seemed like he had a lot of thoughts. No matter what the question was, he immediately poured out long answers. It’s a proof that he thinks a lot usually.


Q: Lee Geon feels like a Japanese manga character, with his unique and protruding characteristic. On the other hand, there are some characters that are natural and don’t protrude. As an actor, which type do you feel more comfortable?

JH: When I act, should I adjust the character so that it fits me, or should I build it from scratch, I’m still not sure which approach is right. Maybe it’s a question of ‘chicken or egg, which one is first?’ But what I think these days is that expressing a lot is only possible when you know a lot. On my second thought, both are right. Me going to the character, or bringing the character to me.

Q: Which case was it for Lee Gun?

JH: In acting Lee Gun, I thought of controlling him through keep hitting him, like dribbling. If we have to score a goal through this scene, director and Jang Na Ra was passing the ball to each other, and I was dribbling the ball.

Q: I heard you paid attention to hairstyle or fashion as well. On the other hand, also heard you completely trust your staffs in that area and depend on them.

JH: I don’t sit in the back seat of a car when my manager drives. I always sit on his side. If I sit in the back, my manager becomes my chauffeur. But if I sit next to him and talk, he becomes my colleague. And I talk about the drama with stylist staff sitting in the back. We read scenario together and find the answer together. I believe we have to make it together.

Q: Did you watch original version of FTLY by any chance?

JH: I did. What I felt after watching was that, it’s same gimbap (rice roll…? korean sushi..? seaweed wrap…? how do I translate it?) but of a different kind. Isn’t gimbap something like that? If differs by what material you put in. In Taiwan original version, the male lead wasn’t as comic as Lee Gun. In our case, first our director wanted a comedy, and I answered ‘If you want I can throw it all, but please just make sure I can come back.’ Because director made me trust him, I could play Lee Gun. On top of all, Jang Na Ra the actress built the house well. She built the house well, so that when I came back to join her, it wasn’t awkward at all.

Q: FTLY had good responses from China as well. Is it because the original was popular? Were there other reasons?

JH: I think it’s partly because the original was popular, but partly also because the re-interpretation got positive response.

Q: I feel like you would’ve felt how the market has enlarged, by seeing good responses from China.

JH: After I filmed SSBG I went to Japan for the first time, and I was surprised. I was like, how do they know it all, what we filmed in Korea? This time I think it was also thanks to Jang Na Ra. She’s a convincing actress in China.


Q: This drama also parodized your past experience as rapper TJ.

JH: I wanted to open a new genre back then. 14 years ago, the only way actor could actively open a new genre was through music videos. But then if I don’t have an album, I couldn’t make music videos, so I ended up publishing an album. Since I was a bad singe, we decided that I’ll be a rapper. (laughs) After all these time past, there’s a lot of comments on it, but back then my original intention was that.

Q: Then what is the ‘new area’ you want to open up now?

JH: There are a lot more projects I haven’t done than projects I have done. Big or small, in every project I do I can try something new. Rather than the grand thought of ‘opening the new area’, I think it’s more like, what I do this year is different from what I did last year, so I think I can naturally challenge myself like that. I realized this was my 30th project. That means I was on 30 different filming sites, and every single one of them were different. There’s a difference in media, such as movie and drama, but even when I work with same director, with different characters and different fellow actors, they were all different.

Q: For your 2014 version vision, can’t you also think of getting on hallyu (korean Wave)? You have filmed in China before as well.

JH: I don’t have grand vision or anything. I’m not a hot trendy actor in 20s, and it depends on what project, what situation I’m given. Right now I don’t have any specific plan. I guess there’s a potential, only when coincidences let things work out.

Q: Last year you experienced MBC Sunday Night’s ‘Real Men’. What was the motivation behind your participation?

JH: I went to army in my late 20s and returned in November as a 31 years old. In retrospect, I was busy with thoughts at that time. It was when the first digit of my age was changing, and if I just think about it, when I was shifting from 19 to 20 I started acting. Those times when the first digit of my age changed was when I experienced big changes. But then I was busy acting, and I felt like I was forgetting a lot of things. So last year, in my late 30s, I felt like maybe I could get those feelings again if I go to army before my first digit changes. If I thought of it as a variety show, I wouldn’t have gone. I went in with those thoughts, and indeed I could feel something new. I was in the army for one week every month, but compared to the other three weeks, that one week was a longer time and I felt so much more.


Q: Now that we are talking about age, you are still characterized with your passion regardless of years passed. Don’t you ever get tired on filming sites?

JH: Filming sites are always fun and enjoyable. Of course there are days when things just don’t work out and I feel down. But I love the energetic feelings on site. In my point of view, it sometimes feels almost like selling something on markets. I made something today, on some days I sell a lot, on other days I don’t.

Q: At your company, you are famous for ‘coming to work’ earlier than managers.

JH: My dream before was to become an office worker. My father worked in construction industry, he often went somewhere far like Saudi Arabia. Seeing him, I wanted to have a job that allows me to come back home at 6pm. So I like the feelings of office works. It’s already my 20th year in my company. When I go to the company, I can read or go to practice room and practice, and my work-out place is also near.

Q: You dreamed for office work that much, but ended up being an actor.

JH: It’s a funny mystery. I never imagined myself becoming an actor, but I ended up becoming one. Life is funny like that. When I was 19 and was talking about future with my father, one if my father’s friends was a professor in Physical Education university. I was doing sports at that time, but didn’t have a strong vision and that friend said ‘since he did art/sports(in Korea, they lump together art, music, sports together) area, why don’t you let him do another thing in that area’. So I tried fine arts. And somehow I experienced theater, and it was so fun. I ended up going to college for theater/movie major. But even until that moment, I didn’t have strong goal of becoming an actor, I just worked hard as a habit. I worked hard when I did sports as well. But after filming a drama ‘Model’, I realized that actor is a job that has to get ‘picked up’ by others. You are in a competition, and if you don’t have your color and your charm, no one hires you. I tried out in countless auditions, and learned that it doesn’t work if I just throw what I want to throw. I had to first create common ground, and then throw my thing. And I met some attractive actors on filming sites, and felt ‘Actor is an amazing job. I have to build it up like they do.’ As time passed, I enjoyed it more, and I wanted to do it more.

Q: Do you snap out of characters easily?

JH: I’m pretty cold in that aspect. No matter how much in love I am with my character, I’m well trained to cut it off. When I’m working, sometimes I end up filming two different projects at once. If I’m still holding on this character, I cannot act that character. In this kind of situations, I learned to just snap back to myself. Even when I’m not filming, when I go to promotional works and get treated well, I keep thinking ‘This is not mine’.

Q: What is your strength in your opinion?

JH: Passionate. That’s my only strength, there’s nothing else. But this passion is getting stronger every year. I think I am now more passionate than my 21 years old self.


Q: When do you have time for yourself alone?

JH: During dawn time at home, I spend time by myself. I often watch movies, and it feels like going on a trip. I feel that when I’m working out as well. In fact, regular working out is a promise with yourself, and keeping that promise is a hard thing.

Q: Is there any words you want to tell your hoobae (junior actors)?

JH: I want to tell them to experience the filming site a lot, come out and tackle it. I met great sunbae(senior)s on site, and spent most valuable time there. These days I often join after party of premieres as well. If I become friends with actors I meet there, it helps when I’m acting later.

Q: What kind of person do you want to be?

JH: I don’t have a particular idea about what kind of actor I want to be. But these days, since I have children, I want to become something more than a good father, I want to be a good person. Before, there was only being an actor in my life. Now, being a good person is my bigger goal. A person always have good and bad aspects, but I want to be one with more good aspects.

[Interview] FTLY 18th year as an actor, Jang Hyuk still has a rookie’s attitude

After his debut through 1997 SBS drama ‘Model’ , actor Jang Hyuk (37) put MBC Drama ‘Fated to Love You’ as his 30th work on his filmography. Thanks to his acting life where he worked near 20 years without resting, his acting now shows confidence, not arrogance, and conviction. But ironically, his still shows an attitude of a rookie actor.

It’s not a simple thought that he should work hard. He still goes to filming site even on a day he doesn’t have filming, and he still has gratitude to ‘people’ in his heart. Jang Hyuk who never stops to ponder about his own acting, and never gets lazy in practicing to solve the problems. We met him on 18th in a cafe in Yeoksam-dong. He looked a little gaunt from FTLY filming, but he looked as cheerful as Lee Gun.

“I’m busy doing house chores these days. It’s also nice to be able to sleep well.” He opened up with playful remarks, but as he started talking about FTLY his face showed some mixture of joy and nostalgia.

“The saddest thing is that I won’t be able to meet FTLY team for a while. I hope we could team up again to do a rom com or any other genre. There’s something I gain after every single project, but FTLY gave me a great time spent together with a good director and good fellow actors. Ah, the fact that I gained a fun interesting character is also something I should be thankful of.”

Jang Hyuk became Jeonju Lee clan’s 9th generation only son Lee Gun, and got responsible of laughters in FTLY. His laughter that reflects his overwhelming confidence that almost looks like arrogance didn’t make people hate him, but make them accept it as a fun, flamboyant charm. It has a power to make you laugh along. No matter how serious the situation is, this laughter could change the atmosphere.

“When I was first building the character Lee Gun, I wanted to express Scrooge’s young days. Scrooge is an old man who is mean, isolated, and alone. But the ghosts of past, present and future visits him and he goes on a time travel to regain his humanism. I sensed something similar with Gun. For Gun, not ghosts but Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) pays a visit.”

Audience took notice of Jang Hyuk’s effort. They started calling him in countless nicknames. After he fell in love with KMY, him looking at her with totally changed lovely eyes was called ‘Gun-reen light’ (green light, a sign that love has started). In the prenatal class scenes, he was called pervgun, when he sang duet songs with MY he was called ‘TJrapGun’. Jang Hyuk said “It means what the character tried to express has been successfully delivered” and smiled saying “getting a lot of nicknames is a happy thing”.

Jang Hyuk has steadily been building up his filmography through various films in past 18 years. Every year he filmed at least one or two films. And FTLY put yet another layer on his actor life. Jang Hyuk said “It’s my 30th time being on site, but it always feel different.” He showed his ambition by saying “Characters are different and actors are different, so each filming site always feels new to me. I will continue to be on filming sites, and I want to show myself changing slowly, but for sure.”

For him, acting was always difficult, and always easy. “No one can provide the correct answer by saying ‘this is it.’ If you can convince someone with your acting, that’s it. Convincing acting is the one you can empathize the most. I never tried to find the correct answer, but tried to find a well accepted answer. When you feel your character is hard to act, that means you worked with actors and team with whom you don’t have good ensemble with. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable even in a new genre, new character, that means there’s someone breathing with you (having a good team work).”

He is soon to become a 40 years old (korean age), and celebrate the 20th year after his debut. But his thoughts on acting is always the same. Let me go on filming site and tackle it. Jang Hyuk says “Every time I go to filming site I learn something.” Isn’t that the attitude rookie actors should learn from him?

[Interview] FTLY Jang Hyuk “Rice pounding scene wasn’t on script, director took the risk”

http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=213&aid=0000549376  by Kim Ji Hyun

Translated by Gumi


Actor Jang Hyuk (37)’s laughter spread happy virus to households through TV channels. His 12 years reunion with Jang Na Ra showed what ‘real chemistry’ is, and their exchanges showed the definition of romantic comedy.

Jang Hyuk said “It was physically hard, not being able to have proper sleep for a single day in past 3 months,” but his face was full of satisfaction and happiness. The drama’s happy energy seemed to have affected the actor’s mind as well.

MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘Fated to Love You’ which ended on the 4th, was thought to be the weakest competitor in the beginning. But FTLY gave us a twist by achieving both good responses and popularity. This witty rom-com slowly stole the audience’s heart.

Below is an interview with Jang Hyuk.

Q: Did you think it will garner this much attention?

I think the reason for Korean version’s success was because we put in humanism within the comic elements. I think it did a good job in portraying relationship in a family. Actually in the original, the male and female roles were the opposite. Female lead had more comic elements, and the male lead was more on a serious side, but Kr version flipped it over. We tried to differentiate it.

Q: You had boiling passion for comic acting?

Maybe that’s what audience may think, but actually that’s created by directing and editing. As an actor, I didn’t think I was doing a comedy acting. Of course I knew the situation was comic, but I think that’s for the director to control. In this drama what I focused on was to have fun in comic scenes, but to be able to naturally shift into serious acting in more emotional scenes. Simply put, to go back and forth between comic and serious, and it was all possible because of Jang Na Ra. She helped a lot.

Q. Your laughter gained such attention

Lee Gun character himself is not that rare, he’s a chaebol character. But I wanted to make him special. So I got a motif from Scrooge. I think that ‘Umhahaha’ laughter somehow matches him. And while filming FTLY, I was also filming a sageuk (historical) movie ‘Age of Innocence’ at the same time, so I was used to sageuk laughter. I gave that a little variation, and ended up with that laughter. It’s fortunate that people liked it.

Q: Rice pounding scene and rice-and-barley game scene was such a big issue.

Rice pounding scene did change the mood up for sure. It wasn’t on the script, but we came up with it as we discussed. After hearing Lee Dong Yoon PD’s explanation, I thought ‘Wow he’s really letting it all go’. He even talked about penetrating asphalt with a huge drill. (laughs) And what we decided on was the rice pounding scene, I’m glad it worked.

Q: Did you not worry about getting censored while filming?

Well, if it breaches upon the censorship standard, it’s only the director who gets in trouble. Hahaha. Actor’s don’t have to do anything about it.

Q: You seemed to have great synergy with Lee Dong Yoon PD.

It’s my first time working with a main PD who is of same age with me. He gave me a lot of advice, and we talked a lot. He’s a talented director and a great person.

Q: 12 years reunion. How is it different now compared to back then?

When we filmed SSBG Jang Na Ra was around 20. And I was in mid 20s. We were not that close back then, but when we met after 12 years, it was as comfortable as if we met yesterday. She was a shy person, and she was still shy when we met again, I felt like she didn’t change. But as I acted with her, I felt that time has passed. When Jang Na Ra does reaction, it just fits perfectly. We do have good team work, I want to try different genres with her.

Q: Park Joon Hyung’s cameo appearance was also interesting.

It was fun. I get sentimental with him, since we lived together in same dorm for 3 years during rookie period. Whenever and wherever, it feels great and fun to meet him.

Q: Do you keep in touch with ‘Real Men’ members?

I do keep in touch with Park Hyung Shik, Son Jin Young, Suh Kyung Suk hyung, and Kim Soo Ro hyung. We don’t talk that often, but sometimes I do call them. Kyung Suk hyung even came over to FTLY filming site. He said the filming site was near his house. (laughs)

Q: What did you gain from this drama?

I gain something new every time I finish a project. What I felt especially strong while filming FTLY was the importance of team play. I felt that a drama with a ready team with good team play can last long. After all, contents depend on what people do. I want to work again with Lee Dong Yoon PD or Jang Na Ra.

[Interview] FTLY Jang Hyuk, Charm of a Strong and Soft Man

Original article:
http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=421&aid=0001020226 written by Myung Hee Sook.

Translated by Gumi.

15 movies and 15 dramas. An actor for 17 years who is soon to be 40 years old, Jang Hyuk’s filmography was earnest and firm. Depth in his acting he’s been compiling for past 17 years made it impossible to limit his character as an ‘action actor’ or ‘comedy actor’. An actor who defies a single adjective to characterize him, I got curious of actor Jang Hyuk’s past life.

When I met Jang Hyuk in Seoul Yeoksam-dong’s cafe, Jang Hyuk talked about his special feelings to the recently ended drama MBC Wed-Thu series ‘Fated to Love You’. He had a reunion with Jang Na Ra 12 years after SBS drama ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl’, and he came back to comic genre after a long time.

“When I received the scenario for FTLY, I thought it’d be nice if Jang Na Ra can act it. When I watched the original version, I felt like it was a combination of ‘Thank You’ and ‘SSBG’. I really wanted to try it. After cast was confirmed I met Jang Na Ra, and she hasn’t changed since SSBG days. She was shy and quiet. It didn’t feel like we didn’t meet for 12 years, I felt comfortable. I think FTLY could be this successful only because I did it with JNR.”

Jang Hyuk has been acting some heavier characters in projects including ‘Chuno’ or ‘Tree with Deep Roots’. That Jang Hyuk made up his mind to come back to a comic genre and showed flamboyant Lee Gun character in FTLY. It was breaking the heavy image he’s been piling up till now, and at the same time was natural as if it’s his own skin.

“The male lead in original Taiwan version FTLY wasn’t a comic character. To differentiate with the original, Lee Gun’s characteristic changed. When our director first requested me to show comic actions, I answered I will show him comic beyond he can imagine. But I requested him one thing. To make sure I can always come back as a serious character. Director reflected my opinion well, and he helped me make Lee Gun who is comic but not ridiculous, and is straightforward.”

Jang Hyuk’s Lee Gun in FTLY had his unique tone and laughter, comic expressions, and quirkiness that’s rare in rom com male leads. He was bold to ignore the rom com equation in which the male lead has to be the perfect charming man, but female audience on the contrary loved the new rom-com character Lee Gun.

“I never tried to look cool and charming. If I wanted that, I wouldn’t have chosen this drama. I wanted to show human side of Lee Gun. I wanted to look more as a man who you want to hug and pat, than a man who you want to depend on. I wanted to approach the audience as a guy who touch upon your maternal instinct, a man who you want to hug and console. It’s not like you can’t be attracted to someone who touches upon your maternal instinct.”

Jang Hyuk is known for analyzing his character and script deeply before he starts a project. FTLY Lee Gun he presented was a solid creature made out of countless trials and errors.

“Lee Gun had his motif from Scrooge. Scrooge is cranky and isolated, he chooses to be locked up and doesn’t interact with people. Scrooge himself is not a comic character, but he does end up creating somewhat comic situations. I referenced some of those aspects. In addition, I watched ‘Kikujiro’s Summer’ of Director Kitano Takeshi and Stephen Chow movies, and wanted to also show some comic acting with humanism.”

Through FTLY, Jang Hyuk had in depth interactions in terms of acting with his partner Jang Na Ra, and got very close with her to the extent they decided to become ‘brothers’. He said the most impressive scene in the drama was Jang Na Ra’s acting, and the hardest scenes to film was also with Jang Na Ra.

“Actress Jang Na Ra has depth in her range of emotions. I felt that in SSBG as well, but saw her true value through FTLY. The scene where she expresses emotions of a mother who lost her child was the best. It was as if we were playing a catch-ball game and I caught her fastball. On the other hand, all of those scenes I filmed with her laying on a bed were so hard to film. The problem was not the acting, I was just so sleepy. We kept felling asleep, and we took turns to wake each other up. (laughs)”

Jang Hyuk has not limited himself to movies and dramas, but has showed his personal aspects in variety shows as well. A lot of people are yearning to see him in variety shows again, but he waved his hands saying it is not his stage.

“A career as an actor is my stage. On my own stage, I can show any aspects, funny, sad, hilarious, joyful, all of them. In the case of MBC ‘Real Men’, I was almost unaware of cameras, and I guess that’s how I revealed my natural self. I never thought of it as a ‘variety show’. But if I end up filming ‘Real Men’ again, I don’t think I can show my honest self again as I did at that time.”

Jang Hyuk who has been steadily walking the path of an actor had a motto as an actor as strong as his filmography.

“I never dreamed of becoming a certain kind of actor. I like action scenes, but I don’t want to be an ‘action star.’ I don’t have a particular person as a role model, but I find things to learn and not learn from others. I just want to become an actor who makes people think they want to work with this actor again.”

The reason I couldn’t put an adjective to Jang Hyuk was because he was an actor with infinite potential. Jang Hyuk who shows off his presence as he shines in different colors every time, is an actor who makes you get curious of his next project even after finishing 30 different projects. As much as his yesterday and today, I am excited about his tomorrow.