About Volcano High – interview and behind the scenes

Volcano High

Christine posted this recently on youtube and I thought it would be interesting to share here

It’s an old and long-ish interview but it gives good insights into the mind of younger Jang Hyuk. (Spoiler alert: It turns out his passion, and meticulous character analysis was always the same)

But what impressed me the most is how tough the filming for Volcano High was. I had heard before, that JH lost consciousness while filming the action scenes with wires but it is one thing to hear it and another to actually see it 🥺 (I admit, I was shocked by the footage below)

Here is hoping k-ent industry has improved when it comes to safety measures. And I guess kudos to JH for his amazing tenacity (but I guess I’ll always stress out, like a mom, about his dangerous stunts

Lastly, let’s watch together this FMV of Volcano High with the song “Creep” because, why not?

We at SOH wish you the best. Stay home, binge some Hyuk dramas/movies and keep safe! 😘🙏❤️ Love you all!

11 responses to “About Volcano High – interview and behind the scenes

  1. Linda Higgins

    Hi there
    I wasn’t able to watch videos.
    It said they were private.
    Please can you tell me how to see them.
    Thanks Lin

  2. I just watched this and 😍 i loved it! Weird, hilarious, oodles of charm – and Jang Hyuk in the shower! Happy, happy sigh.
    And it was so lovely seeing Heo Joon-ho (the dad in Beautiful Mind) looking like something out of the Matrix! Totally bad ass.
    And Gong Hyo-jin (out of Thank You) with crazy hair!
    Anyway, I just wanted to say it’s totally worth watching. Brilliant! 😊

  3. First of all – Baby Hyuk! Secondly, I’m going to have to remove this movie from my “watched” list back to my “watchlist” because I don’t remember ANY of the scenes from that video. I do remember that wherever I watched it was so fuzzy that perhaps that’s why I can’t remember. I also remember that it was very hard to find the movie. If anyone knows where I can watch it, please let me know.

    • You can download K-drama app from play store. It has most all of Hyuk movies and dramas and they are subbed.

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