Fated to love you – Ep 8 – Thoughts and discussion

I watched it many times with partial subs

We had comedy but more emotional and romantic scenes

Im trying to imagine where the story might go now but I have no clue

Fated to love you – Ep 7 – Thoughts and discussion

I’m opening the post early and I also want to share these teasers that drove me nuts!





Interview – Jang Hyuk: “Ridiculous but heart-fluttering, is the comment I like the most”

Q. ‘Fated to Love You’ is rising in ratings every week. How do you feel, and what’s your goal?

A. I am happy that it’s increasing little by little, but I’m happier that a lot of people are sympathizing with and enjoying the characters and chemistry in story line. I will keep try to make Lee Geon’s character loveable and understandable.

Q. People are calling Jang Hyuk-Jang Nara couple ‘snail couple’. Do you like it?
A. Like a snail, getting closer slowly but surely? (laughs). I enjoy the nickname. I guess it’s because the audience found that snail scene funny and impressive. I think approaching each other slowly and with patience, just like a snail, and ending up feeling different love than they started with is the charm of the snail couple. I hope the couple can be thought of as the perfect match by the time this drama ends.
Q. ‘Heuheuhahahahaha’ laugh became a trademark of Geon. Was it your intention? How was that laughter created?
A. It wasn’t intended in the beginning. It wasn’t for the trademark, but there was a scene in my movie where I laugh loudly. I tried it in the first script reading, and the director and writers loved it.
Lee Geon’s character has childish side, naive side, and also cold side in some aspects. So I thought what if I put this laughter in funny scenes? I tried it, and I’m grateful that many people liked it.
Q. Recently, more than comments like ‘handsome’, ‘attractive’, ‘heart-fluttering’, I think you hear more comments like ‘hilarious’, ‘ridiculous’. What do you prefer and why?
A. I also heard a lot of comments saying ‘hilarious and ridiculous, but at the same time heart-fluttering’, personally I like hearing that the most. Lee Geon’s character is not only for comedy, also not only for romance. This character has hilarious behavior pattern, but also can be very caring to a girl, and does carry that sweetness so when I hear “hilarious, ridiculous and heart-fluttering’, I get happy that I delivered it well
Q. How would you grade your chemistry with Jang Nara? Out of 100?
A. I can’t even put standardized number grade on it, I see the great chemistry myself when I look at us. When we are exchanging lines, I have faith in her reaction to my lines.
Q. ‘Fated to Love You”s every scene is legendary scenes that deserve to be be clipped and brought up again and again in the future. What’s your favorite?
A. If I’m asked to pick one right now, I pick the scene where Lee Geon runs into doctor’s room when Kim MiYoung went to obsterics. He runs in, the doctor asks who he is, he answers ‘I’m the father of the child’ and hears the baby’s heart beat. That scene is most memorable to me. I feel like since I’m married and have children, I could feel that scene with whole heart.
Q. One word to the audience who love ‘Fated to Love You’
A. It’s a comic and hilarious drama, but I think it’s closest to ‘home drama’ genre. I hope we can approach the audience as a drama that you can enjoy and share together with your family. Hope you enjoy ‘Fated to Love You’. Thank you

Interview – Jang Nara: “Another project with Jang Hyuk? I’ll do it no matter what!”

Link to the interview in korean http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109910654

Translation by Gumi

Q. Currently ‘Fated to Love You’ is rising in ratings every week. How do you feel about it? And your goal?

A. I am happy and grateful that people who are enjoying the show is increasing. I was concerned that MiYoung’s character might look colorless and charmless, so that’s what I paid most attention to when I was acting. Fortunately, audience appreciated not only the drama but also MiYoung’s character, I’m thankful of that. I would keep up the work so that audience will be able to sympathize with MiYoung.

Q. Post-it girl, bond girl, snail girl…You have a lot of nicknames. Which is your favorite and why?

A. I am happy with that many nicknames, shows people are interested in the character. I love every single one of them, but my favorite is ‘snail girl’. Because it’s what Geon, MiYoung’s man, calls her. (laughs)

Q. Rice pounding scene was the talk of the town. Weren’t you shy or embarrassed when you were filming the scene? Have you seen the result video. Did you like it?

A. I was embarrassed to no end. (laughs) When I was filming the scene, I felt like disappearing. But I guess my age helped me to do those innuendo scenes with thick skin. And when I saw the end product, it looked more witty and cute than I thought on the filming site, I enjoyed it. I was satisfied with responses after it got broadcasted.

Q. If you meet Geon in real life, would you be able to like him?

A. Of course. Their first meeting wasn’t that pleasant, so I would wish we can meet differently in real life. (laughs) Geon can be prickly sometimes but he’s soft inside, kind, humorous, and he gives all to his woman. Isn’t that the best man? How can I not love him.

Q. If you grade you and Jang Hyuk’s chemistry out of 100, what would it be?

A. 100, you don’t even have to think about it! Just 100. No matter what. (laughs)

Q. What kind of energy do you get from each other?

A. Jang Hyuk is like a huge tree to me. I depend on him a lot on filming sites. No matter what kind of acting I do, he’s able to give proper reaction, and he always takes care of me so that I can become MiYoung most comfortably. He helps me act without any fear. Jang Hyuk is the energy and the pillar of our team.

Q. Any word to the world’s Kim MiYoungs, who are nice, plain and timid?

A. I love you. What else do I need to say. (laughs)

Q. If you get another offer with Jang Hyuk, would you take it?

A. If it is with Jang Hyuk, I want to take it no matter what. It’s just that, if we end up doing a project again, I think it could be some genre other than romantic comedy. I do wish we can meet again. (laughs)

Q. One last word for the audience who is loving your show.

A. As I add another project to my filmography, and every moment I wait for the premier, I get more nervous and even afraid, but the reason I still can be happy is because of those who watch my show. I’m always grateful. I promise to be Jang Nara who fills up what she lacks with effort. And I will do my best until the very last episode of ‘Fated to Love you’.


Fated to love you – The Geon and Se Ra situation – thoughts

While making screen caps from ep4, I remembered how much I loved the phone call Geon made to Se Ra. I could feel their love and Jang Huk looked beautiful (of course I had to make a shallow comment) It now breaks my heart because it reminds me that Se Ra exists lol, that Geon loved her and that her return is going to bring a lot of pain.


There was a long discussion on twitter about how Geon has “betrayed” Se Ra and he deserves to be punished by her. To me, betrayal is a very strong word and he doesn’t need more punishment that what he already got. The mess he is in, is not something he initiated. And the “mistake” of marrying Mi Young, was not ill intentioned. It was also for their baby. Not telling this to Se Ra by phone also has many explanations.

While re-watching episode 4, some things became clear to me. One point people bring up ,in defense of Geon, is that Se Ra, left Geon first. This implies that Geon doesn’t owe Se Ra anything. I disagree. Why? Because Geon did not marry Mi Young due to Se Ra. The two events are unrelated. Geon did not break up with Se Ra, therefore the point becomes a moot one.

While blaming Se Ra is not going to be my way of “defending” Geon, I do have many reasons to think he is not guilty of “betrayal”. Even if Se Ra sees it this way at first, it is not the truth, and we the audience, saw it

Geon was hurt, as was evident by his words to Mi Young on episode 2, the pain that Se Ra gave him is what allowed him to identify with Mi Young, right? But he forgave Se Ra, as he had done many times before.



Why didn’t he call Se Ra right away? He never said anything, we only saw him brooding in a locker room and we assumed he was “punishing” Se Ra or just hurt (and sorry Geon detractors, but he had a right to be mad, still, I don’t think that was the main reason he wasn’t answering the phone) .  All of this was before he knew Mi Young was pregnant.

When he called her before the wedding he told her “Don’t say sorry, I am even more sorry”. It looks like his overwhelming feeling is not resentment towards Se Ra, but guilt.

FTLY_Ep4_00039 FTLY_Ep4_00040

Before that, when he asked Mi Young for marriage he said “I have lost, all my qualifications as a man to Se Ra” This makes it obvious that he feels he wronged Se Ra by sleeping with Mi Young. I don’t even agree he should feel guilty for doing something while drugged. The man was practically raped by those Hamoo guys (I know this is a rom com, but the fact remains) If you think about it, both Geon and Mi Young should go to therapy but anyway, let’s not dwell on that, since the characters apparently accepted this a lot better than some of us did.

Anyway, Geon feels dirty or guilty towards Se Ra before the wedding. He is not yet aware that he was drugged, therefore he blames himself and only himself. I am convinced that the moment he asked Mi Young to marry, he was giving up on Se Ra and thinking of Mi Young as his new parter with whom he would raise a child and possibly make himself love in the future. But his primary reason for marrying Mi Young is to raise their baby.

FTLY_Ep4_00023 FTLY_Ep4_00025 FTLY_Ep4_00027

Was it a backwards decision? Well, maybe we either have to accept that this is the drama’s universe or maybe korean society is different than ours. But I am told that single mothers still carry a stigma in Korea, therefore Geon did what he had to do. Give Mi Young a status and the baby a father.

Then, he finds out he was drugged. He no longer blames himself. Now he feels “raped” wronged, his life turned upside down by complete strangers. His mistake is in blaming Mi Young, who is as much as victim as he is.

Now that he feels he is not guilty of sleeping with Mi Young, I assume he wants to explain the whole mess to Se Ra. Whether he expects her to understand or not is a different matter and we have no clue about this, but I’m sure that he is hoping to have such a difficult conversation, in person. Not only is it something almost impossible to explain but he was definitely being careful not to upset Se Ra while she was performing, since these are probably her last chances to be the prima ballerina she has fought so hard to be. Geon knows that Se Ra’s career is more important than him.

FTLY_Ep4_00043 FTLY_Ep4_00045 FTLY_Ep4_00044 FTLY_Ep4_00047

His plans with Mi Young changed, now he wants a divorce. But as he becomes convinced that she was also a victim, he’ll be once again torn.

Geon, so far, is full of guilt. He is not the typical self righteous kdrama lead. Yes, he seems paranoid and he has blamed others and at least in regards to the Hamoo guys, he had a right to feel this way. But he has also shown to have a conscience that gnaws at him. He feels more guilt than he should. To me, if a character feels guilty, the story does not need to punish him further for me to get satisfaction. His guilt is enough punishment.

Who knows how Se Ra will take the news? and whether Geon will sway in a way that annoys me or not. But so far, I have been able to understand his situation. I hope the writers keep doing a good job in that sense.

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