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inews24 Interview: “My personality is not that manly”

Interesting revelation eh?

In a recent interview with inews24 during the promotion of his movie Thorn , Jang Hyuk spoke about his reputation as an action actor and a super manly man, the reason behind the TJ project etc

But more importantly, they gave us this picture of his perfect nose, that had me staring at him for a good part of the morning.


Quotes translated by Gumi

The conversation started with a mention of TJ
“Now it’s talked about as a joke in show programs, but at the time I didn’t know how to rap and I pulled all nighters practicing for about a year”

“Even then, my priority was acting. I admitted the fact that an actor exists in mass media and I mostly acted strong and rebellious characters such as “Into the Sunlight”, “School”, Zzang, etc but actually my personality is not that manly”

“I didn’t dislike action genre, but I also never pursued it”

” I needed TJ’s music video” The article elaborates about the importance of music video during that time and how many actors established their presence through it. Jang Hyuk explains that he never intended to do music shows, but there would be no way to get music videos broadcasted without him doing personal appearances. So TJ encountered the audience for about 20 days (days that the world will not let him forget lol!)

” I stood on a stage in Olympic stadium, where 80,000 people in the audience were surrounding me. I was supposed to be full of excitement and nervousness, but I wasn’t nervous at all. Not because I was confident. I just felt “Oh, this is not my stage”


“When I am filming surrounded by staff members, I get very nervous at the thought that I need to express what I’m thinking”.

So TJ. Project was a trial for an actor Jang Hyuk to show various images. “I wanted to show that I could do various genres (I did see a couple of hilarious sageuk MV’s that featured the popular Jun Ji Hyun). At that time a movie could take 6 to 7 months, and dramas were half pre produced, so I tried to immediately show myself through music videos”.

You just try and try. Actors may act in various genres, but only a few of those works get acknowledged and remembered. The rest will be fertilizer for new grounds (meaning, even those don’t go to waste). If there is Jang Hyuk in his 30s, there will also be Jang Hyuk in his 40s and 50s. I just have to keep building.