“Tell Me What You Saw” Trailer Production, Posters & Images


TMWYS-Screenshot-1Filming is underway and anticipation is high for Jang Hyuk’s next intense OCN Crime Drama, “Tell Me What You Saw” OCN’s been promoting the trailers on their Youtube Channel. It’s currently confirmed that the Asian drama Streaming site Viki will be airing it starting February 1st, 2020. I’d heard Netflix had licensed the drama, but when I looked at lists of upcoming 2020 Kdramas, this wasn’t on it. Sometimes they have issues with licensing so that could change.

Enjoy some hot, brooding and moody photos of Jang Hyuk’s character, Oh Hyun Jae. There’s more to be seen on our Stuck on Hyuk Facebook Page!

I love this image and how the reflector is catching the sunset, basking him in a warm glow.


Thinking hard or catching a nap?





Checking the Rushes/Dailies after filming part of the trailer.


The Official Drama Posters look terrific!




19 responses to ““Tell Me What You Saw” Trailer Production, Posters & Images

  1. Just finished this series last night. I actually only discovered Jang Hyuk last month. Can’t believe how in the world I could have missed his works all this time. Got randomly started with FTLY, then Thank You (before I finished FTLY), then Tell Me What You Saw, and now watching Tree With Deep Roots. His range is astounding. I don’t think I’ve seen any other actor change his hair, mannerisms, and voice as distinctly as he does for every role he plays. Wow.

    I enjoyed Tell Me What You Saw especially around the middle third of the series (6-10?) but all the episodes were done well albeit some decisions of the characters were frustrating and caused unnecessary deaths. The OST fits it well. The main actors were all superb. I’d recommend this to fans of the genre and/or Jang Hyuk.

    I hope his upcoming movie does well but in this season of covid outbreak it’s hard to imagine how. Crossing my fingers nevertheless.

    • Hi! Welcome to our blog and to Jang Hyuk’s fandom 🥰 Isn’t he great??? Please please watch Money Flower, Beautiful Mind and Chuno too! Those are my favorite of his along with FTLY

      • Hi Jiyuu, oh I love this post and I agree with everything you are saying. It’s his versatility and willingness to keep exploring new characters, genres that I find so fascinating too. And also, how he moves me, in emotional scenes. He is definitely a fun actor to follow. There’s no way to get bored with him. Unfortunately, this is the one year when he is taking the longest break I’ve experienced since I started fangirling him. I miss him so much!!! We, his fans are just spoiled and used to him never taking a break 😋 At least we now have “The Swordsman” to look forward to. I will post something about it soon. I’d also encourage you to visit the Jang Hyuk Soompi thread (just type Janhyuk Soompi on google) It’s an active thread, the fans are very welcoming. It’ll be fun!

    • Welcome to the world of Jang Hyuk, Jiyuu! I agree he has an amazing range, and he enjoys expanding his roles and playing all sorts of parts. He doesn’t seem to let himself get typecast. Not too much. Definitely watch the dramas Drama Fan suggested, and I also suggest his earlier dramas, Robber, Tazza, and Midas. Love those too.

      I also felt that some characters were frustrating and there were unnecessary deaths. The man who was hung on live TV was kind of ridiculous. That could’ve been prevented. After watching many crime dramas, I sometimes feel they go overboard with the ineptitude of the police for the sake of drama and sometimes out of place comic relief.

      • Thank you for the recommendations! I’m thinking of reserving his superb titles and going through those barely mentioned anywhere first (Wok of Love?). But honestly all his portrayals make me smile, even the detached and manipulative genius that is Oh Hyun Jae. (I just finished watching The Flu which I enjoyed in its simplicity and I get the feeling it’s the character closest to his real personality.)

        Also, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask but I’ve been searching high and low for the director’s cut dvd of FTLY. If anyone can point to me the way, that would be really awesome.

        Thank you again for welcoming me and will gladly be lurking around from now on 🙂

        • Oh you know what? You might actually be onto something with “The Flu” character being closest to his personality. JH said the director of this movie told him to “be himself”, he didn’t give him too many pointers, and said he casted him precisely he fit the character already. Something about him having an instinct to help others, something he noticed on the set of the previous movie they worked on (I believe it was Please teach me english) Also, you can sense that vibe on the reality program “Real Men”. I felt “Wok of love” was a disappointment overall but JH was adorable in it, imo. As a fan, I would advise to leave “The Merchant” and “Iris 2” for last. Those are the only dramas of his that I find so tedious that they might kill your current buzz lol and I don’t want you to hop off this JH train until you’ve experienced the magnificence of his acting in Money Flower, My Country, Beautiful Mind and Chuno. Please don’t delay those watches too much. Life is short!

          • Wok of Love sucked! EXCEPT Hyuky’s role was really cute. I actual recommend people avoid the Great Merchant like the plague, but I enjoyed Iris2 (probably because I watched it before I watched the original Iris). The sequel had the exact same plot! That is probably why Iris2 wasn’t liked very much by most people.

            • I didn’t get hooked on the original and I still didn’t like Iris 2 for various other reasons. But I no longer advice people to avoid it, since I realize that everyone has different taste and there are people who liked it. My only suggestion is to leave those two and Voice for last.

            • I actually liked Merchant then it started going off the rails, then I found out his love interest … well you know what happens, and I love Han Chae ah and wanted desperately to see her pair up with one of my favorite guys. But not like this! Then that other actress Kim Min Jung was in it and I can’t stand her acting.

            • Wok of Love was a literal CHORE to get through, but like I told Drama Fan, at least I learned how to chop Onions properly and quickly. LOL. I was more invested in Onion Lady and gangster and Jang Hyuk and Veterinary girl than anyone else. The production seemed kind of a mess. They teased the MLs former fiancee or ex-wife moving into the building then totally dropped the ball with that storyline and forgot all about her! LOL

          • Replying a century late! lol. YES! The director of The Flu said those exact things about Jang Hyuk. That character may be one of the closest we get to see his real personality, aside from all the variety shows and behind the scenes stuff. And I LIKE IT!! Such a hero! And yes, don’t delay Money Flower and the other dramas, they are tops.

  2. Who’s watching? Who’s recapping? Where are people talking about it? He’s such a tragic figure in this and I NEED to discuss the fact that his crippled legs are always crossed! Is this another Jang Hyuk character affectation choice the way the fan was his choice as a prop in My Country? And the scar on his face – it’s still red (as in not healed) even though the “accident” was 5 years before. I thought the same about the scar over his eyebrow in My Country but that turned out to be a real life scar that he’d only recently gotten.

    • Hi Beezrtp, I plan to start watching tonight! Those are some exciting insights into his character. It is curious about his scar, I noticed how red it was in the trailer. I can’t wait. I was considering doing recaps, but I humbly admit I’m not a very trustworthy blogger like that. I would like to at least do a write – up on the first 2 episodes. And get a discussion going! That’d be fun. Keep your eye on the page.

      • Awesome! I’ll definitely be looking out for it!
        Also, he gives me creepier (but just as beautiful) Interview With A Vampire vibes. lol

        • Hi Beez, he certainly gives that kind of vibe! Now that I’ve seen the 1st episode (My drama plans last night were dashed due to family emergency, I really wanted to watch back to back) I’ve decided to focus more on the themes and characters than just recapping. I can take my time watching and focus plot points and things that stand out to me, kind of like our young leading lady with her “click” powers. I think is a really good character too.

          Here’s KTJ’s recap –

          • @Lady G. Hope everything’s okay. Yep, I just read kjtamusings recap. Fine by me your covering things that stand out to you. What drew me to recaps originally (besides having others to discuss with) was having others point out things that I may not have noticed or realized/analyzed about the characters; and of course, having others to squee at the good parts although this looks dark enough that there’ll probably be more squealing & screaming than squeeing.

  3. I know OCN must be loving this man. It looks to me like he’s built up their network and brought them up to another level ever since The Voice.

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